Why I Teach: Teaching is an opportunity to support and help young people grow and develop skills for a successful future.
What I Believe: Support young people in their growth toward confidence based on skills and knowledge, and help each youngster be prepared for citizenship that will foster life under the US constitution. Portland Public Schools recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society. Police in Maryland are asking the public's help to identify the victim in a cold case homicide dating back nearly four decades.The woman known only as "Woodlawn Jane Doe" was found dead, her neck and hands bound with rope, near the Woodlawn cemetery in Baltimore on Sept. The body of the young woman known as Woodlawn Jane was found 500 miles away from Forbes Street in Jamaica Plain, but for two Boston detectives, the search for her identity and her killer -- or killers -- is now personal.
Baltimore County police tell 5 Investigates they have received a tip that possibly gives a girl found murdered 39 years ago a name. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. It is the policy of the Portland Public Schools Board of Education that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups on the grounds of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation in any educational programs, activities or employment.
Detectives did receive information from some residents which they are following up on.Despite the progress the investigation has made, detectives still don't know who Jane Doe really is. The school schedule is also a humane schedule for my life with time to relax with my family, pursue personal interests, and explore this world.
I also enjoy sewing, cooking, reading, going to movies, and bobbleing about to discover new places, especially restaurants, happy hours, and city vistas. BOSTON HOMICIDE DETECTIVES THE CASE OF UNIDENTIFIED GIRL FOUND DRUGGED AND TORTURED NEARLY 40 YEAR AGO.

She was covered in a bedsheet and had three bandanas over her face, one with slits cut out for her eyes.Although her identity, and that of her killer, remains a mystery, investigators have several key clues.
A witness reported seeing a light-colored, full-sized van parked on the side of the road during this time frame.An autopsy concluded that the cause of death was asphyxia and the manner of death was homicide.
Analysis on pollen found on her clothing determined that the pollen came from trees located in upstate New York and the Boston area, and farm seed bags and keys found near her body were manufactured in upstate New York. THAT TIP FOLLOWED A INVESTIGATES STORIES IN NOVEMBER ABOUT THE 1976 MURDER OF A GIRL FOUND NAR THE WOODLAWN CEMETERY OUTSIDE OF BT MORE. Investigators believe she was either from Boston or upstate New York, reports the station.Police believe she was in her 20s. THE TIPSTER BELIEVED SHE HAD MOVED WERE PUERTO RICO TO JAMAICA, PLANS, WENT TO A CATHOLIC SCHOOL AND GRAU UP WITH THE FIVE SIBLINGS HERE ON THE STREET. The company that had manufactured them had stopped making them two years before the body was found. She had short brown hair and the letters "JP" tattooed on her upper right arm.Investigators are urging those who may known her to come forward.
The bags were only sold at five locations in Massachusetts.        A key made by Ilco Corporation (Fitchburg, MA) was found in the victim's pocket. That school has since closed.In April 2015, a scientist working for the US Border Patrol tested Woodlawn Jane Doe’s clothing. One of those places is in an arboretum in Boston.Police have a DNA profile for Woodlawn Jane Doe that has been entered into the FBI’s CODIS system. The DNA profile of a male was found on the victim, and this also has been entered into CODIS.

PULLED OVER THE GIRL'S HEAD AND STUFFED TIN THROAT WAS SOLD IN ONLY FIVE STORES, ALL IN MASSACHUSETTS. CARRYING TWO KEY, ONE LABELED FITCHBERG AND RECENT HIGH-TECH TEST FOUND IT WAS RARE AND ONLY COME ARE A SITE IN NEW YORK OR THE ARNOLD ARBOR REITIAM IN JAMAICA, PLAINS. Extensive searches of missing persons reports nationwide has not provided a match, either.In November 2015, the story caught the interest of Karen Anderson, an investigative reporter for WCVB in Boston. Anderson flew from Boston to interview the current case detective, Detective Dave Jacoby, and tour the area where Woodlawn Jane Doe’s body was found. THIS GIRL KNOWN AS WOODLAWN JANE DOE HAS HOMEMADE TATTOO THAT MAY HAVE BEEN THE LETTERS JP POSSIBLY FOR THE PLAIN NEIGHBORHOODS.
The tipster also said that Woodlawn Jane Doe and her family, including two sisters and three brothers, had moved from Puerto Rico to the unit block of Forbes Street in Jamaica Plains. If a possible relative is located, DNA testing can be performed in an attempt to verify Woodlawn Jane Doe’s true identity.Detectives from the Baltimore County Police Department are working closely with detectives from the Boston Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police. Detective Jacoby said, “The Boston Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police have provided us with valuable assistance in this case, and we appreciate all of their help”.The Baltimore County Police Homicide Unit continues to investigate this case.

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