See our information page for alternative bases.This garden building is supplied with a Butterfly catch to keep the door shut tight. The curved profile aids water run off and planned finish makes it more resistant to moisture.Hardwearing, stable, excellent moisture resistance and less prone to warping, distortion and layer separation than ply.
The shed has a single door secured with padlock and is supplied with 1 styrene glazed window which are 100% shatterproof and a safe alternative to glass. The 28x28mm frame and high quality shiplap tongue and groove board makes the shed strong and sturdy.

These quality sheds have strong braced single doors with the roof and floor constructed of solid sheet materials giving the shed a durable structure. In order to receive the full 10 year anti-rot guarantee, it is necessary that you treat the shed with a high quality, spirit-based, timber preservative prior to or shortly after construction. This will protect the timber from weathering and will need to be repeated accordingly in relation to manufacturer's instructions.
See Terms and Conditions for further informationSupplied with felt, fixings, and full instructions for DIY self-assembly.

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