This easy, diy wooden gift box would make the perfect gift for the holidays, don’t you think?
Harry’s advent calendar also marks a few of the events that we know will happen over the month; the nursery school nativity play falls in the middle of December, and Harry has been cast as Joseph (how my heart secretly swells with maternal pride! The most important box of all will be opened on Christmas Eve, and is immediately identifiable by its sparkly gold exterior. I too have been trying to figure out exactly the best way and treats to put together the whole advent thing for a two year old. Kate, I’m a recent follower of your blog (found you via Design Mom) and I am just in awe. Hi Melissa, how lovely to have you on board (as it were) and thank you so much for such a cheering and wonderful comment And I agree; avoiding endless chocolate through advent can be tough – and expensive!
You have completely inspired me, I have just completed my own advent calendar very much along these lines after reading your blog. Fill it with goodies, like a Starbucks gift card, cookies, or something handmade and spread the holiday cheer!
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I’ve used pretty buttons and embellishments extravagantly because I know I can just gather them up once discarded in the thrill of opening, and reuse again next year.

It’s the first year that Harry is really, properly aware of Christmas and excited by it, so it feels like the first time we can start to create some family traditions and memories for him; all further inspiration welcomed please! We always had homemade ones when I was little and I made one for my daughter a few of years ago, based on one I had when I was little (a board with rings sewn on to a felt Christmas tree to hang little parcels from).
I’m really pleased with the end result, but as also more than a little relieved to reach no.24 and to not have to come up with any more ideas!
Your love, enthusiasm, and creativity stretches far beyond the photos of the most beautifully home made x-mas calendar – ever! We always do the mince pie, sherry and carrot thing but a little letter in a box will make their day. Love your ideas for what to put in the boxes as I didn’t just want to stuff them all full of chocolates. Here you can find much information about Landing Craft Infantry Small manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. Andrea from The Beautydojo posted the tutorial on how to alter this wooden cigar box on her blog. I made a bucket advent calender a couple years ago… but I think my littles would really love this! It looks gorgeous, it’s fun to make and most importantly will be fun for Harry to unwrap.

I made individual brown paper bags and gift wrap pouches and hung them on twine with clothes pins. Particularly love the idea for the wee bag to encourage your children to give away some of the toys they aren’t playing with anymore. Have a rough idea of what to put in my 5-year-olds one but been struggling with my two-year-old as I only will have sweets on Saturdays and the boxes i use are small.
I LOVE HOW YOU’VE DONE YOURS, the magic buttons, the pom-poms, the coins — these are all such great ideas!!! I’m going to try and get it together to put together something like this, if not, for sure next yr!
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