Here's the movie's synopsis: After a government-mandate, Tony Nathan, a gifted high school football player, and other African-American students desegregate Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama in 1973. Just over 60 films have received the A+ rating in Cinemascore’s more than 35-year history. But even more importantly, the filmmakers have received reports of the movie’s spiritual impact. The Erwin brothers tell CBN News they’ve received reports of more than 100 people making to decision to accept Christ after seeing the film.
COMMENTING GUIDELINES:You are welcome to make comments that add value to the article above and to engage in thoughtful, constructive discussion with fellow readers. Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 --> 'Woodlawn' Will Showcase How Faith Helped a Football Team Heal in Racially Tense 1970s AlabamaTony Nathan was not your average football star in Birmingham, Alabama. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (Central) --> Copyright © 1999-2016 Christian Cinema, LLC All Rights Reserved.
A film based on an inspiring real-life story about love and unity in a school torn by racism and hate in the 1970s.
In 1973, a spiritual awakening captured the heart of nearly every player of the Woodlawn High School football team, including its coach Tandy Gerelds.
Auburn pillow out of the Auburn colors and I am thankful I got to give it to him that day.. This movie has opened my heart in such a way to show Love and not anger of the things i’ve seen in my life that i want to and will change We need God back in our Schools ,Government ,and in our hearts this Movie is the Way to Bring life and love And mainly God i will do my part to help bring life back in to our Country . Went to see this again last night and it was even more powerful the 2nd time we watched it. Oatlands Planation, a lovely historic home near Leesburg, serves special-occasion teas during the year, among them Mother’s Day Teas and Witches Brew Teas at Halloween. Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria offers garden tours and other programs, most followed by a traditional English tea served in the gardens’ historic home.

Alexandria’s Woodlawn Plantation is another beautiful house and garden where you can enjoy special teas. Another enchanting historic house and garden, located in the heart of Georgetown, is Tudor Place. Easily accessible via the Baltimore-Washington Parkway is Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, Maryland.
Carol StroudFairfax County Tea ExaminerCarol Stroud is a tea lover from childhood, having grown up in the South where 'ice tea' is the beverage of choice.
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Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.1M vehicles with Euro-style gearshift illsIn a major transmission-related recall, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Friday recalled more than a million Jeep Grand Cherokees, Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300s because of a shifter problem. OverviewWhen the government desegregates Birmingham's Woodlawn High School in 1973, the school must deal with a shocking amount of anger and racism. DVDs Release Dates is the best source to find out when does Woodlawn come out on DVD and Blu-ray. As cross burnings and riots erupt in the city, Tandy Gerelds, the Woodlawn Colonels football coach, struggles to ease racial tensions between his players.
It's a true story set in 1970s Birmingham, Alabama and is about a great revival that took place in our nation told through the eyes of the city's high school football team.
To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. Yes, the running back helped cement Woodlawn high school's presence on the top of the scoreboard in the early 1970s, but his efforts were more important in helping to heal the racial tension which often paralyzed his city. Their dedication to love and unity in a school filled with racism and hate leads to the largest high school football game ever played in the torn city of Birmingham, Alabama, and the rise of its first African American superstar, Tony Nathan.
Thomas Howell, Caleb Castille, Cody Hamilton, David Kloehr, Jet Jurgensmeyer, Jon Voight, Joy Brunson, Kevin Sizemore, Lance E.

Having discovered the joys of high tea on many trips to England, she has visited most of the tearooms and tea events in the Washington DC area.
Tony Nathan is a gifted African-American football player who joins the Woodlawn Colonels football team. Perfect for small parties wanting an indoor and outdoor space with or with out reception. The film, which is based on the true story of Tony Nathan, stars Sean Astin, Nic Bishop, Caleb Castille, Sherri Shepherd and Jon Voight. It's only when Gerelds allows Hank, an outsider, to speak to his team that real change begins. Through his and his team's journey, Woodlawn proved that a little faith and football can help a community heal. Hank, who has been radically affected by the message of hope and love he experienced at a Christian revival meeting, tells the players a "better way" is possible through following Jesus. This is a Christian website and if you wish to vent against Christian beliefs you have probably come to the wrong place and your comments may be removed. Because of the color of his skin, Nathan's athletic talent was overlooked at Woodlawn high school. Their winning streak did something almost impossible at the time: it brought both black and white fans to the games and they cheered for their team as one, overcoming blind hatred.
The directors have a personal stake in the story, because they grew up in Birmingham and witnessed it all take place. This new exclusive clip provides behind-the-scenes footage of the film, including commentary from Nathan himself.

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