Shutters - Welcome to Colorado Blinds & Design, the leading source for window coverings in Loveland, Fort Colllins, Denver and Boulder! These exquisite 25 mm made to measure burnished oak wooden blinds are a beautiful mixture of rich earthy browns and toffee tones to create a very unique and rich looking blind. With a choice of ladder tape colours to customise the look allowing you to blend it in perfectly with you interior design scheme. When the cold winter months arrive, quality venetian or roller blinds are an excellent defense against the frosty air and dampness outside.  Again, they act as a buffer to block cold from coming into the home (if blinds are closed) while retaining the warmth of the home.
Lastly your venetian blinds are a flexible window covering allowing you to tailor the amount of light you wish to enter the room. On a brightly lit day, the fully opened venetian blind allows for light penetration saving you on lighting costs as well. When planning your window coverings, consider the added benefits of installing quality venetian or roller blinds into your home. Not only will they update your space in fashionable fabrics and coordinating blind colours but new window coverings will moderate heat and cold, and help you make the most of natural light to keep your energy costs well under control. Calls cost 5p per minute from a BT landline, other serviceproviders and mobile operators may vary. Our luxury made to measure wooden blinds offer a unique and stylishly crafted collection that reflects the perfection of their native origins and will bring the beauty of nature to the inside your home or conservatory. Not only are we conscious about where our wood comes from that we use in our quality wooden venetian blinds, but we strive to ensure it makes your home or office as energy and thermally efficient and kind to the environment as possible.
With a choice of three fabulous slat sizes available, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm, you can choose the timber or wood to perfectly compliment your room’s interior design scheme and decor.
With only the best components and woods used in our made to measure wooden blinds you can be assured that your wood venetian blind will not only look fabulous, but will give you years of hassle free service. With such a wide and wonderful choice of luxury wooden blinds at trade prices direct to the public finding the ideal wood blinds to suit your room's decor or homes interior design scheme is very easy. Whatever room of your home you decide to adorn with these wonderful wooden blinds you are guaranteed to be thrilled with the real look of luxury, style and taste they bring to any window.
Note: Our made to measure wood blinds are manufactured to your sizes, there is no need to adjust either the drop or the width.
All our wooden blinds are sourced with careful consideration for the natural environment adhering to FSC standards to allow you to welcome the outside world into your home in an ethical way. Please note that on wood blinds there is a manufacturing tolerance of up to 5 mm on the width and between 2 to 4 cm on the length (depending on the slat size) to allow for the slat movement and ease of operation. Our inspiring collection of bespoke wood blinds offers exceptional choice in luxurious wooden venetians. We pride ourselves on offering good quality metal venetian blinds and low prices as we produce all of our made to measure coloured aluminium blinds on site in our own factory. For this reason we offer a FREE SAMPLE SERVICE to request samples please use the request sample button. Measuring your windows to get your ideal blind size is not a difficult task, simply follow the 3 steps below.
Please be aware that this is a guide for standard windows, if you are measuring for a bay window or if you window has an obstruction please contact our customer service team.
Please use this measurement method for fitting blinds outside the recess or if we have already sent you brackets for your unique windows. Please Note: we do not make any deductions to the measurements given when using the actual blind size option.
2) Measure the drop (height) of your recess ( top to window sill) in 3 different locations.

3) Use these exact measurements throughout our website and ensure you select "Recess" as the measurement type.
3) Use these exact measurements throughout our website and ensure you select "Actual" as the measurement type. 3) Please then measure from inside bracket to inside bracket and use the 'Bracket to Bracket' option when buying your blind.
The ultra-modern Gloss Collection offers three contemporary quality wood colours with a trend led designer finish. The beautiful 100% Real Wood Venetian Blind is the most popular range of wooden blinds and the style of the blind help to create a modern and rustic feel, whilst controlling the light into the room. The basswood used in the Sunwood™ collection is sourced with careful consideration for the natural environment, allowing you to welcome the outside world into your home in an ethical way.
Not only are we conscious about where our wood comes from, but we strive to ensure it makes your home as energy efficient and kind to the environment as possible. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. One of the many advantages of shutters is that they don’t rattle in an open window, whereas a shade has the potential to do so depending on the application. They have the look of a quality shutter, while maintaining the durability of a man-made product. Each wooden blind is made from quality, light basswood slats, making your blind easy to pull up and down when you need to. Maybe you want to match them up with your hardwood flooring or some existing furniture or kitchen units, we are sure this beautiful blind will really add a sense of warmth and style that only natural wood blinds can bring. Choose from either a matching or contrasting trim to make a window shade that is all yours and will compliment your decor in a very soothing and stylish way.
Homeowners typically evaluate appliances, insulation and entranceways to determine where heat or cold air may enter. While many different materials do an excellent job of moderating windows from the elements, natural wood venetian blinds are a popular choice given the inherent qualities of natural fibers to insulate.
Our collections range from the beauty of light wood to the contemporary elegance of our luxury gloss collection. Wood is a natural insulator, helping to keep the cold out during the winter months while the white stained woods will reflect the sun and help keep your interior space or conservatory cool during the summer. Allied with our wonderful collection of beautiful trim or ladder tape colours, you can choose a wood blind that has a unique look and one that will bring a luxurious and natural feel to any window of your habitat. All of which means that the only thing cheap about our beautiful wooden blinds is the price.
Allied to our free samples service allowing you to see how fabulous our very desirable designer wooden venetian blinds will look at your windows before you buy online. Whether you go for a dark wood blind to compliment your dark flooring or maybe a picture frame, or a light wood blind to coordinate with your coffee table or other wooden furnishing, they will really help to bring the look together in a very natural and seamless manor. Create a unique look that is perfectly in harmony with your interior style and add a touch of the natural world to the inside of your home. Each blind comes with a colour matching top rail, bottom rail and control cords for a perfect mixture of precise control and style. Aluminium is a recyclable material that is strong, light and more importantly doesn’t rust, making it ideal for high humidity or moist conditions such as kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories.

For this reason we cannot guarantee with any certainty that the colour represented in a product image on your monitor is EXACTLY as it appears in the physical world. You can measure in centimeters, millimeters or inches, but please rememeber the more precise you are, the more precise we are. We always advise to measure the width and height of the recess in multiple places and quote the minimum values when ordering.
With an edge of high drama and sophistication the Gloss Collection is perfect for a cool, minimalist interior look that just oozes style and dramatic glamour.
For this reason we cannot guarantee with any certainty that the color represented in a product image on your monitor is EXACTLY as it appears in the physical world.
The Breakaway cord condenser ensures when a horizonatal force is applied to the cords entering the condenser it safely breaks away eliminating any hazardour loops.
The cleat should be installed as close to the headrail as possible and in all cases not less than 1500mm from the floor.
For safety we recommend moving beds, cots and furniture away from windows fitted with a blind that has a side control mechanism. Wood is a natural insulator, helping to keep the cold out during the winter months while the white stained woods will reflect the sun and help keep your interior space cool during the summer.
The best way to view our shutters is to visit our showroom where we have a variety of shutters on display, and one of our knowledgeable staff can explain the advantages of these products.
Our range of wooden venetian blinds are made to measure and come complete with cord raise and lower controls and tilt controls. Temperature controls or air conditioning are usually evaluated during an energy audit to determine their efficiency. But did you know that well sealed and new windows can still cost you hundreds of dollars a year or more in energy expenses? The soft grain range with its rugged and natural charms contrasts beautifully with the more soothing looks of the perfect grain. So whether you require a wooden blind for your kitchen window, bathroom window or bedroom, with our wide range of horizontal wood slat colours and stains to choose from you are sure to find the venetian blind that is right for your home. All of the wood used in the manufacture of our wood blinds is carefully sourced from sustainable, managed sources allowing you to enjoy the beauty of wood in the most ethical way. The aluminium slats are also very easy to clean with most marks simply wiping off the finished surface.
This ensures that the window does not show on either side or obsure part of the window when fully raised. If you desire an interior style to suit your personality, the Gloss Collection offers the perfect balance between decadent and demure.
Whilst the timeless qualities of our white wooden blinds and black wooden blinds complements our extensive choice of high quality custom made wood venetians. Each one carefully selected for not only its beauty and natural good looks but to ensure you will have a blind that will give you many years of trouble free operation and sunlight control.
If this measurement then crosses into a different price band, we would take the additional fee or issue a partial refund.

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