Don’t lose those Precious Memories of your Baby, A4 Documents, Family History, Certificates etc. These unique large quality real wood memory boxes are available in solid pine or solid oak and are made to keep all your treasures and A4 documents safe for many years to come.
We also offer a message on a metal plate up to 24 words for mounting on the inside of the lid for that extra personal touch.  Please choose the additional option when ordering.
When my daughter had her first baby she looked everywhere for a good quality wooden memory box. This is a lovely large sized memory box, it is amazing how your keepsake items grow in quantity over the years, so if you need to store A4 size, Birthday or Christening Cards and all those smaller items and don’t want to run out of space, buy your large wooden memory box now. We have so much confidence in our quality wooden memory boxes that we offer an unconditional guarantee if the box is returned to us within 14 days. Internal size: lots of room to store, baby memorabilia, passports, birth certificates and any important documents or treasures up to A4 size.

Keep this box for yourself or give it away as a Special Gift for a Birthday, Anniversary, Christening or a New Birth.
Photo on a Wooden Keepsake BoxOur Photo on a Wooden Keepsake Box have proven to be extremely popular particularly for a Wedding, Pet and Children. Panduro Hobby has everything you need to make your own cards and jewellery and to sew, knit, embroider and paint.
Scatter BoxAvailable in 3 sizes for pets of any size The lid is not secured to allow scattering of your pet's cremains. Sandstone Garden UrnThese sandstone garden memorials are solid sandstone with a stainless steel insert to hold your pets cremains safely within. We are now able to offer the Oak Box with a personalised wooden nameplate engraved with a name of your choice on the front of the box. All she could find were lots of small cardboard type memory boxes which didn’t last for very long so I made the decision to design my own and have them made locally.

Your money will be refunded less the postage unless, of course, if the product  is faulty and we will then also refund the postage.
You’ll find tools, materials and accessories for ceramics, cupcakes, decoupage, scrapbooking, giftwrapping, children’s crafts, interior design and small handicrafts.
I have given one of the oak keepsake boxes to my daughter and she is over the moon as she can now keep her little boy’s memorabilia safe and can pass this box on to her child and his children in the future. At Panduro Hobby, you’ll also find inspiration for Christmas and Easter decorations and party table settings.

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