The Woodsmith Store, located on Hickman Road in Clive (a suburb of Des Moines), serves as a one-stop shopping center for woodworkers providing power tools, hand tools, hardwood lumber, and a myriad of supplies. In addition, the store offers homeowners and professional painters a full line of Benjamin Moore paints, stains and finishes. The Woodsmith Store celebrates the arrival of Spring each year with the opening of the Garden Center. Each week the store hosts in-store seminars led by local experts on a wide range of woodworking, painting, and gardening topics. The headquarters for August Home is a handsome brick Colonial-style building at 2200 Grand Avenue that looks more like a home than an office, which reflects the company’s personality.
Between the carriage house and the office is a large perennial garden with fountains in what was once a parking lot and loading dock. Blue cloth cover with silver lettering, contains text, notes, appendices, and index of words glossed. Blue cloth cover with silver lettering, containing text, notes, appendices, and index of words glossary. We code our pages to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) Interoperability Specification.

The wooden floors, open rafters, and the generous use of wood in the fixtures recall the feel of old-time hardware stores and lumber yards.
This building is part of a campus setting on the west edge of downtown Des Moines that includes another office building next door and a building across Grand Avenue which is home to our woodworking shop, photo studio, fitness center, and auditorium.
B&D Unique Antiques offers a wide selection of competitively-priced, high-quality collectibles.
I heard a rep from Kreg Tools say that all you need to build most furniture is a table saw and a Kreg pocket screw jig. Sure you can leave them outside, but anyone who’s spent a winter in Iowa knows that climbing into a nice warm vehicle on a January morning is a luxury that your spouse is not going to part with readily.
Also on the grounds is a beautifully restored 1880s brick carriage house, a reminder of the original mansion that once stood at 2200 Grand Avenue. Also in our neighborhood, just two doors down to the west, is the Governor’s Mansion.
We combine multiple books in the same package to save you money (shipping rates appear in the shopping cart). Hopefully, everyone will come away from the Tent Sale ready to get their shop set up and start building furniture.

Plus, we’re encouraging high school and middle school shop teachers to attend the seminars with their students. If your basement is unfinished, you can certainly set up there and gets lots of woodworking done. So starting with the Table Saw Fundamentals seminar on October 5th, all shop teachers will be admitted free when attending with a student.
But you have to be concerned with dust and noise, so consideration must be given to limiting these factors so that you don’t end up having a fine film of sawdust all over your home. We’ve already sent out an invite with a schedule of all the seminars to most of the schools in Central Iowa.

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