Hello everyone, my name is Chauncey Hardemeyer and I'd like to welcome you to my silly little site, How to Build a Playhouse.
When you order a pre-built playhouse, you get the best of everything: the very finest materials available, an expert team of craftsmen to make sure everything is completed to perfection and our guarantee that you will be completely satisfied.
Many playhouse designs are so elaborate and detailed that they need a construction service to make them into playhouses. Place the front and back pieces on top of each other on the sawhorse, with the front piece on top. Arrange the plywood in such a way that the sides are aligned with the support sides and fasten the plywood to the sides. Kids wooden playhouses have been a great buy for so many families that the kids wooden playhouse has become a part of the natural look of the backyard or garden.
There are several other reasons why the kids wooden playhouse is in high demand among families and one of the most essential reasons is the safe materials used.
A quick check online or at your local retail outlet will show you that most manufacturers of wooden playhouses can also provide you with a kids wooden playhouse made from environmentally friendly timber.
Whether you are looking for a backyard playhouse that is pre-built or plans and kits for the do- it- yourself person, we offer it all. From humble beginnings selling hand crafted wooden toys at local fairs, we now offer our childrens playhouse plans, kits and pre-built houses to a worldwide market.
Each plan has been designed so they are easy to understand making it possible for anyone with a little bit of know-how and the right tools to create the perfect kids backyard playhouse. A sensible solution is to build wooden playhouses that will not burn a hole in your pocket and take a weeks to complete. The kids wooden playhouse has become increasingly popular and wherever children are playing in villages, towns or cities, there is hardly a garden or backyard that does not include a kids wooden playhouse.

A kids wooden playhouse is made from wood which has a number of advantages as opposed to other materials such as plastic and metal.
Since 1979 WoodManor's outdoor playhouses have led the way with innovative designs and quality construction. Our team of builders have installed thousands of playhouses in almost every state in America. Using the material list and instructions that are included with your kit, you will be able to save some money and be the coolest mom or dad around. Our plans include a full material list and step by step instructions complete with illustrations. Even though some carpentry skills may be helpful, constructing wooden playhouses using plywood is not an overwhelming project.
The kids wooden playhouse has become so popular because of the fact that it is a simple structure that provides plenty of possibilities for imaginative play and also because kids wooden playhouses are strong, tough and long lasting. Firstly, a kids wooden playhouse will be durable, with a resilience and flexibility that can withstand all the strenuous activity and hard knocks that you might expect with a normal kids wooden playhouse. Our kits can be shipped anywhere in the world and our plans are available anywhere that a computer and an internet connection is available. The exterior surfaces are all cedar or redwood giving you the very best in durability and looks.
Situate the wooden playhouses among trees for shade and to add an element of mystery to playtime. In addition to its durability, kids wooden playhouses will provide years of safe but stimulating play and requires very little maintenance.
Furthermore, the structural strength of wood means that kids wooden playhouse with stairs, platforms, furniture and multiple levels will easily carry all the weight and bouncing up and down that takes place as a result of children climbing all over it.

I've always loved playhouses, whether they were forts or tree-houses, for some reason they've always held a child-like appeal to me. These backyard playhouses feature handcrafted windows, porch swings, doors with locking knobs and a twenty year worry free roof. Next, lay the front board across the sawhorse and outline a 3 by 4 foot rectangle in the center for the door. Value for money is also one of the reasons why people prefer to purchase the kids wooden playhouse because they know that it will provide countless hours of safe play while offering the best value for money in the long run. These practical benefits come together to make sure that the kids wooden playhouse will continue to be the preferred choice of concerned families so when you’re looking to purchase a kids wooden playhouse, feel free to take your time to check and see that you select a kids wooden playhouse that is perfect for you and your family. As I got older, I started building them professionally, and people really started responding to the quality design and workmanship that I put into every project. Place these panels on top of the wooden playhouses in order to form a triangular roof and secure it to the side wall supports using screws. So, if you choose your kids wooden playhouse with consideration, it will prove to be a wise investment.
And in this site, I promise I'll put in that same effort to create something really special.

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