The majority of our sheds are pre-built in our shop and are transported to your site by truck and trailer. Outdoor storage buildings alleviate the strain on your garage, basement and attic by providing additional storage space that is conveniently accessible.
Choose from a variety of different styles and colors to find the combination that best compliments your home while providing the storage room needed.
There needs to be enough room for large equipment like lawn mowers and tractors to pull out of the storage shed. DIRECTIONS - Contact Us - All Images & Content Copyright 2016 Hostetler's Lawn FurnitureWeb Design by Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc.

We also service North west Ohio, Indiana, Southern Michigan, Eastern Illinios, Chicago and the Midwest region. You'll have no problem finding a unit that looks good alongside your house or in your backyard. Cities include Warsaw, Indiana, Plymouth, Indiana, Mishawaka, Indiana, Nappanee, Bremen, and Valparaiso Indiana.

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