A Where is your car parked, in the garage protected from the sometimes violent Florida weather I bet.
I need log poles to make a fence around my property in west palm beach, on approximately 1acre.
At Lark, They invest their money in the product and you can see it in everyA storage building they build.
Their stunning designs and exquisite detail will make a gorgeous addition to any backyard or garden area.

Their innovative construction techniques and state of the art equipment insures that your Lark Building will be second to none.
In the following pages, we will illustrate why state of the art construction systems and techniques provide the strength, durability, and product value that only Lark delivers. We are the as far as we know the only company recycling utility poles in the South, and perhaps the nation.
While others are playing catch up, Lark is out front with cutting edge improvements to their product.

We currently have 80% of the poles being pulled in FL and have about the same in GA, SC, NC, and we're going after MO, AL, LA, TN & KY.
Third bedroom walls were taken down to make a large living room and can be put back up with minimal effort.

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