Urban agriculture is changing the way we think about sheds and American culture. There are many uses for wooden and solar sheds in urban agriculture as well as many other uses for basic homesteading. The Aurora is the perfect shed that offers traditional storage space along with the many benefits of a greenhouse. As in the 1970’s, backyard gardens are making a huge comeback, and in some places, front yard gardens are popular.
Housing animals can be difficult or easy depending on weather conditions and the climate of your part of the country. Sheds can be useful for housing animals during cold weather and storing feed during nice weather.
The great thing about having a shed is that it can fulfill many uses, no matter what your homesteading practices may be. Fresh, Bold, & So Def (FBSD) is a women and gender research and archive project created to empower and cultivate women in Hip-Hop through a social enterprise solution’s model that is both educational and entrepreneurial.
HALIFU OSUMARE has been involved with dance and black popular culture internationally for over thirty years as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, administrator and scholar. Australian music presenter and hip hop artist MAYA JUPITER has just completed her second solo album in Los Angeles, produced by Quetzal Flores, Martha Gonzalez and Aloe Blacc. DJ CHELA is the DJ for the next generation, representing her values and music with passion.
At the age of seventeen, EBONIE SMITH left her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee to pursue her musical aspirations in the entertainment capital of New York City.
ELIZABETH MENDEZ BERRY’s work has appeared in the Washington Post, Vibe, the Village Voice, Smithsonian, and Time, among many others. DIANA AVELLA has been a leading member of the Colombian hip hop scene for eleven years now.
With over 18+ years in the entertainment industry- music industry maven FIONA BLOOM launched The Bloom Effect in 2007. Learn how to build your own DIY pallet furniture, with hundreds of projects and pallet ideas! This is the result of the work of atenistas creative group that transformed a dark street giving new life. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. A long time ago sheds were only seen as a place to store tools and equipment, but is it really possible that sheds have become a trendy fixture of American culture? If you come across a large crop of nuts or fruit and wish to have somewhere to store it, having a shed can be the way to go.
They can provide shelter for animals such as goats, chickens and rabbits during the winter.
Sheds can be a diverse way to lend a hand in your animal raising, whether it be chickens, goats, rabbits, fish, worms or bees,  the most common urban agriculture animals. Resource reduction is all about using natural alternatives such as solar energy, harvesting rainwater, using grey-water and line drying clothing.
Wooden sheds can be useful when storing and using solar ovens, clotheslines, and storing large quantities of rainwater, especially during the winter months or rainy Spring season. Fixing up old furniture can be a great cost saving mechanism, but needs a good space for keeping things in constant flux.
Whether you use your shed to store garden tools, or for urban agriculture; or to provide shelter for your chickens, you can always adapt your shed to fit your needs. She is currently a 2008-9 Fulbright Scholar, teaching at the University of Ghana, at Legon in the Department of Dance and doing research on the effects of hip-hop culture in the capital city of Accra. Since her beginnings in 2002, she has performed in three continents, branding her name in everything from radio, clubs, mixtapes, battles and live shows to political activism. Though the Newark native came from very humble beginnings, she was awarded a full scholarship through the National Honor Society and able to attend a private high school in Maryland where she graduated as the class salutatorian.
In 2004 Ebonie discovered her love for music production and began using her baby-sitting money to finance her own project recording studio.
Long fond of far eastern cultures and close to afro-American hip-hop, she was drawn to the ganguro - young Japanese women who darken their skin and crinkle their hair to look African. She moves between academic and empirical hip hop, and her lyrics feature ideological, cultural and autobiographic elements.
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To protect from inclement weather and freezes, one needs an outside space to store fertilizer, extra dirt, tools, starter seeds and plants, and also place to store seedlings during freezes. Having a storage shed in your backyard to store your home-canned vegetables and fruits can be of big help if you are trying to making a sustainable food life in your yard.

After three years of working at the label, her love for writing showed itself in the way of freelancing, and she began her career as a professional journalist writing for the hip-hop publication, Rap Pages. Educated at Bryn Mawr College and the United Nations International School, Sarah recently returned to her UN School roots by becoming a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, traveling as a spokesperson on violence against children, and performing for audiences from Indonesia to Ethiopia, the Middle East and Japan.
It is an interesting fusion of traditional Mexican folk and urban contemporary hip hop and is made up of mostly live instrumentation with a little beat production.
She would enter the nationally renowned New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) to study electrical engineering.
At the same time, her instrumental rhythm is reminiscent of rap in its early years and draws on the influence of producers from Portugal, Miami, France, Germany and Colombia. Starting in college radio and progressing to live gigs, she found herself steadily gravitating towards everything that had to do with music. Having a wooden shed to store all your extras makes a big difference in your garden’s production.
With less trips to the grocery store, it will save you money while making it convenient for you to stick to your plan of eating healthier. It was however, an assignment covering the top PR professionals in the game that would lead to her life’s work as a Public Relations professional. Winner of the 2007 Brendan Gill Prize, Sarah has also received grants and commissions from The Ford Foundation, NYSCA, the W. We selected traditional instruments such as the Mexican Harp, Tarima, Jarana, Cajon and Quijada (a jaw bone of a donkey). Spending her formative years between Durham, NC and Nicaragua, Chela saw a lot of the world and from a young age dedicated her life to a global movement for social justice. However, the calling of hip hop was just too great, and after a year she left NJIT to pursue a career in music. This initial interest in recording and music technology set Ebonie on a path to discover new and interesting ways of merging her love for music production with a sincere desire to impact social consciousness through musical exploration and education. They now appear huge on paper in the style of coloured Japanese woodcuts (ukiyo-e) from the Edo period. She started making beats and also studied audio engineering at Western Washington University, in Washington state.
Landing Layzie Bone, (Bone, Thugs and Harmony) as her first client set the platform for her life in PR.
During this time she also became impassioned by music and in ‘93 learned to play the guitar, writing and performing original songs. The style and content highlight the ambiguities of this cultural transfer and its repercussions on both sides. In love with the underground music culture, DJ B-Girl was not only an entertainer, but also a fan.
Simultaneously juggling her career in journalism and Public Relations, Octavia also became the production manager for a fresh new magazine called Rime, and helped increase the magazines visibility by 40% during her tenure.
She is currently Associate Professor of African American and African Studies at University of California, Davis, and her book, The Africanist Aesthetic in Global Hip-Hop: Power Moves (2007), is published by Palgrave Macmillan.
In 1998, living in Oberlin, Ohio, she fell in love with DJing and after several years gathered the experience and courage to take it on. In 2004, Ebonie worked with the world-renowned theater company The Classical Theatre of Harlem. Her writing has been included on syllabi at Brown, Columbia and her alma mater the University of Toronto, and she has lectured at Duke University, Fordham and Hunter College. When not behind the decks, you could find her dancing in the circle or out in front of the speakers.
In 2002, Octavia jumped in head first as she took her PR work from a part time gig, to a full service Public Relations firm, Ballyhoo Public Relations Inc. Later in Durham she worked alongside the Reggae sound system TNT Sound and turntablism pioneer DJ Soundmachine, honing her skills.
The following year she interned with Damon Dash and helped oversee musical operations at Damon Dash Music Group, Rocawear, and on the production set of BET’s The Ultimate Hustler.
DJ B-Girl founded her own independent label in 2008 and began putting out her own projects, as well as other artists’ work.
A regular uncensored guest on public radio programs such as Fresh Air and Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, Sarah has also made numerous TV appearances on programs including Charlie Rose, The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, Live with Regis and Kelly, Now on PBS, and on Sesame Street as ‘Ms. Osumare, as a dance educator, is a Certified Instructor of the Katherine Dunham Technique, and has served on the dance faculties of Bowling Green State University in Ohio for five years and Stanford University for thirteen years.
Today, her live sets are a dynamic synthesis of Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae, Latin rhythms, Rock and Pop to classic funk and soul, and have secured her gigs everywhere from New York, Miami, DC, Philadelphia, to Caracas, Venezuela. That same year Ebonie spearheaded and organized Columbia University’s first annual Black History Month musical showcase that featured world-renowned Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band, the Bonga and The Vodou Drums of Haiti, and other distinguished acts. She is an adjunct professor at NYU’s Clive Davis School of Recorded Music, where she teaches music journalism.

Brown’s work signals the energy, critical direction and complexity of contemporary practice that is engaged in a tenuous marriage of commerce and resistance.
She has been actively involved in the hip hop community as a teaching artist and as an artist. With nearly 15 years of established and solid relationships in the industry, labels and artists look to Octavia’s creative ingenuity to create groundbreaking campaigns to launch new artists or refuel the careers of already established acts. As an arts administrator, she was the former Program Coordinator for Stanford’s Committee on Black Performing Arts and the Founder of CitiCentre Dance Theatre in Oakland, as well as the Founder of the national dance initiative Black Choreographers Moving Toward the 21st Century that took place from 1989-1992 in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.
In her paint, Brown intertextually juxtaposes color and texture, a technique that parallels her artistry as a DJ. She has taught at Gage Academy, Downtown Seattle YMCA Community Learning Center, Katalyst Arts, and the Bailey Gatzert Elementary School. Most recently, Sarah was invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to perform at The White House in celebration of Women’s History Month.
She also presented and produced programs for National music television network, Channel [V] Australia where she interviewed a range of artists from Kanye West to Pink (2003-2010). Both practices emerge from a process of self-sampling and remixing, devices employed by media to create its own endless permutations or representations and meanings. Now in Los Angeles, DJ B-Girl is selflessly dedicated to furthering the movement and empowering those around her. Working alongside the programs founder, Danita Strauss, the two created positive alternatives to gangs and violence for at risk youth. She is currently at work on a commission for Lincoln Center Theater and is developing a television project based on her characters. Throughout her work, Brown brings a subversive reading to her art, and manipulates hyper self-conscious imagery to articulate contemporary concerns regarding race, gender and class. Creating a cable television show with the help of Media One cable network, the young participants learned every aspect of creating their own television show from script writing to being on air talent. Maya has also taught Hip Hop workshops to At Risk Youth through community organisations in Sydney. She has been featured in The Source, Mixtape Magazine, Ozone Magazine, Down Magazine, and graced the front page of her hometown papers numerous times. Her next project is Diary of a Champion, a film about the 2004 Olympics, which is still currently in development. This day-long conference brought together hip hop producers, scholars, artists, activists, and music enthusiasts to assess the impact that gender identities have on the field of music technology and women’s participation in hip hop production culture. With help from artists like Warren G, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Alex Thomas, Clifton Powell, Crooked I and countless others over the years, the program has seen over 100 participants go on to attend and graduate from college. She has combined her interest in Dance Studies and black popular culture in her current research agenda of exploring the many dimensions of hip-hop culture.
Chela has worked alongside revolutionary MC Immortal Technique as his DJ, and has opened up for such artists as Remy Martin, Rah Digga, Talib Kweli, dead prez, Saigon, and KRS ONE, also sharing the turntables with legends Luv Bug Starski, DJ Showtime, DJ Envy, and many others. In 2008, Ebonie began working as a production assistant at the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Octavia’s contribution to the teen summits have allowed for corporations like Pepsi, Scholastics, K-Swiss and others to support the dreams of urban youth. With a style and charisma that rivals her DJ skills, backed with a passionate commitment to social justice, Chela is emerging as an unstoppable young star with authenticity, originality and depth. In this capacity, she was able to impact the lives of undergraduate students and inspire them through the employment of music production. In 2006 and beyond, as she continues to drop mixtapes, travel, perform and speak, the New Girl Order is on its way. In 2009, Ebonie helped co-organize Say My Name, a special screening and panel discussion on women emcees and their careers, in collaboration with Tisch’s 7th Annual Fusion Film Festival. Shortly after, she began working closely with renowned computer music composer Morton Subotnick as an instructor in music technology and as a research assistant on the Creating Music Research Project. This same year Ebonie completed her master’s studies in music technology at New York University under the supervision of professor and computer musician Robert Rowe.
Currently Ebonie works as an arts program coordinator for Harlem Children’s Zone and continues to maintain a rigorous performance and production schedule in New York City. Her vision of the arts, like Miss Dunham’s, is their relevance to and total involvement in the humanities. She works collaboratively with her staff to develop arts-based, afterschool programming for high school students who reside in the neighborhood of Harlem, New York. By utilizing her administrative skill set and diverse background in the arts to service youth, Ebonie has been afforded the opportunity to create unique and innovative programs such as Lyrics Lounge.

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