This Adirondack chair and settee are designed with a contoured seat and a slightly angled back that lets you rest naturally. This Woodsmith Plan is a downloadable PDF file that you save to your computer after you complete your order. A contoured back and seat make this Adirondack chair a more comfortable version of the summertime classic.
There is not enough money in the world to entice me to go to Harbor Freight during the week.
After carving scenes from the Bible, parables, the local trades and a full range of human foibles a carver of misericords might turn his skills to a depiction of his craft. If you aren’t familiar with the misericord it is a carving on the underside of a seat in a choir stall. Several groups have been working to accumulate photographs of misericords and organize them by location and country.
I’ve been accumulating misericords that feature woodworkers and so far have found 17 from six countries.
We can’t always see exactly what the carver is working on but at least one carver from Oude Kirk made sure we did. The Rigoley Brothers carved 26 choir stalls for La Collegiale Notre Dame in Montreal en Bourgogne, France.
Thanks to the long-term relationships I’ve made with lumber merchants, I have little trouble with them sending me crappy stock. The post How to Test for Case-hardened Lumber appeared first on Popular Woodworking Magazine. First out of the gate will be a short article about making and using some terrific clamps for holding components of workpieces in place, especially useful in my restoration work.
Second will be an article that I am perhaps more excited about than any I have written thus far, Faux Urushi.
Finally this writing season will wrap up next Spring with a profile of Studley 2.0 and the remarkably accomplished artist who created it.
As soon as I picked up the plane and turned it around to look at the top of the frog, I knew it was a pre-lateral plane since it didn’t have the lateral lever behind the blade. I offered the the guy $30 for the plane and he agreed, so I pulled out some cash and paid him.
Stanley made these type of planes that look like half of the frog is missing for only a couple of years from 1872-1873. Hello, When buying used Japanese chisels, What are the signs to look for that point to a good quality tool?
In a good SketchUp model anything that is a distinct piece of wood in real life is a component. As I have said before, my wife is constantly insisting that I have three of every woodworking tool ever invented.
In addition, I also have a usual complement of power tools – table saw, drill press, lathe, band saw, etc, etc. I figure that my collection is worth somewhere around $30,000 and one option would be for my wife to sell them and enjoy the proceeds. It has also occurred to me that another perhaps even better idea would be for her to donate the entire lot to some school or organization that would put it to good use training the future woodworkers of America. I would love to hear from some of my fellow woodworkers out there about their ideas or suggestions for solving my problem.
A few months ago I was tired of running into my kitchen table while sneaking through my house to get a midnight snack. I’ve read about a few woodworkers who cherish their benches to a degree that almost prevents them from working on it. I have written that I unexpectedly got substantial color variation on the back of my FDR chair, something I hoped would be corrected by stain. Be sure to visit the Hand Tool Headlines section - scores of my favorite woodworking blogs in one place.  Also, take note of Norse Woodsmith's latest feature, an Online Store, which contains only products I personally recommend. I wanted to post a quick notification that The Slightly Confused Woodworker blog will be going on a (hopefully brief) hiatus. The good news, at least for me, is that I’ve actually gotten in a relatively large amount of woodworking time over the past few days. So if everything goes well and things level off at work a little, I should have the blog up and running again by next week with several new posts, photos, and possibly a short video. My lovely wife Barb is a painter and when the weather turns mild you can find her outside with her easel and paints.
While I prefer to work with air-dried lumber, that’s not always possible for woodworkers who use a lot of wood or don’t have access to deal who air-dries their stock. The post Don’t Forget the Quality of the Kiln appeared first on Popular Woodworking Magazine.
So the other day the Highland Woodworking advertisement arrived in the mail and right on the front cover is the latest book from Lost Art Press: The Anarchists Design Book. If anybody out there who reads this blog has also read the Anarchist Design Book, would you mind giving me an honest, unbiased assessment of the book, likes, dislikes, etc.
So, if you don’t mind lending me your opinion and a bit of your hard-earned time, I would appreciate it.
Ask ten woodworkers to explain what they mean when they use the term register chisel and you’re apt to get ten different answers. Many craftsmen of the bygone era (including carpenters, millwrights and machinists) would use the word register to indicate a surface that must mate exactly with another or one to be used as a reference datum for measurement. While a flat back would seem to be the norm, most tools warp during the hardening and tempering process.
Almost every woodworker has extra table saw blades, or at least blades for a variety of tasks. The Festool Roadshow came through Atlanta, GA last Friday, April 15th and setup in our parking lot at Highland Woodworking for a day full of Festool demonstrations, giveaways, education and more!
Festool Roadshow truck driver Eric Wilfong utilized the help of several Roadshow staff members blocking traffic on the street to squeeze his 70-plus foot long rig into the narrow entrance to our parking lot.
Chris Bagby, owner and CEO of Highland Woodworker, was there to greet everyone who attended. The truck opens up into a giant floorspace which allows the set-up for different Festool demonstration stations. Several members of the Festool show staff were on hand to give demonstrations of all of the different Festool tools, as well as answer any questions.
The Festool Roadshow was a great chance for people to test out any of the Festool tools and learn how to use them.
Every Festool you buy comes in a convenient systainer that is easy to carry, pack up, and helps to keep your shop tools organized!
In the middle of the event, Highland Woodworking had a drawing where 1 lucky attendee, Doug Frey, took home the Grand Prize of a $300 Highland Woodworking Gift Certificate. Doug Frey, winner of our in-store giveaway standing in our Festool department at Highland Woodworking. To see more photo’s from the Festool Roadshow at Highland Woodworking, checkout our Facebook Photo Album. The post The Festool Roadshow Visits Highland Woodworking appeared first on Woodworking Blog. This past weekend I finally mustered enough courage to take on the Witpeer stock for the trapezoid leg of this table.
On Friday afternoon I fed them to my electric planer, just to get rid of some of the nasty stuff. They then sat clamped to each other overnight, awaiting the major assault by hand plane the next day. The next board unfortunately had at least 5 times more twist, which made me realise that I was a tad optimistic with the two planes I prepared. In the pictures below you can see the telltale scalloped appearance left by it’s heavily cambered blade. The extent of the wist in some of the boards necessitated the use of a wedge to stop it from wobbling all over the bench. It took the best part of 5 hours of hand planing to work my way through 7 boards on the Saturday morning. Just to remind you of were this stock fit into the project I include two pictures of the prototype model. At this stage I had to quickly work out the exact measurements of the trapezoid leg using the prototype as my guide. Once I knew what to aim for I straightened one edge of each board by hand planing and used that as a reference surface to rip the other edge with the help of the table saw. After I got the last drawer guide glued in the toolbox and it had set up for while, I started looking around for something else to do. Do you hold scarey memories of any of these dolls Fear of becoming a wench Oregon wooden plan chest second hand. And with its simple construction and straightforward joinery, you'll be able to sit back and relax in no time.
The chair is constructed from dimensional, rough-sawn cedar, which has one rough face and one smooth face. Many misericords were destroyed or vandalised for religious reasons, lost or stolen during restorations, or lost during wars. Because of differences in descriptions, or a lack of description, it can be difficult to locate misericords that feature a particular subject. With each one there are usually tools to note, maybe a workbench to study, or a new body position to try. The two men enjoying their wine are none other than the Brothers Rigoley toasting themselves. If you happen to see more photos of a woodworking misericord please post a link in comments and include the location of the piece. But even after 20-something years of buying wood from my suppliers, there are times when I get a bogus load of wood.
It started when my Grandfather gave me a little German made jeweler’s drill press when I was 13. I would hardly ever spend more than $60 on any given tool, being that if I made a bad purchase, I would only be out $60. Seeing that the blade was a later type and not a pre-lateral blade didn’t bother me, because often the blade would be the only thing that would be replaced during the life of the tool.
They were considered a failure because of the fragile design of the frog making it prone to breaking. Doubtless we all complete very similar tasks, but we also all have our own preferences which leads to tweaking designs. Not to mention all sorts of sanding, clamping, gluing, and finishing supplies and other goodies.
They have a presence that's hard to ignore, something about the fine details and scale makes them stand out.

I’m not entirely sure why I chose to be sneaky considering the only other living creature in my house was the dog snoozing on the couch. There are no nicks, chisel marks or paint droppings allowed on their workbenches – paint droppings, to some of these woodworkers, are damn near as bad as bird or rat droppings. When I went to put the bottom of the first tray in the box, the top runners were a silly mm too wide. I built another “Sellers” box and prepped the material for two more (more on that in my next post), I’m most of the way through a Superior rip saw restoration, my daughter and I made a piece of doll sized furniture, and I got the material prepped and ready to go to build another spoke shave. So thanks to everybody who reads, comments (even if you are being critical) and puts up with my nonsense. I had working on that in the back of my mind but other than moving the leg stock around the shop, I did no woodworking on it.
One of the major problems with kiln-dried lumber is that it is sometimes rushed through the kiln to get it to market. In general, I probably purchase 3 or 4 per year, blind in most cases (in the sense that I did not read any reviews etc.). The only thing I know about the book are some snippets I’ve read on the Popular Woodworking blog.
As I said earlier, in general I don’t have an issue when it comes to blindly purchasing a woodworking book, but I’m trying to be a bit more judicious with my woodworking fun money. You might remember the picture below, which is were I got to with these boards some weeks ago. Of course the problem is that the planer does not get rid of any wist, bowing or cupping (length wise any). Therefore, if you have a serious amount of work to do like this, it is best to go into battle with razor sharp cutting edges. The stock that I am preparing will form one of three layers of timber that will ultimately make up the big solid trapezoid leg. This means that I am now just about at the stage were most woodworkers start their project. It was too early to quit the shop so I picked up on the four squaring of my bookshelf boards. ShopWiki has seventy-eight results for bureau Furniture moment Hand Storage program Chests including Mobel Oak Multi Drawer Storage Chest A1 Plan pectus Wooden.
It's built using only a jig saw, a drill, some woodscrews, and a bit of construction adhesive.
A few minutes later after meeting up with my wife, I decided to inspect my purchase more closely. We might take a little off the leg or add an extra dog whole, whatever makes things easier.
Soon they'll all be gone, and as much as I look forward to the extra space in the shop and less risk of damaging finished pieces while working, I"ll miss em.I've been posting pics to instagram for a while, frankly it's much more of a hit and run easy way to post, but I just got a new laptop, so here I am in the shop, sitting in my new rocker typing away, hopefully the ease will help get me back in the blog game. With making the partitions and trays there is no lifting and grunting, just some ass scratching trying to figure out where everything goes and how big it needs to be. Click here to see the listing.It is a great user saw, a straight blade with no kinks, this saw was restored and sharpened by the Windsor chair maker, Terry Kelly, I traded a set of waterstones for this saw. I won’t call woodworking books expensive, though they generally cost more than your typical novel or history book, but I probably do spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 each and every year. It appears to focus on staked furniture, which in all honesty is a style that I don’t care for all that much, though I do prefer furniture that is simpler in design. And considering that I’ve had issues with “anarchy” in the past, I’d hate to spend money on a book knowing that I already may disagree with the subject. If they bang around in a drawer, you’re sure to dull the carbide tips, if not knock one completely off. They were even able to put the Festool CT SYS HEPA Systainer Dust Extractor to work in order to clean up all of the day’s dust and shavings. Now can you imagine anything better to do with your first cup of coffee on a Saturday morning than sharpening a couple of plane blades. The flat (or face) side were marked as usual (bottom in picture) and the opposite side had scribble all over it to help identify when it is completely flat during the process of lazy planing (aka planing with an electric planer).
The leg will have an overall thickness of 44 mm (therefore exactly double the thickness of the top of this table) of which this layer will make up 20 mm. From about freshly to really old Preloved is jammed with hundreds of thousands of moment hand. When I was a teenager I would spend my weekends going to antique shows with my parents looking for old tools that I could fix up and use.
So, when I saw an old Stanley #3 for $35.00 at an antique show last summer, I knew it was in my budget for it to be added to my collection.
After running through all the options the best and easiest was to dig out the heat gun and a wet rag to undo the glue up. The good news is once the lower tray runners are installed right or wrong it is pretty much a done deal except for deciding on one more or two more trays.For installing runners and dividers inside a box there ain't nothing better than hot hide glue because it is almost impossible to set clamps. I have the twisted bench, the toolbox, a desktop bookshelf,a  resaw frame, two stair saws, and a clock I can work on. It might look funny, but it is perfect as a shop stool in my tiny shop.The idea is simple, really. Of course, even in that case, there is a goodly chance of the furnishing being a reconstruction of the original, rather than the original thing.
The only thing missing was a good male lead.Anyway, got up yesterday morning not feeling on top of my game but semi-functional.
And though I’m not really on-board with the whole “anarchist woodworker” ideology, that alone wouldn’t stop me from reading a book. It will be the timber you see when looking at the table from the end seen in the second picture. The only difference is that apart from well prepared stock, I got some blisters and muscles on the house. Based on my previous rehabs, finishing the #8 should only take a few hours.they are like brand newThis is all the steel hardware fresh out of the Evaporust. The modern equivalent is perching on your luggage as you wait at the departure gate because your flight has been delayed.
If the hoop is loose, it’s easy to reseat it.Better quality chisels tend to have better filing of the surfaces.
Then again, I don't know if the person I bought it from didn't do some de-rusting first.I went over to the Hyperkitten plane dating site here. But it wasn’t in our garage or basement, it was in his custom furniture shop and it was because I was learning a trade.
Even tried to get ahold of any of the "suits" to get someone to takeover my afternoon clients. In all of the Japanese woodworking videos I have seen it's the one western thing I haven't seen them do. So I’m about to do something I normally wouldn’t do and ask for an opinion of a woodworking book.
Victimized plan chest For sales event 180 Wooden Plan thorax Wooden 7 drawer plan used just cool condition.side and back panels used project chest.
Xix results Find used wooden plan bureau camper vans for From closely newly to really old Preloved is packed with hundreds of thousands of second hand bargains. The information sheet for the Kings Lynn misericord has excellent details on misericords and their history. Look at the scratch pattern in the hollow and the shoulder area on the soft iron side of the chisel. That gap would be at the top right side of the drawer opening.asking for problemsI can dovetail this side and I will end up with a slanted drawer side. As you should be able to see in the photo, the lower runners are setting on a spacer as I wait for the glue to cure.Once the glue cures I'll decide on one or two more trays.
Seabury Tredwell, bought the house in 1835 and after his last daughter died in the 1930's the house became a museum.
No suits were available, I was functioning, and this pair of clients are among my favorite to work with, so it was off to work I go. See used wooden plan thorax household article of furniture for sale wooden plan chest second hand.
This summer I'll be teaching for the first time at Lie Nielsen and shooting a video to boot. The material of choice for his hobby is diamond willow.I feared building a chairs for the longest time. I made it through the Brief and we, the clients and I, moved into the Simulator for four hours of sitting in a dark box with my pushing different combinations of buttons so as to make their life miserable. The saw till is on the left side of the photo (will be the front of the tool box) and it has 4 slots for saws.
This is not only a good feeling, it also tells me that my reference face is flat and straight.
I always thought I didn't know enough about woodworking for the crazy angles, green wood, or who knows what. Consequently what you see is a coherent picture of the living quarters of an upper middle class family, their servants and the furniture they used on a daily basis in the mid-19th century.
Pan over at the Giant Cypress blog about this but I can't figure out how to ask the question.
Watching me trying to kneel would make a great shoot for America's funniest home videos.I can kneel and get back up but the getting down isn't the easiest thing I do all day long. I still use sandpaper but especially for small parts like this Evaporust rules supreme for of these was rust covered yesterday and today I can't tell which one it wasevery shop needs a hairdryerI rinsed off all the parts under hot running water for a few minutes. It turns out there is probably some kind of chair out there you can build with the tools and skills you already have.Coffee 'n Cream. I usually have a great time, said with a diabolical laugh.Cutting to the chase, about the time the Sim came on full motion the Kidney stone kicked into overdrive. Every other one listed I had except for the raised rib behind the frog.There is a large raised rib at the toe behind the front knob and in front of the frog.
I don't know how I ended up with an odd number of drawer sides.waxed the scrub plane soleWaxing the sole of the scrub wasn't a super duper deal be all. Hair-on cowhide and wenge, which was intended for an abandoned project.If you have always wanted to build a chair, my suggestion is don't wait.
While the furniture itself is very interesting, the most important thing I learned on my recent visit was how the role of furniture and entertaining has changed over the last 170 years. I thought I had put it with all of these extra parts but it's MIA (missing in action).I forgot theseI poured Evaporust into the screw holes for the knob, frog, and tote. About a third of the way into the carcass it gets square.time to switch to something else while I thinkMy marking knife set up overnight. It did make the initial first plane runs easy but after that I didn't notice it being any more slicker than with no wax. After a visit to the head for a Porcelain Buick drive, I got a friend to drive me home, then MsBubba to drive to the E.R.

Tomorrow I'll blow them out with compressed air and chase them with their respective screws.
Maybe it was because of the scallops the plane left on the first run that on subsequent runs, the sole of the plane wasn't in full contact with the board. Cleaning the rust out of these isn't easy.Lee Valley clearance stuff came in last nightI bought this off a clearance and I went back today to buy more but I couldn't find it. I guess I'm lucky on this because this is when Stanley starting putting rosewood totes and knobs back on the planes.
I tried it and I didn't see anything especially beneficial using wax on it.waxed the #6After the scrub plane, I used the #6 to remove the scallops and get the board reasonably flat and close to the gauge lines.
There are some great resources online, as well as some fantastic books which you'll surely come across.The Viking Throne. In the US today, due to long hours and television, adults socialize far, far less than ever before. I found a nice hunk of Red Oak, enough to make the upper skirt, and I got it rough dimensioned. It certainly made it much easier to push and the shavings didn't appear to be any different then those made without the sole being waxed.
I bought 5 each and I don't know what I'll use them one but I couldn't resist the price.I thought brass was yellowish not silverycupboard latch back side of the cupboard latchI'm not crazy about the look of this as it is too contemporary for my taste. I made this at the Danish Chair Building Extravaganza at Jonas' (Mulesaw) two years ago.If you are a little unsure of yourself, cooperate with someone nearby. That is one point in it's favor.The one thing I don't like about it is the total lost of tactile feedback. But for this price I can put up with it for something in the LN O-1 came todayThe guy I bought this from said it was rusty on the back and offered to give me my money back. I can get both stretchers sapwood free but the cross arms I won't be so lucky.the other sideI have time to play with this and get the best layouts I can. I had to rely on the what the shavings looked like rather then them and how much resistance I felt pushing the plane.waxed the #4The wax did it's job on this plane too. Even if they aren't an expert, you'll have fun and learn something.Modern Welsh Side Chair. I should make some progress on the box as I expect to take a few days off while waiting for the stone to finish passing.One other thing, while putzing around in the shop I found useable wall space for a Plano Vertical Glue Press, I expect I'll be seeing my UPS girl soon. An unwaxed plane sends a lot of feedback through the plane and into your hands as you work it.
I can place boards on it to check it for twist standing up.scrubbing the opposite sideThe other side is my reference and I ran a gauge line 360. It doesn't make any difference to the plane iron if the frog is solid or ribbed like this one.recently sharpened and honedback was lightly touched up and flattened a wee bitI have another iron that may fit this #8. I am using a scrap piece to sneak up on the width of it.close enoughI left a little bit on the edge and I'll get that final bit with a chisel. I'm going to scrub off as much as I can and try to get it even in relation to the gauge line 360.the high cornerI have been scrubbing this for about 10 minutes now.
I saw it mostly done during the rough stage of planing - at the start of four squaring a board for example. I just have to remember where I squirreled it away.rosewood under the finishIt looks like someone used a trowel to put the finish on this knob. I had to have stepped off wrong going from one side to the other somehow.tried blue tapeI am using blue tape to get the layout I want. I may try it again when I start drawing social security.the four horsemanThe only plane I didn't wax for flatting the drawer sides was the #7. That will make it easier for the next step.the other cornerI had to remove a fair bit of twist on the reference face and that telegraphed to this side. I understand dropping unprofitable tools but as far as I know, LN doesn't tell anyone when they are killing something off.
If this one is toast I'll remove it and put a clean piece and start over it's even coming both waysplaned a piece of scrap to the same width as the front to practice onI don't like this layout from the blue tapeNot only are there too many tails, the pin sockets don't look good neither.
The majority of my scrubbing time was dealing with the high corners.#6 was the next batterThe #6 evened out the board and removed the scallops left by the scrub plane. If I had know I would have bought a few O-1 irons from them.twisted bench legsIt is now official sports fans. This doesn't look like shellac neither but maybe a lacquer.some ruse hereThis rust turned out to be just surface rust.
I wasn't impressed with that waxing job and I didn't see any reason to try it on the #7 and not like it too.slight differenceI wasn't sure if I was going to do half blind dovetails on the drawers. When I got continuous shavings from one end of the board to the other I stopped.bevel up jack was nextThe jack removed all the remaining scallops left behind by the #6 and it's cambered iron. I just want to be able to seesaw my arm as easily as I can and gobble up the cut line as quickly as possible. This decision was made because I have no room in my phone booth of a shop for another stool or bench.
A lot of what I do is automatic with me now whereas before I would stop and think about it.
I'm sure that I can use these on some other upcoming shop project.the newly promoted twist checking benchThis one works but I have to stoop a bit to sight over my winding sticks. BTW, the wood shavings appear to be frog screw is rusted and one is cleanrosewood toteThis finish was put on with a trowel. I'll take doing that over having to kneel to do the same jig prototypeI got this idea from reading a new blogger's recent posts. I don't know if it is necessary to use drawer sides that are thinner but the other 2 times I did half blinds, I did it this way.getting a parallel widthI set the panel gauge to a few frog hairs more than the width of the opening.
I wanted the ends to be thicker than the shelf but one corner had some nasty checks that ate up the thickness. Both the knob and tote will be scraped down to bare wood and then some shellac will be looks to be dead flat from hereno light shining throughThis is something to clap your hands about.
The chisel layout is good because there isn't any guessing as to what size chisel to use to chop the waste. No amount of waxing is going to help that.I have been using hand planes for a very long time (over 40 years). But I still do it with dividers and I have enough chisels where getting one to fit isn't a problem.some warm up sawingI was going to try and half blind the drawer as it is but I changed my mind. It will still work out as they are.the front viewThe original plan was to put two drawers, one atop the other, in the outside openings of the middle. I picked the width.not square - slight gap at the topBoth sides of this bottom drawer aren't square. I planed both sides to fit the opening and I ended up with a snug fitting drawer front.My normal way of doing a drawer would have been making the making the drawer by dovetailing it together based on measurements taken with a rule. I would have to put in two sets of side mount drawer guides for the top drawers and that isn't going to happen. Patrick Leach says the guys that used these never bothered to flatten them and I haven't seen anything written in the old books about doing this neither.2"I wonder why the #8 is wider than the #7? Make a new drawer front and put a rabbet on the ends so that it covers the sides of the carcass.
I kept lowering the iron and plowing straight ahead until I think I got it deep matches as it shouldthis should be deep enoughI am going blind here but the plan is to put self adhesive sandpaper in the trough and then pull the iron across it and sharpening it. The rabbet will hide the out of square and I can still veneer it.Another option is to make the drawer box with through dovetails and glue a thin piece of wood onto to the front. I am going to do the drawers the way Paul Sellers did the ones on the tool cabinet he is building now.
I can only imagine what trying to secure drawer mounts in that tight enclosed space would be like.the back viewThe rails, drawer dividers, and guides stiffened the carcass up a lot. A scrub doesn't have to be honed to the same level as a bench plane iron, so I won't need a lot of different grits of sandpaper.Before I quit for the night I scraped the trough smooth where some chatter marks were. You don't need a lot of feedback because you are hogging off wood and don't need to feel what the iron is doing. I think the drawer interiors will hold up over the long haul.most of the drawer parts are in the box at the bottomI will have to make new drawer parts for the middle outside drawers.
This will definitely get extra attention in the sharp iron department.pre soak with WD-40I tried to unscrew these by holding the rods with pliers but I couldn't break the brass knobs free. I could add a thin piece of pine on the outside bottom between the drawer side and the carcass to make up that difference. The big board on the top was going to be a lid but I think I can get all the new drawer parts out of it.left over 4x4'sThe new project will be made with the 4x4's leftover from the saw donkeys.
I didn't want to go Cro-Magnon on this and strip the brass or the threaded workedIf this hadn't worked, I would have used the hair dryer on it and tried to heat it up. I'll find out how it works out for down and 3 to godrawer sides fittedThe drawer sides aren't snug.
I did them so that they slide in and out without binding.nice to have two workbenchesI cleared off a spot on the sharpening bench so I could set up my shooting board on it.
It gives me the heebie jeebies and anything that makes me feel like that I don't do on the tablesaw.bandsaw is nexttwo bandsaw cuts and I have four partsfour squaring some leg blanksThis bench I have is too low and needs to be about 3" higher. Now that I know the type I have I'll email Bill Rittner and buy a replacement mushroom knob and a tote in cherry.some kind of grungy crud hereI already hit this with orange cleaner and got nothing to come off. I scraped off what I could with an old chisel.hit it againI let it sit on this and soak for a while and this time it seemed to work. I do want the plane to be fits in the LN honing guideI am right at the extreme edge of the screw on this.
I have three of them done already with two reference faces planed.rounded crappy sidesnice looking two reference facesThe planing of these blanks went a hell of a lot smoother than when I made the saw donkeys.
I got very little tear out even though the grain, from looking at it, appeared to reverse itself several times in 21 inches.
I'll sharpen and hone it for 25°.two bevelsIt didn't come out too well in this pic but there is the very shiny honed bevel as I got it and a duller ribbon above it that I just did on my coarsest diamond stone.
I'll finish this up tomorrow or this weekend.wee bit of pittingNothing serious here or of any concern. This is barely below the surface and it's in the heel area.few spots hereNothing close to the mouth and the remainder of the sole is clean.
I'll have to make a pit stop at my local Harbor Freight store to get some big sanding belts. One thing about this smaller stock is my planes can take a swipe across the width of the stock.

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