Engineered Truss Systems custom designs trusses for all kinds of different sizes of projects. Engineered Truss Systems specializes in the manufacture of high-quality wood trusses, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) beams and headers, and wood floor trusses. Engineered Truss Systems is your one-stop source for information, recommnedations, first-class service, and quality products.
Framing your roof using wood trusses is faster, easier and more cost efficient than other framing methods. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is used for residential, commercial and agricultural construction applications as high performance beams and headers. Our wood floor trusses are custom-made to fit exact specifications, so you wona€™t have to cut them on the job, resulting in better cost efficiency for you project.
Engineered Truss Systems offers high-quality, custom trusses for a variety of project sizes and applications. You are well beyond me, interesting stuff and I hope you can figure out a simplified version.
K-Wood Truss serves Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa primarily but is capable of servicing all 50 states and international deliveries.
Truss Terms: The terms below are typically used to describe the various parts of a metal plate connected wood truss. The parallel chord truss or flat truss gets its name from having parallel top and bottom chords.
The following examples represent some of the possible variations on the basic types of trusses. Basic engineering software for analysis of timber roof structures with punched metal plate fasteners.

Engineered Truss Systems prides themselves on using only the highest quality materials to provide trusses of uncomprimising function and durability. Contact or call Engineered Truss Systems today at (605) 334-0350 with any questions you may have, or to discuss your project and get a free estimate! Our wood roof trusses are built inside our newly expanded truss plant, ensuring quality throughout the process.
LVL is manufactured using waterproof adhesives to pressure bond wood veneers running parallel with the grains, and combines the beauty and structural qualities of natural wood with the strength and reliability of an engineered wood product.
We securely fasten the trusses together with metal connector plates to form a structure that supports a given floor load. By incorporating the highest quality products in our manufacturing process, Engineered Truss Systems is dedicated to creating structural products that help people build safer and stronger homes, buildings and structures. We will use your detailed blue prints or sketched floor plan to custom-build trusses specifically for your project. The software the truss mfgr's are using I believe evolved from the PPSA program, Purdue Plane Structures Analyzer. I never got it to run right in a program, congrats!Here was where I got to a few years ago. The truss profile, span, heel height, overall height, overhang and web configuration depend on the specific design conditions and will vary by application.
Our professional designs and high quality materials are used with great precision in jigs, so multiples of the same trusses are identical in size, assuring consistency throughout your roof system.
Trusses are assembled and clamped in jig tables, and metal connector plates are then either rolled or pressed into the truss at the joints using specific truss manufacturing equipment at our manufacturing facility. Engineered Truss Systems takes great pride in manufacturing products that contribute to the strength and safety of our customers' projects.

Engineered Truss Systems will review all of your measurements to ensure all aspects of your plan are correct, so there will be no surprises later in the building process. Simply order your trusses, and we will ship them directly to your job site when you are ready for construction. After the truss is fabricated, the clamps are released and the truss is ejected from the jig. Engineered Truss Systems will then design and draw your project on their computers and lay out your floor plan and roof structure.
Some common trusses are named according to their web configuration, such as the King Post, Fan, Fink or Howe truss. When you work with our Professional Designers, you can rest assured of a quality job every time. The open web design allows you to run electrical, plumbing, and duct work through the webs, providing a flush ceiling finish.
From this information, Engineered Truss Systems will be able to give you a detailed, FREE estimate of your project. Not sure if it matters especially with a copmputer humming but I was taught to resolve the heeljoint first, if you can restrain those forces it is usually buildable. We will also send your layouts to the appropriate companies and, if needed, even help design your floor plan if you need the assistance. Engineered Truss Systems sells to do-it-yourselfers, professional builders, lumber yards and anywhere in between.

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