A dovetail jig and a router make building drawers with half-blind dovetail joints a sure thing — assuming everything works the way it’s supposed to. When planning your project, it’s important to think ahead and size the height of the drawer openings and drawers to match the template spacing of your jig. I like to position the jig at a comfortable working height and make sure it’s clamped down tightly.
The jig’s template and the bushing in the router base work together to guide the router and bit. Fold-Down Dovetail Jig StationI build a lot of cabinets with drawers, so a dovetail jig is one of my go-to tools.
As you can see in the drawings, the station consists of three basic plywood parts: a wall bracket, a folding support, and the jig platform. I sized the platform long enough to accommodate my dovetail jig and still leave room for the router.
I finished the project with three coats of Waterlox and then rubbed out with steel wool with paste wax. When all is said and done I have to admit that when the jig and attachments are stored inside it is quite heavy. Helluvawreck: I used an old craftsman dovetail jig for many years and was very satisfied with it.

DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. You’ll also find it’s advantageous to work at a height that gives you a clear view of the cut.
The assembled height should allow you to work at the jig comfortably without making you stoop over.
1 for a place to clamp to your bench and 2 and landing zone on either side for your router that won’t ding up the bit.
Let me know when you plan on making a dovetailed project as I would like to see it in action.
If your jig doesn’t have grip tape on the clamping bars, consider adding some adhesive-backed sandpaper to create a non-skid surface.
So the first thing I do is adjust the bit height with test cuts using stock identical in thickness to that of the drawer parts. I don’t have anything against a Keller jig because it is all I could afford but I would like to have a better setup when I can afford it.
But like every woodworking operation, ensuring success is simply a matter of knowing what can go wrong and how to avoid or fix the problem.
Actually, since the bit is fixed in the collet, what you’re doing is centering the bushing around the bit.

And when clamping narrow parts, I place a spacer under the clamping bars to keep them from racking. Every dovetail jig is a little bit different, but there are some universal tips, tricks, and guidelines that guarantee you’ll get the perfect-fitting dovetail joints you’re after. I know there are fancier jigs out there but once my $200 PC jig is dialed in, it does a nice job hammering out drawers.
I did not key the wood under the toggle clamps because when I do angled dovetails, I can pivot them to get as close as possible to clamp better.
I decided to go with the Milescraft master template because I could custom design templates for different applications. There is one degree difference in each of the dovetail designs, separating them from each other.
All have the same basic principle, through dovetails.Thanks to all who have shown their designs.

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