Trading platform Allbiz offers to see the catalog Pallets which contains 23 products offers from 16 companies and enterprises.
Hardwood Pallets:   Pallets made to ‘Australian Standards’ are specially manufactured to fit into Australian Standard racking. Steel Sheeting Pallets:  Steel Sheeting pallets are longer than traditional wood pallets and have considerably wider gabling (gaps between the boards). There are many other sorts of wood pallets that exist, in fact, if there’s a specific pallet you’d like made for a particular purpose, we can manufacture it especially. TestimonialA very big thank you to everyone involved in getting our pallets ready for us yesterday ahead of schedule. Do not post business enquiry here, click Get a quote to contact the supplier if you want to buy it. View the pallet types and pallet sizes offered by Heritage Pallets in the list to the right.

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, Top 3 Flavors ice cream scoop in waffle cone with clipping path. The types of pallets out there are endless, so we’ve put together a quick guide as to some of the different types of wood pallets that are available.
That means they meet the International Standard of ISPM15 and are heat treated for quarantine purposes.
This is because they are made to support steel sheets, and this design allows for the length of the sheet and easy unloading.
If you’d like to know more about what sorts of pallets are available or are interested in getting some custom made, contact us.
Here we have listed the most important information for you such as pallet sizes and specific pallet dimensions, and the specific pallet make such as wood pallet or plastic pallet. You can clarify the specifications, see photos Pallets and choose the best seller and supplier.

If you’d like to see a picture of any of the pallets, check out our gallery and simply select the type of pallet you want to see. While these wood pallets are more versatile than the standard ‘2 Way’ pallet (2 way pallets can only be lifted from two sides), they don’t have as great a load capacity. Easily see if the pallet you need is a standard pallet size or if your pallet dimensions will be a custom order.

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