During Marc and Nicole’s visit, we forced them to sit through our Monday morning staff meeting (which is really a doughnut-eating contest in disguise), then we headed into the shop to shoot video. Glen also shot some video of Marc and Nicole, then we went to my house and shop, where I gave them a tour of some of my personal work and my small workshop.
Most of all, the day was a great excuse to get to know more about Marc and Nicole, who represent the vanguard of where woodworking instruction is headed this century.
When they moved out to Temecula, Calif., they bought their first house and it needed some work.
If you don’t know Marc yet, I encourage you to scoot over to his site and take a look at some of the excellent content there. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
Having worked for a long weekend with Marc and Nicole, I can tell you the PW readers are in for a real treat – and a wild ride. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. I thought I’d share pictures of my new Workbench and thank Marc again for answering a couple of question about LVL during the process. Details on the form and construction: it is based on the 21st Century Workbench, the LVL Workbench, and the $175 Workbench.

I have to agree, the workbench is very nice, and the LVL is intriguing, but the cleanliness of the shop, the pristine white walls and the smooth flat floor (as well as the SawStop and the rest of the tools in the shop) are what REALLY made me jealous. After a quick tour of the shop, they interviewed Bob about the project he’s working on for the August issue, and they chatted with Glen about his woodworking.
After graduation, he headed out to San Diego for work and met Nicole when she answered an advertisement for a roommate to share an apartment.
Watch a few videos (they are well done and Marc’s a funny guy) and listen to one of his broadcasts of Wood Talk Online with buddy Matt Vanderlist.
I am sending in my subscription money by Wednesday (sorry it took so long Popular Woodworking)and I can’t wait to see your column.
Marc provides a fresh approach to woodworking, he combines humor, craft and sincerity in the right mix. Its a product much like plywood, but the key difference is that the grain of each layer runs in the same direction. Mine was the lightweight one that was destroyed, with the rest of my shop, by Hurricane Ike. I’m doing what I can to make it better, but for now, I’m very jealous, nice work! Both video pieces should appear on his site in the future (assuming they can get some of the profanity bleeped out).

Honestly, I can see this table being useful in all kinds of shops and the wide surface can easily double as an assembly table. I happened across your video on the new outfeed table that you made when you put on your Incra fence.
A garbage can or a shop vac would even fit nicely in the area Chuck created for his wheelchair to roll under.
I decided that I really liked the way that it went together and decided to design one for myself. I also agree that movement of the top should be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, based on the properties of LVL–time will tell. And as soon as I complete my shop cabinets, I can get back to building furniture…at least that’s what I tell the wife!
It seemed absolutely useless to have a full table in the shop that I couldn’t roll under.
When I did this, it allowed for two smaller shelves on either side instead of the one big one.

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