Welcome Home Gifts, Military Promotion Gifts for the Navy Marines and Coast Guard of Vintage Nautical Home Furniture from the Spanish American War, Great White Fleet, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam-era are Official Navy-issued China, Silverware and Tableware, U.S.
Perfect Military or US Navy Promotion or Navy Retirement Gifts - All Real, All Authentic Antique and Vintage Naval Gifts for the Most Discerning Officer or Chief!
Authentic WWI-WWII-Korea-Vietnam-era US Navy Silverware and China are GREAT GIFTS for Everyday Use or for Special Occasion Dinners! Fully restored 100+ year old authentic antique trunk which can be re-used and double as both a Shadow Box and Uniform Storage Trunk! Click Here For 100+ Year Old Restored Nautical Antique Trunks and Chests as US Navy Shadowbox Ideas! Get your antique "Sea Chest" here at the Pirate's Lair to be part of your Navy Retirement Ceremony - Make a Shadow Box of the lift out tray to store your medals, important display memorabilia, commendations and flag! Authentic WWII Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Covers Restored into Coffee Tables and Desks Make the PERFECT Nautical Gift Idea for Home or Office! 100-125 Year Old Restored Antique Trunks Are Perfect for that Special Nautical Decor While Also Being Functional Pieces of Home or Office Furniture and a PERFECT complement to the Nautical Tables, Desks and Naval Dinnerware! The Pirates Lair offers authentic nautical christmas gifts, welcome home gifts, navy gift idea and navy retirement gift. Also represented is the military retirement gift of navy militaria, military surplus and navy surplus items.
All of the navy memorabilia is considered WWI and WWII trench art and are perfect promotion gift or graduation gift,navy promotion gift ideas.
TEXT BELOW THIS LINE IS SOLEY FOR INTERNET BOTS, SPYDERS, DARK DENIZENS OF DEEP CYBERSPACE, AND OTHER SCALLYWAGS OF THE SAME ILK! Navy militaria, and Nautical Christmas Gifts of Naval Trench Art, and navy memorabilia can consist of authentic nautical home furnishing and nautical furniture. Those hard to find nautical christmas gift ideas would use naval militaria for formal navy dining in ceremonies for the chief petty officer, warrant officer, naval academy midshipman or graduating midshipman.
Actually any sailor, navy officer, wardroom officer, navy captain, rear admiral, vice admiral, or admiral would love these Navy gift ideas.

Navy Memorabilia or Militaria make absolutely perfect navy retirement gifts, military retirement gifts, or navy promotion gifts. The Pirate's Lair has the most unique nautical gifts of navy militaria or naval militaria and navy trench art of nautical themes, christmas gift idea specials for navy officer, military officer. And US Navy Promotion gift ideas for the graduating midshipman and newly commissioned officer of Navy china and dinnerware the world over.
US Navy Trench Art China is considered to be vintage USN Naval chinaware for use by Chief Petty Officers, Warrant Officers, and Junior Officers.
This USN Naval dinnerware is also the most perfect midshipmen graduation gift for the Naval Academy Midshipman and sailor.
If it is a navy promotion gift or naval graduation gift, also a perfect choice for a christmas gift idea.
For formal Navy dining in ceremony is perfect for an enlisted sailor or chief petty officer, warrant officer, or a midshipman from the naval academy. We have the perfect custom military gifts for our US Military Service Men & Women that are hand made in America.
Our personal and customized military gift boxes will allow your loved one to hold on to their service forever. Newsletter SignupGet priority notification about Relic Wood Limited Availability Items.Check Email to activate subscription.Searching for the perfect gift? Navy Table Linens, Tablecloths and Napkins, and Authentic Nautical Furniture such as 100 year old Sea Chests and Nautical Home Furnishings from restored WW2 Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Covers! One of our 100+ Year Old Nautical Antique Trunks can be used for both a Shadow Box and Storage Chest for your Uniforms, Photograph Albums, and Memorabilia!
Place all of your uniforms and other service items within the chest for safekeeping, but have them readily available for viewing! Navy Militaria, Naval Trench Art, Navy Surplus, and Naval Militaria government issued china dinnerware, U.S. Naval Militaria are great Christmas Gift Ideas for any Military or Navy Officer and Naval Enlisted!

For Christmas gift idea for a formal navy dining in ceremony or for a goatlocker chief petty officer.
The wardroom officer is also represented as well as the gift for a navy captain, rear admiral, vice admiral or full fleet admiral. Naval Memorabilia can make great navy retirement gifts, navy promotion gifts, navy graduation gifts. Also the perfect unique and official Navy gift for Wardroom Officers, Captains and Admirals. What a great way to start the Midshipman's long Navy Career than with a complete set of Navy China! Whether a navy retirement gift, a military retirement gift, or as a promotion gift authentic Naval china and Sea Chests are the way to go! Authentic Antique Navy militaria, military surplus and especially navy surplus are the best for navy memorabilia. Any sailor or navy officer in the wardroom officer mess would love to own these nautical gifts. Navy issued silverware including the most rare, hard to find pieces bearing special Enlisted and Naval Officer insignia. Members from any branch of the military can store their uniforms, name tags, rank insignia, flags or ribbons in these decorative and customized boxes. Naval Militaria is rare and absolutely the perfect and appropriate Navy Retirement Gift or Navy Promotion Gift for everyday dining and use, or for more Formal Military and U.S.

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