A  A Wentz Stables is a beautiful 30 acre horse farm that sits on top of one of the highest parts in the Lehigh Valley in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.
The breathtaking view overlooks the scenic Blue Mountain and Trexler Game Preserve and can be enjoyed from our outdoor ring, pastures, and bridle paths circling the meticulously groomed property.
Wentz Stables has a unique social area which features 3 groom racks to enjoy the company of your fellow horse lovers as well as 2 additional grooming racks & cross ties in every stall.
Sit back and enjoy the view from the gazebo in our large outdoor ring or watch the horses relaxing in the pastures.

Horses travel to the horse shows in a fully customized 15 horse van that maximizes their comfort.A  A We strive for a facility that provides the very best for the horses. We are conveniently located just minutes from the highway, yet when you pull in the driveway you feel like you are miles away from it all. From rubber matts in each stall to overhead hay feeding to a specialized sand mix in our ring footing - they are truly our first priority.
The horses are especially comfortable thanks to our fly system installed throughout the barn.

We are proud to use one of the area's best vet services, Quakertown Vet Clinic & farrier services of Jim Kindred.

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