In just one weekend, you can transform your drill press into a more versatile woodworking tool. An heirloom quilt is a work of art and cherished possession that can really brighten up a room. Lightweight and portable, this handy folding table is also tough enough to hold a heavy load.
An heirloom-quality marking gauge is not only a functional and attractive tool, but a pleasure to use when laying out joinery.

This handy shop cart is a tool storage center, an adjustable stock support system, and a workstation all in one compact package.
These hand-made, specialty chisels are sure to be a treasured addition to your hand tool collection. Whether it's built as a gift project or for your own home, this gently sweeping curved tray is sure to look great with any decor. You can build five essential shop projects this weekend with just seven sheets of plywood and a box of screws.

Stylish glass doors and interior lighting put the contents on display, but the design and construction of this cabinet hold a few surprises. This project will test your woodworking skills and give you an opportunity to learn a few new techniques.

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