THE CEDARSHED BOATHOUSE is a multi-purpose boat shed offering plenty of storage room for those longer-than-normal items like canoes and single kayaks. CEDARSHED CABANA KITS are multipurpose prefab sheds that make an excellent swimming pool house, kids playhouse or backyard retreat. The outdoor Cabana shed kit includes a Dutch door, 2 fixed windows, window boxes, shutters and plans. Upgrade the Dutch door with a double door, sliding door and functional windows, or place the door on the end.

The six-awning style windows allow plenty of fresh air and light in.The Beach House Shed's visual appeal is accentuated by the window boxes and shutters around each window and the solid cedar door with oversized hinges and lockable door set. Perhaps you want a backyard retreat, outdoor office or a storage building for larger items?
It makes an excellent multi-purpose garden building for storing tools or as a recycling shed.

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