The Veritas router plane is an invaluable tool for work on stopped or through dadoes and grooves, or for any work that requires an area cut to a precise depth.
Made to the same high standards as our other planes, the ductile cast iron body has been accurately machined and ground flat. Our high-carbon steel router plane blades fit our Veritas Router Plane, as well as Stanley #71 router planes (with the height-adjustment nut inverted). An inlay cutter head, sold separately, lets you score a shallow groove to accept inlaid purfling, banding or stringing.

It holds a pair of included single-bevel slicing blades that score crisply defined groove outlines across, with or diagonal to the grain.
Unique to the Veritas router plane is a spring-loaded blade-clamping collar that holds the blade in position when the collar is loosened.
The optional fence made of stainless steel and aluminum) can be positioned on either side of the plane and will work on both straight and curved pieces. If you would like to customize a pair of handles, a hardware kit that includes two turned brass connectors, two hanger bolts, a hex bolt, and a mandrel for lathe mounting is available separately.

In addition to using for dadoes or grooves, our router plane is the perfect tool for inlay or intarsia work, or for cleaning out areas for hardware installation, where fine control is critical.

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