The cyclone separator directs the heavier dust and chips into an easy-to-empty five-gallon bucket, which keeps your shop vacuum working stronger and more efficiently. We designed the shop vacuum station as a sturdy, portable cart – making it easy to move both the Dust Deputy and your shop vacuum around to different tools in your shop – without having to worry about the canisters tipping over.
After watching lots of DIY dust collection systems I came up with an even simpler build using two buckets, very little cutting, and mostly scrap materials laying around the shop. In this video I build a dust cyclone using a street cone and a 5 gal bucket I use a couple pieces of scrap plywood and a 8 foot 2x4 for supports I also use a propane torch to heat up some 2 inch PVC to fit my shop vac hose.
In this video I show you guys my new cyclone dust collector that I made for only $25 and announce that I will be showing you guys how to build one! DIY autostart dust separating vacuum system for power tools and general cleaning around your small workshop or garage. In this video I show all the initial steps and pieces I use to construct a cyclone dust separator for my wood shop. That's why we included the Dust Deputy (Oneida Air Systems) in our portable Shop Vacuum Station plan. This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of build your own dust collector PDF plans, blueprints for build your own dust collector and video instructions for build your own dust collector, schematics and CAD drawings.

What you're about to see here will amaze you perhaps even stupefy you or maybe even leave you dumbfounded.
Save Hundreds compared to the professional set-ups that use expensive proprietary accessories, filters and do not even feature dust separation.
Unfortunately the dust collector power switch and the blast gate were in different locations and unless I was making alot of miter saw cuts I did not use the dust. We put a new coat of white paint in the shop and decided it was time to try and contain the dust. It could also be enlarged with a frame structure and hanging bag pretty easily - I may do a future build along those lines.
Indeed, My Spiffy ShopVac (tm) is something you lonely dust collection souls have been searching for. There are no official plans for this since the exact dimensions will depend on the trash can used and i designed it to be fully adjustable. This system is super simple to use and easy to maintain or repair with off the shelf items found anywhere. The system uses a 2HP harbor freight dust collector, 4" PVC duct work, homemade blast gates, homemade hanger brackets and a new dust shroud for the miter saw.

It's just two buckets with hand clamps and two pieces of PVC - one vertical and the other entering on the side. A list of parts that I used can be found at I'd like to give special thanks to Nick McMahon, for his support of ILTMS via You're awesome Nick! You don't need any fancy tools, extensive piping or sections of flexible hoses sticking out from everywhere like Medusa. Join me and my guest, Jay Bates, for the next BrainPick (live Q&A) on September 9 9:30pm Want to support ILTMS?
I choose not to wear safety glasses and hearing protection but I highly recommend that you do.

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