Look up product instructions, videos and articles about your favorite tools using our Learning Center. I have three curio cabinets in which I display most of my users and many of my shelf queens. Paul My Personal Website ---- Beginners Guide to Spyderco Collecting ---- SpydiewikiDead horses beaten, sacred cows tipped, chimeras hunted when time permits. My favorite Spyderco knives include: Caly 3.5, Chaparral, Delica 4 FFG, Stretch, Para-Military 2, Endura 4 FFG, Manix 2 & Manix 2 XL!

BSBG wrote:A Pelican 1450 works well for folders on end, and is not too big an heavy to carry around. I have Boker storage vaults (essentially spyderpacks, with whatever that really soft lining stuff is).
I just use Tupperware (air-tight) with a re-usuable silica-gel pack for adsorbing moisture (one with button that changes color if it adsorbs too much moisture; you can then bake it in an oven to renew it).
Me and my dad are fixing my grandpas knife collection case, that I'm going to use once it's finished.

The result is a superior quality sign of lasting beauty and durability of which you can be proud. I know the Tupperware option is a little more cost efficient, but after seeing BSBG's pictures of the Pelican case, in orange!?

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