Getting There: Direct air connections to Tbilisi are available from Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Paris, Prague and Vienna. Secondly wooden house provides the elegance and warmth atmosphere that people always ask for.
Log style home living also provides you with a cool home that is sturdy and durable as well. Advances in production techniques have now made it possible to use completely different construction methods. When comparing the fire safety of wood versus concrete or steel, wood is stronger than you might think.
Wooden construction is a complete building system in which a combination of materials and design elements contribute to creating a durable, healthy and safe environment.
We are in constant improvement of manufacturing and construction techniques keeping in mind that when building concepts and constructional technologies were adapted properly and quality of manufacture and assembly properly supervised then it is possible to erect wooden houses which would have long useful lifetimes a€“ as long, in fact, as brick or concrete buildings.
We are in wooden construction because we know everything about wooden construction and quality of implementation is the main criteria in our work. According to the doctrine of the tree curative effect pine is considered to be the tree of calmness and courage.
According the characteristic of heat protection pine wood exceeds the same indicators of such materials as aluminum and PVC. Siberian larch is the only penaceous kind of coniferous tree with needles falling off in winter. Airlines flying to Tbilisi are: British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Aeroflot, Air Ukraine and the national Airline, Airzena Georgian Airlines. You'll have a property that is very sturdy that will hold up, even in bad weather and can withstand conditions of high wind, heavy rain and even earthquakes.
The new wooden materials are crack-free and homogeneous so that they retain their original shape and size.

Although wood is combustible material, a layer of char is created when it burns, and this helps to protect the wood and maintain the strength and structural integrity of the wood inside. Russian Pine is a large coniferous tree standing up to 90-130 feet tall and with a bowl diameter (at the breast height) growing up to 30-50 inches. In this project, one of the most popular model designs of Finnish wooden house, Scandinavia with a Garage, is offered as a variation on a theme. Compared to man made substitutes material, the concept of wood house creates the natural finish of living for the home owner cause wood lends comfortable atmosphere indoors, and wooden floors and walls are always warm and dry to the touch.
Also, you can be sure that these properties are going to last for a long time as well, which is another great benefit. For this reason a heavy timber will stand longer than a comparable steel beam which will melt from the heat before the timber burns through. We are using two types of Russian wood which proved their quality by thousands years of usage: these are Pine and Larch. This means you get a quality home and it also means that you have great value in your home as well. Using solid wood and wood products it is possible today to manufacture multifunctional assemblies on any industrial scale and to construct multi-storey wooden buildings. It neither fades nor bleaches while becoming darker and acquiring reddish tinge due to large amount of resins over the years. A very original idea came about in order to allow for as much light as possible to enter the space – the architect uses a transparent material on the overhang of the lower roof above the big window.
Usually log homes appraise out much higher than traditional homes that are about the same exact size. Because the log homes are built so tightly, they are very energy efficient and they'll keep you warm all winter long and cool during the summers as well. Building a wooden house today is like assembling IKEA furniture," maintains A.Deplazes, Professor of Architecture and Construction, Zurich.

Woods immense flexibility makes it the best choice for creating customized structural or decorative designs. Walls that are up to 20% thinner than standard concrete walls, provide for greater internal floor space and the ability to embed infrastructure (electrical wiring, plumbing and ventilation ducts) in floor. Relative biological stability (fungus and insects degradability) of the wood is twice higher than that of the pine. Wood buildings can be easily redesigned to suit changing needs, whether it be the addition of new room or moving a window or door. Apart from its peculiar firmness and resistance to environmental conditions larch is characterized by good color and perfect structure. Larch wood considered to be the best in relation to its resistance to atmospheric conditions.
Dry summers with short vegetative periods induce Russian pine to shade brunches in early stage of bowl development. Long-term researches have shown that combination of high density and resinousness (with its specific structure) makes larch being the most decay resistant wood as well as twice firmer than ashwood and pine. So it can be used without any chemical treatment in those cases where other species are liable to stain and decay. Larch is the only coniferous tree which wood is related to ironwood on level with oak, beech and walnut.
According to the Moscow State University of Forestry researches larch wood is twice more fireproof than pine wood.
The parquet of the Ostankino Earl Sheremetev's Palace and window frames of Zimny Palace (well-known old architectural buildings in Russia) prove that the larch wood can serve for years without application of special antiseptics.

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