This loft in Toronto by Dubbeldam Design Architects is a very modern, sleek space that looks like a well-tailored suit. When the client, a graphic artist and designer, bought his mother’s 1920s residence overlooking the historic Casa Loma stables, his objective was to take advantage of the location and the picturesque views, while transforming the apartment’s dark, densely packed, small rooms into an airy bachelor’s retreat with plenty of light, clean lines, and open space.
The solution was to remove most of the interior partitions except for one division between the public and private zones, and replace the tiny windows with significantly larger ones.
Through the creative planning of the renovation, the initially small, dark and cramped apartment was made to feel larger, more spacious and open. Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk, is a Jersey girl living the laid back life in SoCal. I love modern, but this space looks too typical and expected when it comes to the furniture. November 3, 2014 by L'Essenziale 1 Comment The ‘man cave’ has progressed considerably over the years.
When it comes to decorating the home, men and women rarely see eye to eye and this is why the man is usually happy for the women to take charge with the home’s trappings. The first step in designing the ultimate man cave is to define its purpose – and I’m talking about more than just a room to escape in. Incorporate flexible design and open living into the cave to get that vacation feeling where possible.
If you don’t have the budget to spend on a high-end tech TV, something simple can still do the trick – as long as it supports your x-box.
Good music will help set the atmosphere – whether it’s for some background beats or connected to the TV to blast out some music videos (perfect for the bloke that isn’t into the sports scene).
Ideally, the space to create your shiny new man cave is usually in the basement or garage – but don’t let your imagination stop there.  As the man cave evolves, the room is becoming more family oriented to a space that can be a little more public.
When buying a new property, potential homeowners are always on the lookout for that extra space – a room that can potentially be turned into a man cave. Having this extra space not only gives you a great excuse to create your own man cave, but it has a significantly positive impact on the value of your home come resale time. This article is written by Jayde Ferguson who writes for Cambuild– Perth’s luxury custom home builders to help create the space for your man cave.
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The intent of the design was to reflect both the owner’s Asian heritage and draw on ideas relating to his occupation in the overall concept and material palette.

The resultant open plan feels far more spacious and allows for the flow of light and line of sight from many vantage points. Although this was an interior renovation of an existing space, the actual square footage was increased by 400 sq.
She dreams about architectural jewelry + having enough free time to enjoy some of her favorite things—running, reading, and drawing. Really like the hardwood flooring throughout the space, that ties in with the cabinetry and the stairs.
Think outside the box and stick to one main theme that reflects your interests and hobbies.
So you probably don’t want diapers, drama-like discussions and emotions in your cave – unless of course it’s from the anger and frustration of your team losing.
You don’t have to splurge out and not everyone thrives on a huge flat screen for luxury, but it’s definitely a realistic feature to have. Add a few LED lights behind the TV that rotate in different colours to give that ‘movie theatre’ vibe to the space. Especially if you plan on having the blokes over for a sport match session, ample seating is a must.
For the music enthusiast, it may pay to set up a small ‘garage band’ in your man cave too complete with a loud drum kit and guitars to shred on. It’s all about finding that space where you’re allowed to put in a larger TV or all that sports memorabilia your wife doesn’t want up in other public rooms. These days, high-end buyers expect the home to have that room, whether it is a media room or a finished basement they can design to their needs.
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The original dark wood paneled interiors were replaced with crisp white walls set off by warm merbau wood flooring and custom mahogany cabinetry with stainless steel accents; a material palette selected to reflect the owner’s Asian heritage .
I also like that they are only a few colors in the palette that are consistent throughout the house. Not only does it provide the man with his own space to relax in, but it means he can design it the way he sees fit – whether that means a sweet shot-glass collection or a display of action figurines. When you’re finding your bloke essentials, keep the cave layout in mind to ensure everything fits into the space accordingly.
Not everyone can afford a vacation or able to take time of work regularly, so having a room that’s dedicated to a little recoup time is ideal for anyone.
Having a second TV in the man cave in addition to the family living room offers a lot more freedom too, for both parties. Depending on the size of the space and its overall purpose, you’ll want at least one large couch and few single armchairs, actually no – a recliner – you need a recliner.
So make sure you have a suitable beer fridge within arm’s reach to avoid the daunting task of needing to walk anywhere too far.

For homes that are lacking space, it is possible to turn a walk in robe or large closet into a man cave. Before the house is brought by truck to the building site all construction is complete including insulation, wiring, and plumbing. At Doors For Builders, we bring together superior craftsmanship and modern manufacturing to give the home owner an entry way they can be proud of.
In Europe, we deliver to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Austria, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, and Turkey. The building materials were selected for their durability, aesthetics that aligned with the owner’s taste and lifestyle, relatively low cost, and a preference toward sustainability. We check out the ultimate way to build your man cave, and all the blokey considerations you’ll need.
If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ve probably already got a great collection of memorabilia you can start to use to define the room and plan your man cave around. If you have the room for it, upgrade to a full bar that’s stocked with everything you need complete with a few bar stools to set that pub vibe right at your fingertips. If the man cave space is small, make use of mirrors to open up the room and make it feel larger than what it really is.
A foundation has also been prepared prior to delivery so when the truck arrives the house is simply lowered and attached. In addition, the operability and placement of windows allows for maximum cross-ventilation and minimal cooling requirements. I have to partially agree with Melanie, this look has definitely been seen many times before and it lacks originality, but it doesn’t take away from how well it was executed and how good it looks. I partially agree with Melanie, this look has definitely been seen many times before and it lacks originality, but it doesn’t take away from how well it was executed and how good it looks.
A room where they have the freedom to create it their way build it their way and decorate it their way. Whilst it’s still the room they can ‘escape to’ for some quiet time, it’s become a place now where generally, friends and women are welcome – just more on the man’s terms!
Plenty of space can be made for kitchen cupboards when they can also hide under and around a table for meals. Another need is small space, which can be made under, around or inside somewhere, for books, cds, movies. I just saw in Pinterest a wide and tall perfect pantry-like door that when closed could look like a wall! I’ve seen many truly well made baths in these homes that make you see it and wonder how can it look so big?
The sink needs to be long to accommodate 2 people to use if needed and the bath counter needs enough space for 2 people along with storage underneath and all wall space available should be used for storage; HOWEVER, I want a builder that can accomplish a look with wood, metal pieces or reclaimed iron, ceramic, etc to leave people feeling they just saw the most amazing and unique bath. So, who is going to show me they are exactly what I’m looking for and have MANY tricks and amazing ideas to make it all work without a worry when it’s done? This will be our last home we buy and live in, the last and most inexpensive place we ever lived in and we plan on growing old there with dentures falling out and minds that are stronger than our bodies.
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