Oatlands Planation, a lovely historic home near Leesburg, serves special-occasion teas during the year, among them Mother’s Day Teas and Witches Brew Teas at Halloween. Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria offers garden tours and other programs, most followed by a traditional English tea served in the gardens’ historic home.
Alexandria’s Woodlawn Plantation is another beautiful house and garden where you can enjoy special teas. Another enchanting historic house and garden, located in the heart of Georgetown, is Tudor Place. Easily accessible via the Baltimore-Washington Parkway is Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, Maryland. Carol StroudFairfax County Tea ExaminerCarol Stroud is a tea lover from childhood, having grown up in the South where 'ice tea' is the beverage of choice.
Walt Disney World releases free dining dates, other summer and fall discountsOn April 25, Walt Disney World announced its special offers for late summer and fall 2016 travel. Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.1M vehicles with Euro-style gearshift illsIn a major transmission-related recall, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Friday recalled more than a million Jeep Grand Cherokees, Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300s because of a shifter problem.
Woodlawn tells the true story of race, rivalry and religion within the confines of Birmingham Alabama's Woodlawn High School, the last school in Birmingham to integrate. The story follows wonder kid athlete "Touchdown" Tony Nathan (portrayed by talented newcomer Caleb Castille), as his gridiron skills breathe new life into the wildly unsuccessful Woodlawn football team. As Birmingham stood divided and torn by race and rival football teams, an unlikely evangelist stepped in to spread the message of one God and one love.
This was a story that I loved, that I grew up hearing, and I've heard about this team and this game that was the biggest game in the Southeast.

Our story is told in two perspectives, it's a white perspective and it's an African American perspective. As we were on set, the Ferguson verdict came down and one of our actors, Marcus Henderson, was sitting in his seat, crying to himself. Marcus spent a great deal of time helping me to understand what was going on culturally, that I didn't get. I learned that there was ignorance on my part, just because I haven't experienced a certain pain. As we were finishing, Baltimore happened, and Time magazine had the cover of the Baltimore riots and had 1968 crossed through and 2015 on the front page. Having discovered the joys of high tea on many trips to England, she has visited most of the tearooms and tea events in the Washington DC area. Thomas Howell and Sherri Shepherd (in a refreshing dramatic role), as well as powerful action shots from the gritty football field, give Woodlawn the Hollywood action movie feel that makes you forget it's a Christian movie. I recently sat down with Andrew Erwin to discuss the 1973 Woodlawn story that is still so relevant today. I heard about the love that these [rival] teams have for each other, and I heard about the race and reconciliation, and that attracted me as a filmmaker. There's a cynical view and then there's Tony Davis's view, and the two collide in this message of love that happened in Woodlawn, the last school to integrate in Birmingham. And in that moment, I tried to step outside of myself and I said, can you help me understand? Just because there's not racist feelings on my part, sometimes you assume that everybody has the same life experience.

And a few days later, the Eric Garner situation flared up in New York, and I went back and I watched the video and I sat there in tears. And I got chills, and I said, God, what a privilege to tell a story like this where it's not my experience--it's people's life experience that actually walked through this, and saw a lot of good, and their life experience had a lot to say. I understand that this is important, but as a white man from the South, I don't want this to go over my head because I don't have the same experience. And I called a couple of my friends, one who is a pastor in Birmingham, and we talked about racism but we never talked about these issues. It messed me up for a couple of days, and just for me, I just felt like, when telling the Woodlawn story, I wanted to make sure that it united instead of divided. Photo of Andy and Mandii Irwin, inside Mount Tabor, Global United Fellowship, by Zondra Hughes for HuffPo.
I'd like to think we had little to do with that, with the 'Bible' series being so prevalent in 100 million households.
This is brilliantly made," said Burnett in the clip shared with The Christian Post.Both Downey and Burnett worked as executive producers on the film, which tells the story of the Woodlawn High School football team members in Birmingham, Alabama, giving their lives to Christ during desegregation in the 1970s. I was watching the scene in my bedroom and I wanted to just stand up on the bed and say, 'I want to be counted!
I want to follow you.' I follow this message of love and forgiveness, this one message of unity, and you see the potential of this.

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