The timberclad timber blends beautifully into garden settings and they can be left natural, stained or painted.
Our smaller standard size sheds range from 1800 x 1200mm - 2400 x 1500mm but we can also custom make to the size you require. Timberclad left natural looks good with a contrast Karaka or Ironsand colour steel roof and trim or Desert Sand if you do not want the trim to be a feature. This is a popular example of a small storage shed, we regularly custom manufacture for customers.

Shed Shop garden sheds can be used for general storage, garden tools, workshop sheds, potting, wood storage, chemicals, as water pump sheds, toilets, tack rooms or for storage of ride-on mowers and quad bikes. The Shed Shop is a privately owned independent manufacturer of quality garden sheds, covering the Waikato, Bay Of Plenty, Thames and Coromandel areas.
We offer the option of installing a 19mm treated ply floor when delivered or, if preferred, we can dynabolt to a concrete pad so everything is done for you, including a padlock, and your shed is ready to use when our driver leaves. Garden sheds have been built in our workshop for over fifteen years, ensuring a strong, sturdy product is delivered to your home.

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