Simple and timeless, this arched wooden arbour will create a stunning seating area that will suit a wide range of garden locations.
Create a stunning seating area using this arched wooden arbour with a trellis work back and sides. Constructed from superior grade pressure treated softwood, the Keswick wooden garden arbour will look simply amazing in a wide range of outdoor settings. Traditional garden arbour manufactured to the highest standards from FSC certified pressure treated softwood. A classic and timeless design, the Victoria wooden garden arbour will provide a valuable seating area to your garden space. With a pitched roof and solid back, the Arrezo garden arbour is ideally suited to being installed against a wall. Stylish and affordable, the Tenbury wooden garden arbour will provide a timeless focal point to your garden. Create the perfect space for a barbeque or form a comfortable seating area with this versatile wooden garden arbour featuring a hinged lift up seat and sides that fold out to create tables for placing food on whilst cooking. Perfect for brightening up any right angled space in your garden, the timeless design of the Balmoral wooden garden arbour will add a whole new dimension to the space.
This Gothic arched wooden garden arbour is simply amazing and will enhance any outdoor space. High quality wooden garden arbour constructed from FSC sourced hardwood and features an attractive solid back with lattice sides.
Offering a large an comfortable seating area that is ideal for the corners of your garden or patio space. Designed to be suited to a wide range of settings, the Britannia wooden garden arbour will prove to be a valuable addition to your home. We offer a broad range of modern and traditional wooden garden arbour designs to suit all outdoor spaces. Domestic Gate, Wooden Gates, Bar Gates, Picket Gate for Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and Southwest. Our domestic garden gates and driveway gates are made from the very best UK sustainable timber from our local Devon FSC certified sawmill. Garden gates, wood drive gate, path gates, garden picket gates Timber, iron or steel gates manual or automatic? We stock a range of garden gates, field gates and entrance gates, or we can supply custom made gates to suit your individual requirements. Garden gate of wood with a curved end models such as a canyon, this is the traditional model, complete your garden with this gate.
Manufactured using pressure treated softwood, the timber can be left natural or for a more individual look can be stained or painted on site. Ideal for a wide range of gardens, the arbour is constructed to exacting standards using pressure treated softwood for superior levels of protection against the elements.
Manufactured using FSC certified pressure treated softwood to provide superior levels of protection against the weather. With an arched roof combined with open lattice work, the arbour will add a touch a class and style to your home.
Forming the perfect seating area, the arbour also features a small trellis section on the sides making it ideal for training climbing plants to grow up.

Designed for comfort, the solid back combined with open lattice sides provides a charming look whilst the pressure treated timber construction is well protected against the elements. With a curved pitched roof and lattice work to the back, it will provide a stunning focal point to your garden. Feature`s an open slatted roof, angled seat back and open trellis work in the back of the arbour.
Features a lift up seat with storage compartment inside, making it  perfect for storing those garden essentials and a metal roof to provide protection against the rain. Features a solid boarded design for increased aesthetics and also comes with the benefit of a storage area in the seat making it perfect for storing those garden essentials. Finished in a factory applied stain to provide superior levels of protection against the elements, this arbour will look truly stunning in a wide range of outdoor settings. With a swinging seat combined with a pitched roof and trellis sides, the arbour is well suited to a variety of outdoor locations. Feature`s a decorative lattice design for increased appeal and a sloped roof for a timeless appeal. Provides ample seating space, the arbour features a pitched roof design combined with a solid back. Manufactured to exacting standard and feature`s tongue and groove boards combined with a decorative lattice work. Features a combination of solid tongue and groove boards combined with an octagonal lattice work motive. Supplied in a self build kit, the structure comes complete with a fittings pack and simple to follow instructions for added convenience. If you are looking for a nice place to sit and read a book, a garden can be the perfect place. Of course, there are options out there for plastic garden furniture and metal garden furniture, but I didn’t include them on my list because I feel that the natural materials offer a better look in a natural garden setting. With a lattice work design to the backs and side, the arbour is the ideal place for climbing plants to be grown up. Features a open slatted roof combined with a lattice trellis work for increased levels of aesthetics. For increased levels of aesthetics, attractive metal detailing is inserted into cut outs in the back panel. Perfect for a wide range of garden settings, the arbour will create a comfortable seating space for all to enjoy.
And if you happen to be a little more ambitious, you could probably even get a small garden growing.
It has more of a ranch type of feel to it, but the wagon wheel in back could also be made to hang ivy or be a decoration of some sort. If your garden is one that is extremely contemporary and stylish, then adding something like this will make a lot of sense. The great thing about teak garden furniture is that much of it has been reclaimed, so it’s like recycling. To enhance any of these benches, you can also go with garden furniture covers to keep them spotless no matter the weather or some garden furniture cushions for when you want to remain at your most comfortable – and those will be really handy if you do go with stone benches. But what should you put in your garden to sit on while reading that book or taking a break from gardening?

Basically, what starts out having a very Western feel to it can turn into something very personal and artistic with a little bit of time and imagination. This stuff isn’t chopped down for the express purpose of making it into teak patio furniture, it just so happens that it can be found on the forest floor (or wherever) and then made into this exquisite type of garden bench. I’m not entirely sure what type of wood this one is, but I do know that it looks spectacular. These are just the top 5 that I have come up with, but there are many other examples of outdoor furniture that would fit perfectly in the garden you tend. All you need to do is find a few sturdy stones that would fit together well and make sure that they stand up. Plus, I love the way that this wood garden furniture has curved places to sit so that it is more comfortable if you plan on sitting for a longer time. If you happen to have an artsy side, then you may be able to come up with something like this yourself and make your own garden bench out of materials that you already have around the house or know that someone else has. And another thing that is absolutely great about this teak furniture is that it is always going to be unique.
The reasons that I have chosen this as the best type of garden bench are because it is simple yet stylish and because you can do so much with them. I have taken a look around the Internet and have come up with my own personal top 5 list of cool garden benches. This is probably the most personal of all the outdoor bench types because not only can you choose a style to match your tastes, you could potentially make your own. There are no two teak garden benches that are exactly the same because the wood grains are different and the way the wood is cut is also different. These can serve you well if you plan on putting outdoor benches in as they will give you a sense of which direction you will want to take your garden patio furniture.
You don’t need to go out and spend a ton of cash to make something like this happen in your garden.
And these are also very smooth to sit on (meaning no splinters) and fit in with just about any type of garden that you may have. However, as with the teak bench, every one of these is subtly different because of the grains of wood and the type that you choose.
These really are one-of-a-kind pieces and will enhance your garden in ways you never thought possible.
If you have ever seen the movie This Is Spinal Tap, then you will remember the part where instead of a 30 foot Stonehenge, they end up with a 30 inch version and have dwarves dancing around it. If you happen to put a garden gnome near this, it would be very reminiscent of that scene and would make me laugh. Plus, because these benches are made of wood, you can have your favorite art or saying or a memory etched into it.
The other reason that this is on the top of my list is that it reminds me of weekends up at my grandparent’s cabin in the north woods of Minnesota. They had a bench much like this one on the front porch and it made sitting in the evenings and reading a book or watching the sunset something to remember.

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