Musicians included Santana, Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Joe Cocker, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Jimi Hendrix. This festival had an enormous impact not only on the local community but on global music history. 2.  During the three days of the Woodstock festival, there were luckily no incidents of any sort of violence or deaths among the crazy amount of people (half a million!) in the crowds. Any of you groovy guitar gods out there ever wonder what gave Jimi Hendrix his iconic sound? Woodstock is committed to living by its principles- we believe in universal human rights, ethical business practices, unfettered creative expression, free trade, the loving care of our planet, the power of the individual to make a difference, and the overwhelming impact of communities to act as agents of peaceful change.

The original founders John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Michael Lang and their families formed Woodstock Ventures to create events and develop projects which are consistent with Woodstock's values.
The 3 day festival was held in Bethel, New York and more than 30 musicians and bands performed. Ultimate Guitar has given us an extensive breakdown of everything Jimi when it comes to shredding the six string HERE.
The festival organizers had originally wanted to hold the event in or near the village of Woodstock, New York, but they couldn’t find a suitable location that was available to host the concert. Instead, dairy farmer Max Yasgur agreed to allow them to have the festival on his property in the nearby town of Bethel. Since then, the movie has been re-released several times with added concert footage and extras.

It was directed by Michael Wadleigh, and a young Martin Scorsese served as an assistant director and film editor.

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