The essex sheds quality construction of this high value shed makes it ideal for storage of bicycles, BBQs and general garden items.This Overlap Apex Shed offers a rustic look at a lower cost to the shiplap style this shed will compliment any garden. Dutch Barn Wood Storage ShedAmish built dutch barn is made with 2"x4" sidewalls 16" on center, roof rafters are 2"x4", 16" on center. The Somerset Wooden garden shed, is renowned for its sturdy build, this is utilised through quality tongue and grooved construction. The four fixed glazed, Styrene windows add an attractive look to the shed and are also useful when trying to locate a particular item at the back of your shed. With its rustic Wooden Overlap constuction they are ideal for the back Garden or allotment.

The manufacturer will contact you directly to arrange delivery of this item, please note delivery is to UK mainland and Kerbside delivery only. With the double doors you will find it very easy to get the bigger items in the Essex Shed. The double doors make accessibility to your shed effortless.  The double doors on the Select Tongue and Groove Shed are a recent feature after it became apparent it proved to be a useful feature.
The traditional, apex roof gives extra headroom in the interior space of the shed, allows taller garden items to be stored more efficiently and also allows rain to roll off.
With two styreene windows all fixed will let the light flood into the shed and making it much easier to see.

The roof is also covered with a mineral roofing felt which helps prevent mould or rotting of the wood from occurring, hence, your shed will last much longer. As the torbay shed is tanalised though out giving you complete protection from all types of wood rot and insect attack there is no need to treat this shed at all ever yes ever! The eve hight is 1.8m thats 6ft so plenty of room for your taller items or shelving.

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