LP® siding gives wood sheds a deeply embossed cedar grain pattern that looks authentic and offers superior moisture resistance. While this may not be the first thing you think of, but the type of siding your wood shed is constructed with is a major factor. T1-11 is a cheaper solution for a strong wood siding for a shed, but it will cost you more in the long run. While T1-11 siding is cheaper, it cannot stand up to the elements of mother nature as well as LP® wood siding and requires yearly maintenance. As you can see from my above pro and con list, LP® siding is the better choice for a wood shed unless you just happen to really, really love T1-11 siding.
If you prefer to maintain your wood shed, year after year, adding coats of paint, layers of primer and insect repellent, then choose plywood. LP siding is also a rated panel meaning it has testing behind certifying its use in residential construction.

The results show that revenue from sawmill residuals remained flat and the average composite lumber price fell by nearly 2 percent. Sawmill residual prices remained flat over 3Q2010 in spite of the end of quarter reduction in production. One of them is, “What kind of siding is best?” While sheds made with T1-11 are less expensive than sheds with LP® siding, will it actually save you money in the long run?
Our LP® Smartside siding is weather resistant, does not need yearly staining or painting (once painted), rot, decay and insect resistant, and paint jobs are more durable with LP® Smartside siding. T1-11 is rough and paint doesn’t stick very well, which can lead to warping and peeling paint. Today, LP® is the world’s largest producer of OSB and manufactures engineered wood building products.
It is possible to get good wear out of t1-11 wood siding, but it usually requires much more maintenance year after year.

By the end of September, shipment volume for southern yellow pine lumber increased as mills reduced production levels. Because weather was dry, however, pulpwood supply was abundant, and paper mills substituted pulpwood, which kept residual prices steady. It’s simply a product that has taken natural materials and processed them into a maintenance free wood.
However, because seasonal weather patterns will tighten available supply, log prices are unlikely to fall much further.

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