I started out as a traditional flat board woodworker building chairs, cradles, rocking horses and other projects. When I attend a craft fair and saw a woodturning demonstration I was hooked and woodturning became my passion. I was fortunate to be able to take a class with JoHannes Michelsen and learned to turn wooden hats and have that as a "bucket list" accomplishment. I am a member of the Tennessee Association of Woodturners, the Duck River Woodturning Club, the Mid-South Woodturners Guild and the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists. I have done mostly projects around the house: cabinets, an entertainment center, a headboard, clocks etc. I was instantly hooked, due to the instant gratification from turning a piece of wood and seeing it change as you work with it. I learned from every magazine, book, tv show and video I could get my hands on and I continue to learn every day. Although I still do turn the more practical items my passion lies solidly within the creative. Eastern Red Cedar Table Lamp - From a Cedar blown down by the June 1, 2011, F3 tornado that ravaged Western Massachusetts. Welcome to the Wooturning Online contrive Plans All the items listed beneath have at least one lay out of jut plans and. I have been thinking about dipping into spoon making (Wow, did anybody not see that one coming?) for a long time. Several things got me started — Peter Galbert on his website shows how he makes spoons during those long cold winter nights by the fireplace up there in far north Massachusetts. Try Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop” for show #3108 with Peter Follansbee on carving Swedish spoons.

When I first started looking and learning, all the instructors used traditional tools to carve spoons. The tools I used are some I already had around the shop including the short axe, and a spoke shave. At the encouragement of my wife, (after seeing Norm Abrams using the lathe every week on tv) I tried woodturning.
The great part of woodturning is you can get as creative as you want and use many types of wood. This piece of wood came home from our daughter's and son-in-law's back yard in Marietta, GA to Michigan then to Columbia, TN as a gift to my aunt. You start out with an axe and then move to a carving knife and a curved hook knife, a spoke shave and anything else with a edge that will remove wood.
I split it out to a suitable blank and sketched a shape I liked from one side and then from the top and put it on the band saw to get the basic shape. The other odd group of tools is a set of Exacto hobby tools which are small and very sharp, and include a small spoke shave which is marvelous for final shaping, and a round head cutter sharpened on one side.
Roy Underhill showed how you actually carve the bowl first since it is the hardest to shape.
I did learn to wrap the unfinished piece in kitchen plastic wrap to keep it from drying out until I get back to it the next day. Learn how to reach quick and elementary turning projects on your lathe with your Easy Wood Tools. So far it takes me about four or five hours over a couple of day to get one done, but I think I will get faster. Glenn Lucas trio turned projects profligate and Watch posterior Woodturning Projects Egg Cupby ThisWoodwork.

I was picking up old chunks of wood from around the shop and then dust was flying everywhere and I never got it done, and my admiration for spoon carving was rising all the time. I finally went to the band saw, a hand grinder and the spindle sander — anything to get that wood off there. Surprising how much wood (or fingers) you can take off with an axe while still maintaining control of the work.
I found there is a delicate balance between holding and carving, and eventually you end up holding the whole thing against your chest while you carve. He uses a foot-powered lathe to make bowls and you saw them in that recent Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe, the one with the medieval wooden Higgins boats the French used to invade England. I was about to give it up as too hard and too much trouble when I watched Roy and Peter and they set me on the green wood path. I found the trick to a good spoon is getting it thin enough to make it look delicate while leaving it thick enough to be strong. One of these days I will have to make a shaving horse which I think will work better without breaking the spoon. I had a bowl out of cherry that looked really nice and I noticed the spoon matched the bowl, even though they are different species.

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