This series serves a unique and broad group of viewers - novices and experts alike learning new techniques and improving old ones. A rustic-style piece of furniture like this cupboard can add personality, plenty of storage, and a classic feeling of comfort to any room. Simple, country-style furniture has an unpretentious charm that's attractive and comforting in these complicated times. The closed lower section is deep to provide lots of hidden storage, and the shelves in the upper section create a display space. 26 Video Editions—includes Heirloom Projects, Shop Projects, Step-by-Step Techniques and a Shop Tip.
Owners of previous Woodsmith Shop DVD collection (seasons 1–7) are eligible to purchase the Season 8 DVD set for a reduced price of just $10. Check your eligibility for the reduced-price season 8 set by entering the exact email address or name and address you used to order the prior six seasons. Don: Now you can get the digital version of the magazine downloaded right into the library before the print issue arrives in the mail. Bryan: And if you see a project you like, download the pages you need and head right to the shop and get started.
Don: I really like the PDFs but there's also a much improved page flipper, so you can easily flip through the issues.

Bryan: I really like to look through the back issues because it gives you a lot of great project ideas, tips and techniques. Don: The page flipper also allows you to preview issues by reading the first few pages, including the table of contents, so you can see what all the issues contain, before you even decide to buy the library!
Bryan: That's great for all our past issues—but we also have a lot of great Woodsmith Books, like Ultimate Table Saw Handbook and one of our most popular books that's now out of print, Tough Cuts Made Easy.
Don: It is a great deal—and I just found out that new lower pricing on the online library means you can get unlimited access to over 200 issues of Woodsmith for only $79! If you are seeing this message, you are using a browser that does not support web standards. We designed this workbench plan to pass the the most rigid standards you could apply to a bench…and then some. This site will look much better in a browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device. Every woodworker on the series is an editor with Woodsmith, a nationally circulated, advertising-free magazine with a history of more than thirty years of serving readers.
As you can clearly see, the ornamentation on this piece is simple and subtle — nothing the least bit fussy. The people you see in the series - those demonstrating projects, giving advice, and walking viewers through techniques they can put to use immediately - are real woodworkers sharing what they've learned through years of experience.

Since all the openings are the same size, it’s easy to lay out and cut the dadoes for the dividers. You could even add labels, if you wish, to help make sure the tools are put back where they belong.
The popular site provides visitors with free woodworking tips, project plans, and videos for every program.
Before you slide the dividers in place, cut a notch on the back edge to fit around the hanging cleats. And you can make it any size to fit under your workbench, available wall space, or the number of tools you want to store. After that’s done, it’s just a matter of securely fastening the cabinet to the wall with long screws.

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