Our made to measure wooden venetian range are perfect for creating a warm natural feel to your home.
Read our customer feedback from a small selection of our happy customers who are delighted with our products and service. Measuring and Fitting your blinds is an easy task when you follow our easy to read measuring and fitting guides. Need expert help and advice from our sales team just contact us by email or telephone and we will be more than happy to help. Most real wooden blinds are fabricated from bass hardwood, providing the most stable and grain free slats compared to other hardwoods. Whether you are in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Boulder City, we come to your home to show you the Hunter Douglas horizontal Country Woods Collections of; Fontana Ridge - Chalet Woods - Classics - or Everwood faux woods. We also carry the Hunter Douglas lines of Country Woods Expose' real wood cornices and the Crosswinds Collection of real wooden verticals. If you decide that you prefer wooden window blinds, then do be aware that they come either in Bass wood or Ramin wood. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Enjoy the style and elegance of a plantation shutter with all the benefits of a beautiful blind, the 63mm wide slats echo a shutter and will give your room a distinctive and much sought after look. We'd love to keep you up to date on the latest from our ranges, to find out more sign up to our newsletter. Wooden Blinds Direct is a division of Interior Goods Direct Limited, suppliers of high quality home and commercial interior products.
Evoking a sense of harmony, the perfectly natural Soft Grain Collection offers a rich colour palette of choice. The made to measure Fired Walnut Wood Venetian blind is part of our large range of wooden venetian blinds and are available in a 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slat. The beautiful 100% Real Wood Venetian Blind is the most popular range of wooden blinds and the style of the blind help to create a modern and rustic feel, whilst controlling the light into the room.
For this reason we offer a FREE SAMPLE SERVICE to request samples please use the request sample button.

Measuring your windows to get your ideal blind size is not a difficult task, simply follow the 3 steps below. Please be aware that this is a guide for standard windows, if you are measuring for a bay window or if you window has an obstruction please contact our customer service team. Please use this measurement method for fitting blinds outside the recess or if we have already sent you brackets for your unique windows.
Please Note: we do not make any deductions to the measurements given when using the actual blind size option.
2) Measure the drop (height) of your recess ( top to window sill) in 3 different locations.
3) Use these exact measurements throughout our website and ensure you select "Recess" as the measurement type. 3) Use these exact measurements throughout our website and ensure you select "Actual" as the measurement type.
3) Please then measure from inside bracket to inside bracket and use the 'Bracket to Bracket' option when buying your blind.
The basswood used in the Sunwood™ collection is sourced with careful consideration for the natural environment, allowing you to welcome the outside world into your home in an ethical way. Not only are we conscious about where our wood comes from, but we strive to ensure it makes your home as energy efficient and kind to the environment as possible.
No matter what, windows are the first things a person notices when they look at a property. This includes what we are doing within the company, new blind products, promotions, and other happenings in the world of property and interior design!
The slats are tilted to accurately control the light passing through into your room.Venetian blinds are available in wood, aluminium, PVC or Faux wood and there is a choice of slat sizes. With a luxurious, textured finish in sumptuous tones such as Cabana, Tuscan Oak and Fired Walnut, the Soft Grain Collection is simply perfect for any room. For this reason we cannot guarantee with any certainty that the color represented in a product image on your monitor is EXACTLY as it appears in the physical world. The Breakaway cord condenser ensures when a horizonatal force is applied to the cords entering the condenser it safely breaks away eliminating any hazardour loops.

The cleat should be installed as close to the headrail as possible and in all cases not less than 1500mm from the floor.
For safety we recommend moving beds, cots and furniture away from windows fitted with a blind that has a side control mechanism. You can measure in centimeters, millimeters or inches, but please rememeber the more precise you are, the more precise we are.
We always advise to measure the width and height of the recess in multiple places and quote the minimum values when ordering.
Wood is a natural insulator, helping to keep the cold out during the winter months while the white stained woods will reflect the sun and help keep your interior space cool during the summer. Then there is a choice of whether you want to have horizontal or vertical blinds, and you need to think about any custom built blinds for larger windows as well. A choice of subtle colours that take you back to nature will leave you ready to bring the outdoors in. We pride ourselves on offering good quality wooden blinds and low prices as we produce all of our made to measure wooden blinds on site in our own factory. This ensures that the window does not show on either side or obsure part of the window when fully raised.
Included with the blinds is a headrail,  co-ordinated control system and tilt wand for complete control of the blind.
If necessary ask a professional person come to the house and measure the windows for a proper fit.
Most wooden blind sellers may have some flexibility when it comes to odd shapes and sizes as all houses may look the same from the outside, but may be very different when look at them from the inside. Some highly organized fitters can even bring samples to the house for you to have look and see which wooden blinds suit you the best.
If this measurement then crosses into a different price band, we would take the additional fee or issue a partial refund.

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