Hand made at The Cellar Trust, these planters are made from high quality reclaimed timber and will last for years to come.
Simple and timeless, this arched wooden arbour will create a stunning seating area that will suit a wide range of garden locations.
Create a stunning seating area using this arched wooden arbour with a trellis work back and sides. Constructed from superior grade pressure treated softwood, the Keswick wooden garden arbour will look simply amazing in a wide range of outdoor settings. Traditional garden arbour manufactured to the highest standards from FSC certified pressure treated softwood. A classic and timeless design, the Victoria wooden garden arbour will provide a valuable seating area to your garden space. With a pitched roof and solid back, the Arrezo garden arbour is ideally suited to being installed against a wall.
Stylish and affordable, the Tenbury wooden garden arbour will provide a timeless focal point to your garden.
Create the perfect space for a barbeque or form a comfortable seating area with this versatile wooden garden arbour featuring a hinged lift up seat and sides that fold out to create tables for placing food on whilst cooking. Perfect for brightening up any right angled space in your garden, the timeless design of the Balmoral wooden garden arbour will add a whole new dimension to the space. This Gothic arched wooden garden arbour is simply amazing and will enhance any outdoor space.
High quality wooden garden arbour constructed from FSC sourced hardwood and features an attractive solid back with lattice sides. Offering a large an comfortable seating area that is ideal for the corners of your garden or patio space. Designed to be suited to a wide range of settings, the Britannia wooden garden arbour will prove to be a valuable addition to your home. We offer a broad range of modern and traditional wooden garden arbour designs to suit all outdoor spaces. Designing and decorating a garden are two kinds of activities that can be both fascinating and frustrating. 330173 219286Just a smiling visitor here to share the enjoy (:, btw outstanding layout. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. These planters are hand made from high quality timber in our skill shop at The Cellar Trust. These planters are hand made in our Woodwork Skill Shop from high quality reclaimed timber and will last for years to come.
These garden planters are hand made from solid high quality reclaimed timber here at The Cellar Trust and will last for years to come.
Manufactured using pressure treated softwood, the timber can be left natural or for a more individual look can be stained or painted on site. Ideal for a wide range of gardens, the arbour is constructed to exacting standards using pressure treated softwood for superior levels of protection against the elements.
Manufactured using FSC certified pressure treated softwood to provide superior levels of protection against the weather. With an arched roof combined with open lattice work, the arbour will add a touch a class and style to your home.
Forming the perfect seating area, the arbour also features a small trellis section on the sides making it ideal for training climbing plants to grow up. Designed for comfort, the solid back combined with open lattice sides provides a charming look whilst the pressure treated timber construction is well protected against the elements. With a curved pitched roof and lattice work to the back, it will provide a stunning focal point to your garden.
Feature`s an open slatted roof, angled seat back and open trellis work in the back of the arbour.
Features a lift up seat with storage compartment inside, making it  perfect for storing those garden essentials and a metal roof to provide protection against the rain.
Features a solid boarded design for increased aesthetics and also comes with the benefit of a storage area in the seat making it perfect for storing those garden essentials.
Finished in a factory applied stain to provide superior levels of protection against the elements, this arbour will look truly stunning in a wide range of outdoor settings.
With a swinging seat combined with a pitched roof and trellis sides, the arbour is well suited to a variety of outdoor locations.
Feature`s a decorative lattice design for increased appeal and a sloped roof for a timeless appeal. Provides ample seating space, the arbour features a pitched roof design combined with a solid back.

Manufactured to exacting standard and feature`s tongue and groove boards combined with a decorative lattice work.
Features a combination of solid tongue and groove boards combined with an octagonal lattice work motive. Supplied in a self build kit, the structure comes complete with a fittings pack and simple to follow instructions for added convenience.
High quality materials and craftsmanship will ensure these planters will last for years to come. With a lattice work design to the backs and side, the arbour is the ideal place for climbing plants to be grown up. Features a open slatted roof combined with a lattice trellis work for increased levels of aesthetics.
For increased levels of aesthetics, attractive metal detailing is inserted into cut outs in the back panel.
Perfect for a wide range of garden settings, the arbour will create a comfortable seating space for all to enjoy.
A lot of people regard planters as garden decoration that they are put to make the garden look great. It’s fun to browse websites and catalogs for design ideas to help visualize how your home will look. From various kinds of garden planters, wood garden planters are still popular among gardeners or people who love gardening. No matter it is a small, medium or large; wood garden planters or pots have always been people’s favorite in doing planting or gardening.
Although there is other kinds of planters, there people who still prefer using garden pots or planters made of wood.
Although it is considered as a traditional kinds of planters, people still trust this kind of planter to become the media of the growth of their plants.

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