Every shooter needs a gun vise to hold a rifle securely during cleaning, scope-fitting, and other operations.
To really understand how the Tipton Best Gun Vise can adapt to just about any rifle, you have to see it in action. The solid wood base, mounted on non-skid rubber feet, is surrounded by a raised lip to form a convenient parts and tool tray.
Constructed of tough, lightweight, rust-resistant 1" tubular steel, the ridgid and stable "Mr. Ideally the vise should adapt to a variety of firearms and have storage for patches, jags, and solvents.
The clamps can be pre-adjusted so that you just place the buttstock between the protective clamp pads and squeeze the cam-locks on each side and you’re ready to clean, work on, or even [do a bore-sighting]. In the video below, MidwayUSA President Larry Potterfield puts a Best Gun Vise through its paces, and shows hows to adjust the various supports.

It has a convertible central support that works well for AR rifles, and even some handguns.
The vise has a nice assortment of different shaped storage slots (some round, some rectangular) to hold solvent, patches, brushes or other tools. To be honest, I can’t understand how any serious shooter can get along without a product such as this (MTM makes a similar plastic cleaning cradle). The gun is secured in leather-padded cradles tensioned with a simple wood camming mechanism. Cabela’s polymer gun vise features rubber padding at the front, rear, and under the pistol grip.
This Editor has used one of these for more than a decade (with all sorts of rifles) and it is still going strong.
The versatility from the adjustable parts of this vise makes those once awkward positions stable and solid.

We did find a couple very nose-heavy 1000-yard benchrest rifles that were not stable on the Tipton. While I understand that concern, the Vise is stable in use and I like the fact that I can easily pick up the whole unit with one hand and move it around the loading room. And if your butt-stock is very shallow (vertically) from comb down to toe, it may not fit the clamping system very well.

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