The majority of homes in kansas city will require some amount of wood rot repairs before EXTERIOR PAINTING . Wood exposed to certain conditions will expand and contract causing paints to flake and crack. The most commonly visible areas will include wood siding, fascia boards, batten boards, trim boards, brick moulding and window sills.
As a trusted wood rot repair company in overland park ks for more than a decade, JR and his team of WOOD SIDING REPAIR and WOOD ROT REPAIR professionals have proven expertise in the process of detecting, proper treatment, safe removal and wood rot replacement in kansas city.

Before the EXTERIOR PAINTING it is imperative that all wood rot repairs be made by a highly qualified professional. Our kansas city wood rot repair teams are currently providing wood rot repair in overland park ks, olathe ks, lenexa ks, leawood ks, shawnee ks and all of johnson county ks. When unprotected wood surfaces are exposed to rain, snow, and moisture or direct sunlight they will start to develop the early stages of wood rot. In more advanced stages of wood rot the true extent of the repairs are not known or even visible until work has started since the rotting wood surface is often hidden behind other wood trim or building materials.

JRs Painting Company are experts in exterior painting and wood rot repair in olathe ks, overland park ks, leawood ks, shawnee ks, lenexa ks and kansas city.
In more advanced stages the wood begins to shrink and crack then will eventually collapses.

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