Looking after the natural world & the environment are just one of Woodcraft's main principles.
Cheltenham Woodchips meet from time to time and is aimed at children aged 5 and under, along with their Mums & Dads.
Kingfisher Elfins is for children aged between 6 and 9 years, and meet at the Leckhampton Scout Hut on a Monday.
Howler Monkey Pioneers is for children between 10 and 12 years, & meet at the Leckhampton Scout Hut on a Monday.
Urban Peace Panda Venturers is for children aged 13 and 15, & meet at the Leckhampton Scout Hut on a Monday.
The three local groups in Cheltenham work closely together on a wide range of activities, as well as each having their own weekly sessions. There have been significant advances in our knowledge of the history of voluntary action in the past twenty years or so, since we established the Voluntary Action History Society, but it remains uneven and patchy. Voluntary action has played a central part in the growth of recreational activities since the seventeenth century – if not earlier – when the growth of urban centres and increased affluence provided significant numbers of people with the opportunity and the means of enjoying a growing amount of ‘free’ time. Recreation and leisure-time activities are numerous and diverse and the history of their development is rich and complex. A second – and related – area of activity can be described as education and self-improvement. A large number of organisations have also contributed to the development of opportunities for physical activity and sport.

As a first step in addressing the comparative neglect of this rich field of study the Voluntary Action History Society is organising a one-day seminar to be held at the Institute for Historical Research at Senate House in central London on Saturday 2 February 2013. This entry was posted in Colin Rochester & Meta Zimmeck, Conferences, Research, Seminars and tagged clubs, education, leisure, sport. Uniformed youth groups celebrate new funding for social action6th February 2015Five youth organisations are celebrating receiving new funding from a £10 million grant fund to promote innovative grassroots social action by uniformed groups.
The second round of the Uniformed Youth Social Action Fund grants, administered by Youth United Foundation, has been funded by the Cabinet Office from LIBOR fines raised from banks for misdemeanours and attempted manipulation of financial markets. Last year, 14 organisations received funding to increase social action opportunities for young people in deprived areas across the country.
The projects, delivered by five uniformed youth groups including The Scout Association and Woodcraft Folk, specifically focus on getting young people involved in social action. Darsham had a good year in 2013 but needs help with their working weekend on the 29 & 30th March. Join Woodcraft volunteers for an energetic weekend at our beautiful outdoor centre housed in an old train station. Sir Vane used BBS to form the basis of the international Order of World Scouts in November 1911. Much of the work in our field has focused on the history of philanthropy and there is a growing body of literature on self-help and mutual aid. This allowed clubs and societies to flourish and provided the more affluent classes with opportunities for drinking and socialising as well as mutual improvement (see Clark 2000).  In the nineteenth century there was, to borrow the phrase of Marilyn Taylor and Jeremy Kendall, ‘an explosion of leisure time interests’ as a growing proportion of the population enjoyed shorter working hours.

Historians of leisure do not tend to give detailed attention to the voluntary organisations that provided much of the recreational activities on which they focus, and those who study the history of voluntary organisations rarely look beyond the philanthropic charities and the mutual aid societies that embody Beveridge’s twin roots of voluntary action. One way of understanding that heterogeneity is to group organisations into four main streams. There is, for example, a rich history of music-making embodied in the early choral societies and brass bands and encompassing the full range of classical, folk, jazz and popular genres.
This supports the #iwill campaign, which seeks to increase the number of young people involved in social action by 50% by 2020. Help with gardening, painting, cleaning and other activities to keep Darsham pretty and safe for all the Woodcraft groups and other youth organisations who use it!Contact the Warden Annette for more information.
By contrast little attention has been given to the role of voluntary organisations and volunteers in the field of leisure despite the size and significance of their contribution to the development of leisure-time activities. Other organisations have come into existence to enable people to take part in the performing arts of opera and theatre and the visual arts of painting and sculpture and there is an important voluntary element in the history of museums. While much of the added demand for recreation was met by the provision made by commercial interests and central and local government, Stephen  Jones has noted the opportunities provided by voluntary organisations also expanded. There are organisations of and for women such as Co-operative Women’s Guilds, Mother’s Union, Townswomen’s Guilds, and Women’s Institutes.

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