I’ve had these pictures waiting in my flickr account for a month, just waiting for things to slow down a bit so I could get back on the Year Of Pleasures train. I’m 94% certain she learned all of this from the dog, who will bring me her leash when she wants to go on a walk just like a cartoon dog. My dad’s triple bypass surgery is today, and apparently my subconscious thinks I am an idiot. If you choose D, please link me to something to wear, because I have T-minus 26 hours until I have to show up wearing something other than my pajamas. My birthday is this week, and after giving birth three times I know that my birthday is not mine alone, and that for 18 years my mom celebrated my birthday, simultaneously wishing she could A keep me small, and joyfully watching me run towards my future. In this little scrapbook of newspaper clippings and awards, my mom slipped in this essay, which I honestly do not think i had ever taken the time to read until the other day when I pulled out the book to find the essay I wrote for Mother’s Day in 5th grade. There are not many ways to avoid the disturbances around us – and sometimes even those within us. We were never meant to give up, but to put things in their true perspective – to see solutions where there seen to be none. I could have sworn I had shared my living room idea board before, but I can’t find them, so here they are again.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Make knock-apart shelves, hinges, latches, books, chairs, cabinets, spice containers, doors, desks, and toolboxes using only wood to hold them together. All of the projects pictured in this instructable were designed and made by me using only hand tools.
Dowels can be used to connect two boards side to side together to create wider shelves or chair seats (Pic 20)or workbench counter tops. Door Hinges (Pic 22)Very nice cabinet and full size door hinges can be easily made with wooden dowels. Pic 45 and 46 show a couple of tool boxes.Pics 47 and 48 show a classic German style clamp I made out of red oak. I made the spice vials out of dead standing aspen that still had bark on it that was pealing off.
If you are using a belt sander or hand sanding it is generally better to sand with the grain. That said, the ultimate smoothness on wood is usually achieved using a finely tuned hand plane with a very sharp blade or a hand scraper or a power thickness planer with a new blade.
I believe that the purpose of life is to learn how to do our best and not give in to the weaker way. The Scottish Borders has some fantastically talented artists, craftsmen & designers - Crossing Borders gathers many of them on one site. Kelso Pottery in The Knowes, Kelso - Iain is a delight - it's a treat to meet him & see his fascinating pottery!
Kinsman - Blake Ceramics If you would like to visit a working artist's studio and gallery nearby in Smailholm - Linda and Robin will be very happy to welcome you! Lindsay and Hugh Roberts at Cheviot House, Chesters, near Hawick TD9 8TH Lindsay's colourful creativity works with just about everything! The Flat Cat Gallery at Lauder constantly changing exhibitions & just the place for a bite to eat! This is the 20th week of 2011, meaning I have four more YOP posts to do before I am caught up. Great news: the surgery went well (he ended up with a quad bypass instead of triple), and after a few days in the ICU he is now in his own room, and will hopefully being going home this weekend.
Usually my dreams are not so easy to interpret (electric eels with legs, who chase me around a supermarket as bypassers throw them Vienna sausages?

I had held it together through eleven amazing, emotional essays, and had even managed to read my own essay about being a motherless mother on stage in front of 100+ people without bursting into tears, but then, when I looked out and saw so many faces I recognized, I nearly lost it.
We don’t have the budget for big gifts right now, but he handled what could have been an incredibly stressful situation (wrangling three kids, two of who were sick, for hours on end on a college campus) with the kind of grace and humor that makes it easy to pursue my passions outside of motherhood. A belted cardigan would make A & B less uncomfortable (my arms, they are white and wobbly). It happens a lot lately, since it is one of the only places I can avoid my childrens’ eyes.
She never got to see what the future she had tried to prepare me for looked like.A I had been in college a month when she got sick, but without blinking I packed my things, went home and took care of her for that last month in the hospital.
This essay by Joyce Hifler is out of place that it had to have been a deliberate choice, a small window into my mother’s own fears that she would not be here to tell me these things herself.
But as long as we canA recognizeA them as something we can correct, even when we are told how impossible, it is possible.
When something happens to make us ask why life has such sharp turns and rough edges, we must know it is not to beat us down, but to make us fight harder, stand taller, and believe even more in wholeness and peace. Tomorrow I’ll write something sweet and thoughtful, but tonight I am going to go lay in bed and read book three of the Game of Thrones series. The couches are not perfect, but are a good balance between the clean lines I want, and the overstuffed monstrosities Tom is drawn to.
I do not have the energy to go into all my anxiety about my dad’s health, because I spent all day eating ice cream and painting canvases. They can be partially or completely hidden allowing for very clean designs in cabinet doors. A random orbital sander ( Like the Makita sander in the picture) sands in all directions but for a very short stroke.
The well designed curves & soft cushioning give it the required give it the required comfort. Woolfish is a delightful, small textile and yarn shop on the edge of the picturesque village of St Abbs.
Hugh works in acrylics, studying and capturing, the magical border light, shade and weather of the surrounding landscape.
From the inspiring woodland setting of Monteviot Nurseries, the designer-makers create unique, hand-crafted furniture and wood works. Becky finds her coat in the closet, tries to put it on, and then follows me from room to room with her coat, whining and crying until I give in and put it on her.
I haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet, but my sister and stepmom are keeping me updated. Please, someone, figure that one out for me) but this was straight forward, dumbed down, heartbreakingly obvious. Keep my eyes on the road, turn up the music and let all the shit I’ve been pushing down rise to the surface. A After she died and I was cleaning out her office, I found a box crammed full of T-ball uniforms, pageant trophies, newspaper clippings, footprint reindeer and 3rd grade report cards. I am not a writer; I am barely a mother but by chance and biology; who am IA to stand next to these women and claim to know something, anything, A about this journey? That my dad is doing okay (but is scheduled for open heart surgery 5 days after my birthday)? Because nothingA distractsA a girl from sorrow like reading 2000 pages of scheming, war, and dragons. If I wasn’t certain the wall between the dining room and living room is full ofA asbestosA and lead paint, I would be tearing that down as well.
I made this bookshelf using only your instructions, a couple of chisels, a mallet, a handsaw and a lot of sandpaper.

I have been sitting staring at the back of an Anatolian cupboard, which must become a second front (the real front is beautifully (and primitively) carved and finally see how I can add doors without being invasive.
Was nice to see some examples of how the joints are used rather than just showing how to do them. The buildings & courtyard are charming - the old homestead centre is now run by the council, as an education centre for children and adults alike!
Once she has on her coat, she will start bringing me shoes (any shoes, including high heels and Tom’s work boots), and then, if she manages to convince me to put on her shoes, she stands at the door and whines pitifully until I get everyone else dressed and we head outside. A narrow path through the woods, a river, my dad walked beside me until my foot slipped and my head went under the water.
We are at a red light, and I take theA opportunityA to blow my nose into a fast food napkin that has been crammed into the glove box.
Her belief in me was tangible, a concrete reminder that she wasn’t fooled by my insecurities or doubt. The pins then go into holes drilled into the top of the door frame and the bottom of the door sill. So part of the time it sands against the grain and the rest of the time it sands with the grain.
There's a playground for children, an old hay loft full of wooden puzzles not just for wet weather days! I’ve been writing to the same 20 people for 10 years, so seeing a number with a comma in it on my daily totals makes me both grin like a maniac and want to hide in a corner. I am living exactly the life I want, not the life I thought I would have, or the life I was expected to have, but the life I want. Ella is singing along to Ani Difranco, and I laugh at myself, because I have raised a little girl who sings Ani Difranco. That I am scared witless about reading a piece at Listen To Your Mother about losing my mom two days before my dad’s surgery?
Pic 23 shows the bottom of a cabinet door with a hidden top pin and an access hole that is use to install the lower pin.
You can achieve a very fine finish (good enough for everyone but the ultra purists) using this as the last sander. I woke up at 6am scrambling for my phone, a quick text message of love since I had no idea whether he was under sedation or not yet. Standing shoulder to shoulder with other women and honoring this journey is how I want to spend part of every Mother’s Day from here on out.
That my couches are awesome (even if we didn’t get the walls painted this weekend, due to this pesky mega holiday we kind of forgot about)?
The lower pin goes through a plastic washer which acts as a bearing and can be cut out of any thin plastic.
If I have to take off a lot of wood to flatten or flush up joints I first use a belt sander with 80 grit going more or less with the grain. The pins were rubbed with beeswax to reduce friction, but candle wax works also.I was at first worried that the birch dowels (the kind you find in most hardware stores) would wear out the bearing holes since they are a hard wood rubbing against often softer wood (pine, fir or Cedar). Then I sand with a random orbital sander at 150 grit followed by 220 grit and this gives a beautiful finish after three coats of tung oil. For larger doors, like the front door, I set it on a hardwood bearing made out of oak or walnut.Book hinges (Pic 3 and Pic 24)Pic shows a photo book I made with hinges entirely of wood.
I did cheat and use metal D rings held in place by three removable screws to allow me to easily remove or add pages.

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