Welcome to Wood Tavern, a contemporary, rustic neighborhood restaurant serving an American brasserie experience. The idea behind Wood Tavern has always been simple: Open a place where everyone wants to be, because anyone is welcome. Wood Tavern may be in Miami, but we think wea€™d be letting down Wynwooda€™s free spirit by getting caught up in all that a€?table service.a€? So our tables are just that a€“ the wooden variety that seat 6 to 8 on a first come, first served basis. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Our weekly guide to Miami dining includes food news and reviews, as well as dining events and interviews with chefs and restaurant owners. The guitarist who made himself famous with the band Guns N’ Roses is performing at the Hard Rock Live with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, his band since 2010. At one point, the children need to be placated and the OMG Music Tour will be the best remedy.
Finally, for the hard worker there is a relaxing spa treatment that is sure to refresh the weary muscles and mind used to do so much productive work. The Residual Moisture of our mesquite wood after the furnace drying process ranges from 6 -12%.
We can mill longer lengths but at additional cost depending on width and mesquite wood grade. Where you can meet up with friends, grab a craft brew or a cocktail, and wait to see which character you bump into this time.
Ita€™s their great service, relaxed energy and kick-ass personalities that turn these four walls into a home-away-from-home for so many loyal neighbors.

The tourism and service economies have thousands of workers who put on smiling faces and conduct themselves professionally to provide people with a pleasant and great atmosphere to enjoy the ocean and the sun.
The Villa Azur is participating and has a $39 three-course dinner which starts off with dishes like salmon tartare, proceeds to a choice of roasted red snapper or lamb chop and ends with a light, delicious lime and raspberry eclair for dessert.
The Intercontinental Hotel is a participating spa during Miami Spa Month and is offering spa treatments on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. The culinary vision is provided by Executive Chef Yang Peng, in partnership with Rich & Rebekah Wood. If youa€™re into beer, youa€™ll know what we mean and really dig our selection.Our libation library is always growing and changing, so stop in often to see what wea€™re serving up this time. Ita€™s all family-style in here, and our people will get to know you and what you drink after a few visits. Which makes them kinda underqualified to rank the douchiest bars in Miami.Look, that's not to say that there are no douchey bars in Miami.
Therefore, for all it is a time to go with family and friends out to parks and have barbecues or on day cruises or lavish dinners to enjoy the holiday that is provided for them. Kick off your Labor Day weekend by attending this concert on Friday, August 29th, buy a t-shirt and feel like a teenager again. Get the Caipirinha massage (ginger and lime sugar scrub, coconut oil massage) for $99, an emerging organic radiance facial (50 minutes) or an Urban Warrior treatment (herbal compresses, lomilomi massage). With their combined experience, Wood Tavern boasts a welcoming yet sophisticated dining environment for a truly delectable experience. All over South Florida there are activities that fit the desire of workers to rest themselves and here are five to help plan a great weekend finishing on September 1st.

They come to Wood to get comfortable.Best of all, the rent in Wynwood is still decent, so we wona€™t break your wallet.
Wood Tavern is a good choice to get my evening drink on.It's inexpensive, laid back, local, and has a kick-ass patio.
It is in the center of Midtown Miami and the perfect place to watch the sunset in the west or take a walk through one of Wynwood’s indoor or outdoor art galleries.
As you stay later at the Wood Tavern, get ready to dance and let loose with DJs playing great music starting at 4 p.m.
Here's what they said about Wood:" Let's say you go to a bar, and an entire rugby team tries to talk you into giving them a piggyback ride.
If you think that's a funny pick-up line, then you're a douche, and you'd fit right in at Wood Tavern." I've been to Wood Tavern and I've never had an entire rugby team ask for a piggyback ride. This discerning audience is driven by style, music, sneakers, sports, games, gear and girls. If and when they return my call, I'll ask them to meet me for a drink at Wood Tavern next time they're in Miami.

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