T T On Track NewsletterFirst sale of hand made crafts of wooden reindeer pencil holders, Christmas cards, ssware, candles and decorations as part of their Young Enterprise project.
Crafts Pow Wow 2000 — Cub Scout Leaders Express CraftsImprinting a design stamp into the leather surface by tapping the tool with a wooden hammer. Crafts, Projects And Games For BoysScene – Wooden Cave (Jesus, cow, sheep) 56 Christmas Reindeer using Tree Limbs 58 Christmas Reindeer Crafts, Projects and Games for Boys Once in Haiti, I was watching a man carving wooden statues.
Reindeer SpoonReindeer Spoon (Handy Craft) For this craft activity, you and your child will create a very cute reindeer using a wooden spoon and some fun decorative materials! You just have to check out the holiday decorations from one of our favorite Etsy shops: Gregory Morris of Slippin Southern takes inspiration from classic Americana to create amazing handmade holiday decorations with a neat rustic aesthetic.
Delicate, fun and funky - these Reindeer Wood Flourishes are the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas layout or project. My blocks were already cut because I used scraps from our fence, but you could easily cut your own blocks using a circular saw.

For the noses, I picked up a pack of wooden buttons from the hardware store (you can find them in the molding section) and gave them a coat of a little mixture I came up with, Americana Gold Metallic combined with Jaquard Products Pearl EX Gold Pigment. Any other artificial egg (please identify) SECTION 7 – ANY OTHER DECORATED ITEM Class 1. His graceful legs dance as if prancing across a snowy field, his antlers held high and proud. The pack contains two Reindeer flourishes cut from 2mm ply, each about 6cm wide and 7.5cm high. I’m Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers and I’m so happy to be back here at The 36th Avenue! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that our fence blew down in a wind storm a few weeks ago, and we had to rebuild part of it. It is quite fascinating, the most perfect display of fruit and vegetables can be seen throughout the morning.

A sanded finish gives this modern deer silhouette a shabby chic attitude – subtle and very charming. I took a few months off as we welcomed a new baby into our family and it’s great to be back sharing a fun and easy Christmas project with all of you.
I gently, sanded down the rough edges and then gave them two coats of left over white interior paint and let them dry.
But on the bright side, I was able save some of the wood scraps from the fence posts and made these super easy Wood Block Reindeer!

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