There is something strikingly appealing about the steel surface and legs and while just those features are enough to want this desk, the added layer of reclaimed oak for the drawer sections makes this table just that much more amazing. SHED Architecture & Design created this awesome steel house with an angled roof, a corrugated facade and a modern, industrial feel befitting of this live work home. Spanish architects and landscape designers Nomad Studio have put their best foot forward in their design of Zafra-Uceda House in Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain. Like a suit of copper armor protecting the jewel inside, this Ybbsitz-area home designed by Austrian architects Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig is an architectural gem that's worth a closer look. The Nest House in Thuan An, Vietnam is the latest project from local architecture firm a21studio, named for and inspired by a bird's nest. Japanese architecture firm Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates designed this odd shaped house in Nagoya, Japan.
There’s nothing conventional about this Chicago modern house design by Ranquist Development. Christina Zerva Architects designed this modern passive solar house design in Nikaia, Greece. This unusual house plan by Australian architects Room11 is located on a hillside in Allens Rivulet, Tasmania, Australia.
On the market for a cool $1.25 million, this luxury home for sale offers a refined sense of nature in its cool, contemporary yet down-to-earth aesthetic.
When it comes to studs, instead of automatically buying wood, consider metal for non-load bearing walls. While metal studs do conduct cold (insulation should be applied between the outside wall and the metal to act as a thermal break), they offer many benefits and advantages over wood studs. Ease of installation: Steel framing is easier to handle because the studs weigh a third less than wood and can be installed at 24 inches on center. Strength: The strength and ductility of structural cold-formed steel (CFS) framing, along with the holding power of CFS connections, make it ideal for construction in high-wind and seismic zones such as the U. Insects and Fire: Carpenter ants and termites can severely damage wood construction, but steer clear of metal.
For more information on using metal studs is the Builder’s Guide to Steel Frame Construction from the Steel Framing Alliance. What are your thoughts?  Share your reasons for using metal studs or discuss why you believe wood studs are a better option. Joe Sainz (Google+) is a union carpenter with experience in concrete construction, landscaping, carpentry and electrical mechanics. Just to clarify: the Thumb and Hammer article that is extensively quoted by the author refers to the light gauge metal framing sold by building centers (such as Home Depot and Lowes) that can only be used for non-load bearing walls. We have used them in several comercial projects and on a few interior walls in homes, especially in kitchens and baths to acheive a foor flat wall for cabinets and countertops to fit against.

One thing I wonder about is how well reception would be living in a house made mainly from metal .
Detailing a CFS shear wall can take more than timber, but the capacity is greater in some instances.
For a construction note, Timber framing should have almost as many clips as CFS, if detailed properly and not at an opening. The issue of hanging doors and cabinets is easily remedied by using wood backing as is done with wood studs and on large cabinet walls, I use MDO plywood with the joints tapered by a mini grinder and primed so drywall mud will adhere to the joints. The biggest issue I find with metal studs is making sure your drywall hangers understand sequence for screwing off the drywall.
Working in NYC,wood studs are not code although I have often used wood to block framing for KD bucks.Heavier gauge metal can also be cut with a sawzall with a bi-metal blade. I can see another advantage in steel; After you are done, you can recycle or get cash for any scraps.
If you are unsure about being able to live in a 720 sq ft home, browsing the Tiny House Design website may change your mind. As far as the wood stove thing goes did at any point did you think of doing the pellet stove.
I have heard of straw bales on the outside of containers for insulation, but I have never seen a picture of one. My south facing windows already do an excellent job warming up the cabin on a sunny day, so I’m not sure I would go through the extra effort for additional solar heating. In regards to more windows, my plan is to install one or more steel weld-in ships portholes on the north side. In any case, I’m also planning to place a stove, and after much reading I choose an argentinian highly efficient model.
Glad to hear you’ll be building with containers, please keep in touch and let me know how it goes.
Concerning small stoves, don’t forget the Englander 17-VL and the Amesti Nordic 380 (sold at Lowes around here).
If you are a man you neednt worry about getting up in the middle of the night to restoke the stove.
Woodscrew Thread Eye Bolts are also known as Screw Thread Eye Bolts, Lag Anchors, Eye Screws or Vine Eyes.
February 3, 2015 By T Shupp Leave a Comment Wood with Steel frame swing gate attached to existing fence. The wood is left unfinished to expose the marks that define its former life and these little bits of history mean each desk is uniquely different. Its geometric form, open concept layout and glass walls frame the stunning views of Mount Olympus.

Metal does rust, so install a vapor barrier or sill gasket between the bottom plate and the concrete floor. Likewise, wood burns and metal does not. A wall built with metal studs is virtually fireproof. Steel framing can cost three  to 15 percent more than wood studs, based on Steel Framing Alliance calculations, but metal studs offer cost advantages in other areas that can offset this price difference. Being in Canada I think it would be difficult to get enough insulation in place in exterior walls to overcome the cold passing through. I would be willing to try it but I think the labour would be a lot more with metal .It is tough to beat the speed of nail guns . The back porch of my house has a metal roof and no matter how much I try I can never send text messages from that part of the house because of the steel roof .
The MDO ply paints exactly like drywall and one does not need to constantly search for studs in which to screw the cabinets. If they don’t stay consistent, the studs will twist during installation and cause waves in the wall which defeats the concept of metal studs creating very straight walls.
I think your design is really cool, and all the information about the building process you have place in here is gonna be very usefull to me.
But I also have read a great deal about stoves and security and such, and I wonder if you have consider one of the Blaze King stove models. For doors, over frame by 6″ with metal and use double wood trimmers to fasten jambs and casing. Yes being a wood guy I still like wood but metal has its advantages too , unless most of your work now is fixing homes that havent been properly maintained and rotten wood is $$$ in your pocket. As a result, there are no nail pops or drywall cracks to fix after the structure is completed. And when you take that into account along with all the extra clips and straps and everything else extra you have to add to get a similar sheer rating it takes at least twice as long to frame the same exterior wall out of metal as opposed to wood. Consistent quality means that scrap is drastically reduced (two percent for steel versus 20 percent for wood), which also reduces costs for hauling off and disposing of discarded material.
If your talking about a lighter gauge wall I don’t see how you would even get the same sheer rating let alone a stronger one.

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