Woodforest CommitmentWoodforest is a community bank built upon the needs of the customers we serve. Message CentralBranch ClosuresClick here to viewbranch closures due toinclement weather.Statement Redesign   Transaction date order. Chuck Vernon, a lawyer for Woodforest National Bank, said he had not yet reviewed the lawsuit. Gucci, owned by French luxury goods company PPR (PRTP.PA), said the current case stems from another anti-counterfeit case that Gucci settled last year. Gucci sued the Laurette Co in 2008, saying its sale of counterfeit Gucci products contributed to trademark infringement.
2008, the website's owners, the Laurette Co Inc, and others were ordered to pay Gucci $5.2 million. Woodforest is on target to release 600 lots to builders this year, with 300 already delivered, putting it on pace to top last year’s sales while adding two new types of housing, the developer announced. Taylor Morrison recently introduced housing for buyers age 55 and up in Bonterra at Woodforest, a community planned for 700 homes with 110 properties in its first phase. Builders sold a record 457 homes in Woodforest in 2013, a 40 percent increase over 2012, according to housing consulting firm Metrostudy.  Woodforest, which is home to the Woodforest Golf Club, ranked No. We are committed to earning customer loyalty by offering the highest level of customer service as well as competitive products and services by employees who are fair, responsive, and professional. They offer generous second-chance banking for customers with problematic credit, and online reviews for Woodforest are mixed but generally favorable.

The community features one-stories geared toward baby boomers and will have a 10,000-square-foot clubhouse to serve as the hub for scores of clubs and activities.
The services they offer include online banking, mobile banking, overdraft protection, investment services, retirement plans, personal financial planning and corporate benefits for employees. The community reflects the latest design trends in active adult communities, a segment which has been growing across the country. The community’s first onsite school, Stewart Elementary in the Conroe Independent School District, is set to open Aug.
Their card services include MasterCard debit services, fraud protection, Visa Bonus Rewards cards, Platinum cards and secured credit cards.Financial, Credit and Debit Services Like other major banks, Woodforest offers investment services, such as money market accounts, certificates of deposit, savings accounts, rewards checking accounts, retirement plans, 401K savings for employees, payment benefits for business executives and personal financial planning. Since Woodforest is privately held rather than publicly traded, they aren’t as large as banks such as Wells Fargo or Chase, but their financial planning services are available for anyone who walks into a branch. When it comes to card services, Woodforest offers zero-liability protection against unauthorized use of debit and credit cards as well as 24-hour fraud monitoring.
These services are also generally offered by larger corporate competitors of Woodforest, but depending on the time of year, the smaller bank may offer better interest rates on credit cards, savings accounts, CDs or money market accounts.Many Woodforest customers open second-chance checking accounts due to credit problems. There is a monthly fee to have one of these provisional accounts, and they can help reestablish credit after several months of on-time bill payment. Ordering paper checks costs an additional fee, and checking accounts must have at least $100 in them to avoid a service charge. The Woodforest mobile app connects customers to the same secure banking portal as the website and provides 24-hour access to account information as well as transfers between accounts.

These services are standard for most banks, and Woodforest customers report that they don’t usually have problems using the online banking services.
However, many customers report that deposits sometimes take a long time to go through and that Woodforest employees are not always helpful when resolving problems.Banking Locations, Hours and Phone Number Woodforest is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and branches are located throughout 17 states, including Texas, West Virginia, Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and South Carolina.
There are 788 locations in total, and several branches are open 24 hours a day and only closed on Christmas.
Most Walmart stores in the above-mentioned states have Woodforest branches, and Kroger stores in major cities in these states also have them.Banking hours vary between locations, and aside from the 24-hour branches, most Woodforest locations are open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
To find out the business hours of the nearest Woodforest branch, use the branch locator on the website. The main phone number of their headquarters is 832-375-2000, and their central toll-free number is 1-877-968-7962. She is a contributing writer to this and other blogs and also writes email newsletter articles, press releases and web content. Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking.
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