Some of our friends recently have been raving about Chef Tim Love’s latest restaurant “Woodshed Smokehouse” located on the Trinity River in Fort Worth.
We knew about the Trinity Trails for biking and decided to combine the two on a Saturday afternoon. The Trinity Trails has over 40 miles of trails along the Trinity River that connect with 21 parks, the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, Log Cabin Village, the Fort Worth Zoo and the historic Fort Worth Stockyards where people can enjoy walking, jogging, biking and horseback riding. We began our bike ride at the Woodshed Smokehouse so that we could enjoy a late lunch there after our ride.

After riding our bikes approximately 15 miles, we were ready to reward ourselves with a cold beverage and some good food. There was both inside and outside dining options with some outside tables under shaded trees creating a very casual and comfortable atmosphere. The menu offered a wide variety to include everything from salads, sandwiches, tacos, and specialties using 4 different types of wood: Mesquite, Pecan, Hickory and Oak to create all of their delicacies and at reasonable prices. We finally decided on the lemon and parmesan smoked artichokes for an appetizer and for our meal we had the pulled pork sandwich and the Bourbon & Coke pork tacos.

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