I put this on top of a slab base and in place of one of the slabs i installed a ground anchor that comes up through the base of the shed i then chain my bikes with a pramasis chain to the ground anchor.
At the end of the day if they want in they will get in but hopefully it will take them long enough with what i have done i will hear them.
More seriously, I've only ever lived in rented houses - plaastic mat on the floor, bikes in bike bags.
I had one in a small front garden in London for a few years and it kept the commuter bikes out of sight and dry. I suppose 'excellent' means 'it will stop kids and smackheads', bain't nothing going to stop professionals.
So we went for a very simple wooden shed with little external security to draw attention, and then an anchor inside.
I have never understood why people are funny about keeping bikes inside the house, you track in more rubbish on the soles of your shoes each day, unless you put on plastic slip covers or walk about in your socks ?
I've got one of the Asgard 4 bike sheds, it'll take 5 at a push with bars moved parallel to the top tube.
This practical and traditional bike store can hold up to two bikes comfortably, or instead it can be used as a store for toys and garden equipment.
B&Q Sheds come in many different shapes and sizes, and you know you're getting a wide and quality choice of wooden, metal and plastic sheds from a name you can trust.
B&Q Bike Sheds - These bike sheds are perfect for storing bikes, garden toys, gardening tools and many other types of garden equipment. You have surely come to this site, looking for something to make your house even nicer than before. White Ikea floor length curtains flanking these simple wood blinds is absolutely our favorite combination for big picture windows (and one that we often suggest to everyone who will listen) but what say you lovely readers?

This warm burnt umber colored cornice and curtains fit in very well into this unique asian inspired room.
You will never have to worry about where you are going to leave your bike again with this 7x3 pressure treated bike store.
When i put the shed together i used screws, i then replaced 2 of the hinge screws on each hing with round headed bolts.
After some rides I can't see my frame logo it's so dirty and there's a half pound of mud lodged in the tyres and frame. With 12mm tongue and groove walls and an OSB roof, this bike store is designed for durability.
I'm Gordon and I created this site to find the best cheap stuff around so you save money while getting the job done. Some models include the Keter, Fusion and Apex and offer a great deal of protection against weather in any kind of garden.
Not only do they keep them safe and secure but they also protect them against the elements and the bad weather. Now you can choose from a wide range of valances for wide windows, which in this collection are available in different sizes, designs and colours. Beautifully decorated and made in soft neutral colors will be perfect for the kitchen window. Well I wanted to do a little something different for our hearth room so instead we decided to create professional-looking Board Mounted Valances… and here’s how. The beautiful, 50-inch wide, solid panel are 100% polyester and are machine washable for easy care. It has a slim design, specifically to store bikes to help keep them secure when garden space is limited.

The police chap who came round pronounced it excellent protection although when the builders moved it they were through the padlocks in seconds with an angle grinder.
The best seller in their wooden shed category is the 6x4 Apex Overlap Wooden Shed at just A?198 which includes dip treated and guaranteed against rot for 10 years. Features for these sheds made out of metal include painted and galvanised that protects them from rust, rot and decay, a 10 year manufacturers warranty against rust and are ideal for securely storage garden tools, lawn mowers and bicycles etc. All you need to secure your garden tools and belongings is a great plastic bike and storage shed, a good lock and somewhere to give it a good home. It is a practical shield against the intense rays of the sun while the aesthetic filling the window.
The overlap construction and apex roof help create its attractive and traditional appearance, as well as allowing excellent water run off keeping your items protected from water damage.
B&Q also give helpful advice which includes a buying guide, a building guide for wooden sheds and also a guide on how to build a shed base.
The double doors open to provide easy access for mountain bikes and anything you wish to store inside, and is easily secured with a padlock. Shedswarehouse Ltd reserve the right to supply products which may vary slightly from the products listed. The doors are made with shiplap interlock boards and extra bracing for stability.Being pressure treated means it holds a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay, so no annual treatment is required therefore low maintenance, saving you time and money!

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