When you look closely, you can see that there really isn’t anything complicated in how this all goes together. The sill is cut in one piece which extends from one side of the rough opening to the other.
Door trim is very similar and if all you’re doing is replacing the casing, it’s even more simple than this window!
I excitedly told my husband about them and he said that we would need a solid bit of concrete under the floor to substantiate the weight that the concrete would create. As soon as I saw your question, I knew I had missed one…Julie asked the same question a day or so ago and I neglected to answer. The rounded corners usually don’t make a difference as long as you wrap the interior of the opening with wood. We are putting an addition on our house and replacing all of our windows in the entire house as well.
If the apron will cover the damaged drywall, then you don’t need to worry about a patch. I am trying my hand a home repairs, I noticed in my living room that the base of the window (apron) is separated from the wall. I normally would remove a comment, such as the one above that simply says… buy from us! However, if you aspire to become a perpetual, habitual, home remodeler then you want to learn the carpentry skills that this process will teach you.
I have the typical builder framed windows with a very short and narrow sill (acout 2 in past window on either side) and no molding on drywall. You are only limited by your imagination, so dream, design, build, but most of all have fun! Artisan Specialties has many years of experience with installing multiple crown moulding and assorted trim moulding. Here you will see thumbnail pictures of all our custom designed and installed interior trim moulds including; wooden crown moulds, wainscot boxes, chairail, columns, and backband moulding, plus many more.
ITEM 047CThis is the outside corner of the same half wall showing how the single chair rail trim flows under the half wall cap trim moulding. ITEM 047DYou can see the inside corner of the single chair railing trim moulding with this picture, all evenly spaced. ITEM 047EWhat do you do when you have an electrical box in the way of wainscot shadow boxing? ITEM 047FYou can see a better picture of the wainscot and door casing trim moulds with this. ITEM 047GBefore the walls and trim moulds have been painted you can see the finger joints in all the mouldings. ITEM 048CA close up of the bottom leg shows how I used bed moulding turned upside down to give the first base step out more detail and depth. ITEM 048DThe top left of this beautiful cased opening shows the ledger trim boards and the three and three quarters crown moulding. ITEM 048EA close up view of the inside right leg showing the detail and combination of trim moulding that I used with designing this magnificently ornate cased opening.
ITEM 049CA close up picture of the base cap trim on the top of the fluted sides and how the crown is cut in and around the block. ITEM 049DBack down on the bottom legs of the cased opening you can see how I wrapped the base and base cap mouldings around. ITEM 058CWith a smoke alarm on the ceiling, you run into the same problem with using a large five piece crown moulding. ITEM 059Here you see two piece crown mouldings consisting of four and three quarter MDF crown, and six inch MDF speed base mouldings. ITEM 060This is an access panel behind a garden tub so you can get to the pump for future maintenance. ITEM 066A Log HomeLog homes need a whole different type of interior trim, depending on the logs being either straight or round as I have pictured here.
ITEM 066B Log HomeWhat happens when you have a wall with drywall on it and the wall runs into a round log wall?

ITEM 068We now have available different carvings for your cabinet headboards or to show off around your family.
When installing quarter round moldings, I consider it to be as a frame around your laminate or hardwood flooring as a frame around a piece of art, so the better it is done the better your floors will look. Installing quarter round moldings is a task that you may need to do after installing laminate or hardwood flooring. The purpose for installing the quarter round is to cover the expansion gap around the walls.
Basically when installing quarter round moldings you will encounter two different types of angles. If you are unable to get a chop saw, there is the old fashion way of cutting by hand with a miter box. The easiest method for installing quarter round molding is to use a nail gun which requires a compressor.
In some cases if the base board is installed on a new laminate or hardwood floor that isn't flat, there will be gaps under the base board that take away from the overall look of the finished floors.
There are a couple of other tools I use to add the finishing touches to the completed look of the floor. I use a small tipped flat screw driver, I prefer a long one about 8 inches in length, a clean rag (I buy a bundle at Home depot for about 7 dollars) and some good adhesive caulking. As you can see in these two photos the difference it makes after you chalk in the quarter round. If you have any questions or comments about quarter round, feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.
Installing Composite Quarter Round on Abutting a Bathroom Tub? Not rated yetBathroom has linoleum that is curling and pulling away from the walls. I have had quite a few of my readers tell me they would like to donate something to me for the information that helped them. But what I can share with you are four or so tips that I’ve learned about how to instal nearly flawless trim moulding. 1.  When joining two pieces of trim moulding, use a 45-degree mitered joint rather than a 90-degree butt joint.
Most of the time, trim is continuous around the room, or it butts right up against other moulding (like around doors and windows), and those areas are almost always fine cut at a 90-degree angle.
It’s a tiny piece, and a tiny detail, that makes a huge difference in the finished product. The combination of the 45-degree joint and the wood filler will result in a nearly flawless joint. I asked this amongst the 500+ comments yesterday, so just going to ask it here right quick with hopes you will come across it more easily today…do you love the seagrass rug? I love your blog Kristi and follow you religiously… What I love best about you is that you pretty much do with what you can afford and have on hand and it really makes a difference. Now I want to go back and redo the chair rail we paid someone to install in our daughter’s room. I can do a 45 on the molding, but never really got how to get the edge finished off like that. One of the reasons I love it so much is that something relatively simple can finish off a job to look a million times better.
Looking do to this same thing but our house has marble sills that don’t extend beyond the opening. I would like to paint the casing and jamb white as I believe it gives a more updated appearance. I want to add trim to the windows, I love the way it looks in the picture, where do you purchase all the items needed… I am mainly looking for a kit can you briefly describe the needed material I would greatly appreciate it thank you! Showing installing crown moulding, window moulding, injection moulding, or flexible bendable bendable window trim moulding.
Look over the following pictures to see if an idea may catch your eye with your home interior.
NOTE: When installing your laminate make sure you have a piece of the quarter round on hand to check the gap so you will know the gap will be covered.

The 16 footers mean you will have less joints but it can be a little more difficult to measure, and even trying to get it in your home may be difficult if you have a lot of turns.
If your installing a lot of quarter round, buying a nail gun and compressor is not too expensive. I finally purchased a 18 gauge nail gun from Sears (Craftsman) and have not had any problems. The base board could be scribed to follow the contour of the floor, but there are times when this isn't the case. If you use this method get a nail punch to counter sink the nails so you will be able to fill the holes with a matching putty. Nail guns, nailing and counter sinking and patching holes is not a straight …Click here to write your own. I am not a charity, but I put a lot of time into bringing this information to the internet. I just bought chair rail molding to put in my laundry room and have never done it before so this is very helpful. My husband has been trying to explain a few of these tips to me and it wasn’t until I saw your post that it made sense! You inspire me and make me believe that I could also do this, once I have a garage and the appropriate tools and enough space to do it..
Do we have to remove the drywall before putting the wood around the window (jam extension)? With paint grade trim mouldings you save allot on the cost of material, plus the upkeep is no way as much as stained trim mouldings and wood. When cutting the quarter round you will have to cut each side at 46 degrees so it will fit tight together. We roll around on our LR rug with the grandkids and so need it to be soft rather than hard or scratchy. Would you recomend replacing the sills or maybe add a notched wood sill around the front of the existing marble to extend the sill out past the side casings? If you would prefer my company do all of the work, just give me a call, and ask for Patrick Clark, or drop an email. How many log homes have you seen where either the inside or outside of all the doors and windows have gaps behind the one x casings, a whole lot right?
The chop saws usually have the angles preset on the saw so there is no guessing at the proper angle. I have also used a Paslode which is self contained, which means you do not have to have a compressor.
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. The inside of the door has insulation stapled to the back of it to bring the opening up to building code. You can also purchase a bare wood quarter round with no joints so it can be stained (this is stain grade quarter round and may cost a little more).
If I plan to copy anything that you’ve done, I really need to see the basics until I feel comfortable being a do it yourselfer. I have Anderson windows that open outward as opposed to upward as your pictures above show. When caulking, would you just caulk where it meets against the wall or where it meets the tile floor too? And when nailing the plastic quarter round it can shatter sometimes, I know this from experience. Another type is made of compressed fiber with a covering that has different patterns on it that resemble wood.
The compressed fiber type seems to be a little harder on blades for some reason, so use a sharp blade when cutting it to get the cleanest look.

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