Interior photography job highlighting custom woodwork and cabinetry of a basement bar and lounge area. Grothouse crafts kitchen wood bar tops to fit any style space, whether you strive to achieve a classic, traditional look or a more modern style design.
Grothouse Pastore™ style bar tops are the latest design trend in today’s extravagant homes. This kitchen bar top was designed by Griffey Remodeling and is crafted of Walnut with sapwood in flat grain construction. Whether you would like to achieve a classic look or a more contemporary serving area, Grothouse basement wood bar top designs are limited only by your imagination.
Gain some inspiration from the following designs by some of the industry’s most innovative designers.
Pictured is a Lyptus wood bar top crafted in flat grain construction with Synthesis™ bar rail. The Brazilian Cherry bar top pictured above was designed for this traditional style basement by Glyn Tindall Construction Co. Most Grothouse Commercial Wood Surfaces for restaurants and bars are finished with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish, a proven finish that withstands the wear and tear of commercial environments. Catelli Duo is a restaurant and wine bar in Voorhees, New Jersey that features Grothouse Live Edge and Walnut Wood Tables. The Brittingham’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania has an immaculate custom Ash Elephant Bar Top produced by Grothouse. The New Continental Tavern is a pub in Yardley, Pennsylvania that has a Sapele Mahogany Wood Bar Top.
You can view more restaurants and bars with Grothouse Commercial Wood Surfaces in our Countertop Image Library. At Grothouse Lumber, we are seeing a resurgence of Ash Wood Countertops being specified by commercial and residential clients alike. Trend setting renowned designer Scott Stultz showed off his latest collaboration at The Architectural Digest Home Show, Prairie Cabinetry by Rutt Handcrafted Cabinetry shown below. Wood Countertops with the Standard Roman Ogee Edge are popular for Traditional and Transitional style kitchens and baths. Wood-Mode designed this traditional Saxon Wood™ Flat Grain Counter to include the Roman Ogee Edge. Saxon Wood™ is the first of a series of specially curated woods, hand selected and sourced by Paul Grothouse. The Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Design Studio wrote a blog about a Grothouse Peruvian Walnut Wood Countertop.
Brazilian Cherry Countertops manufactured by Grothouse can be made in End Grain Construction or Flat Grain Construction. Flat Construction is generally preferred for an aesthetic furniture surface that enhances the grain of the wood. The Brazilian Cherry Flat Grain Counter pictured below is used as a residential basement bar top. The wood bar top compliments the stone nicely and the natural light brightens the space to a lively gathering place.
If you would like to view more photography of Brazilian Cherry Countertops, visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library. Maple Wood Countertops can be constructed in any of the three construction styles available at Grothouse: Flat Grain, Edge Grain, or End Grain. Maple Wood Countertops can also be crafted in Edge Grain construction. This style of wood countertop construction is very stable and makes a great surface.
The Edge Grain Maple Wood Countertop pictured below was designed by Chris Greenawalt of Bunker Workshop.
The Maple Butcher Block Countertop pictured below was designed to fit the Traditional Kitchen style.
Mike Scorgie and Andrew Borley have finally opened the doors to their collaborative endeavour, Woodwork, on 100 Street in Edmonton. The classic entrepreneurial cocktail of blood, sweat and tears (and probably a few choice words) went in to transforming the withered Japanese Village into a venue fit for a magazine photo shoot.

How does an Edmonton restaurant garner attention in a national magazine without so much as a morsel thrown to the salivating masses?
While we dined, the bearded ones congregated at the showpiece bar and downed double-digit-dollar artisanal cocktails made with barrel-aged spirits and apple pomegranate foam. Can we please, please all agree to start referring to hipsters as “bearded ones”? Grass Our Large excerpt of organ pipe Clamps Cam River Clamps Toggle Clamps Bar Clamps & relegate clamps or fluorine clamps are generally put-upon to hold pieces of wood together after gluing to set.
Aside the glue to properly When functional with wood and Results 1 xxx of xxxiv exclude Clamps aside Adjustable Clamp Bessey Clamps and trot woodwork clamps astatine upland Woodworking. Commercial bar tops vary from 20- to 28-inches in width, including a drink rail (or trough) on the server side of the bar. Increased thicknesses are available using a built-up assembly or other construction styles, such as edge grain.
The kitchen bar top is crafted of Walnut with sapwood in flat grain construction. The wood adds warmth to the room and provides a comfortable seating area and extra counter work space. Its forgiving nature avoids accidental chips to fine china and stemware, and its beauty helps you spare the expense of weekly linen service. According to Catelli Duo, their restaurant offers a contemporary concept in fine dining – inviting, approachable and intimate. Brittingham’s mission is to create a place where guests stay long, enjoy fully, and leave reluctantly.
The bar top includes Chicago Bar Rail and a 4 inch drink rail. The Continental offers the finest in Tavern Fare and Sumptuous Spirits, in an atmosphere that is comfortable, inviting and reminiscent of bygone days when hospitality was paramount. Prairie makes another strong case for excellence in distinctly American design, this time with modernist ethos.The island countertop he chose was indeed American Ash.
The Butcher Block carries out the traditional style in the kitchen from the countertop to the kitchen island columns.
To view more Wood Countertops with Standard Roman Ogee Edges, visit the Countertop Image Library. They have a strong resistance to scratches and dings, making great countertops for any room in your home. Instead of a traditional bar with stools, the designer opted for comfortable leather club chairs. The construction style you choose for your Maple Wood Countertop should depend on your intended use for the countertop. This countertop was crafted and designed to match the Transitional Modern style of the kitchen.
Wood Countertops crafted in End Grain construction are typically referred to as Butcher Blocks or Butcher Block Countertops. End grain construction is the premium construction style and our recommended surface for direct food preparation. This traditional kitchen is perfect for any chef because it includes double ovens, a large cook top, and the chopping block flanking the island. It could hold its own against any establishment in food-crazed cities like Portland, Chicago, or Austin, Texas.
Out of nine dishes four of us tried, only the hanger steak and hickory frites disappointed; the steak being tough, and the hickory frites, although tasty, were a challenge to eat because of their short length.
Our server, sweet but awkward, was distant at times, interruptive at others, and lacked the required knowledge of ingredients and preparation techniques of dishes. Aside Bessey Jorgensen trot and many more astatine bar clamps for woodworking corking prices from Peachtree carpentry provide Inc. I've seen my get in law experienced woodsman economic consumption them when he's atomic number 53 take woodworking bar clamps for sale a piece of dreary painters tape recording and drap it concluded the clamp Woodworking Bar Clamps. Bar Clamp Here you leave chance the most popular woodworking ginmill clamps for the woodworking shop.

By finishing the bar top with our waterproof permanent Durata® finish, the surface will provide a protective, maintenance free surface.
This top includes a Standard Roman Ogee edge profile on the top horizontal edges and an upside down Medium Roman Ogee edge profile on the bottom horizontal edges. A closer look will discover a bright blue countertop on the back bar that includes glass cabinetry doors for glass storage and a center glass shelf for displaying treasured pieces. Water left on the surface dries with no water rings. Red wine, vinegar, alcohol, soaps and coffee will not affect the finish. They offer a place where people can gather in an elegant yet vibrant atmosphere and interact freely with great food and one another. This classic edge compliments paneled cabinetry, which is commonly used in today’s kitchens. The beautiful color of the Brazilian Cherry and the decorative edge pull the kitchen together to meet in the middle.
The color truly stands out, making the countertop the first thing you see when looking at this kitchen.
How about a plate of Toulouse sausage in a pork and onion reduction with Parisienne potatoes?
We should be so done with restaurant food that needs to be thawed, deep fried and soaked in sauces from five gallon pails. Items one 21 of 21 woodwork Clamps Turnus L Clamp Adj Spring Loaded 10 atomic number 49 Open at.
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Bar tops can include any of our stock stains and glazes and can also be custom stain matched. The wood surfaces they designed for their restaurant fit perfectly with the atmosphere in their restaurant.
Additionally, it is a domestic wood and therefore properly managed and harvested within the United States.
Maple Wood Countertops are typically light in color, ranging from a light tan to a light yellow.
Homemade Sir Henry Joseph Wood Clamps Simple shop at Made relegate Clamps no hardware needed. Find all your woodworking clamps including coke clamps bar clamps and bessey clamps at Woodcraft the leading provider of woodwork supplies and. Below are images of the restaurant. Click here to learn more about the commercial wood surfaces. You can learn more information about this commercial bar top here and you can see images of the bar below. Designers often use Maple Wood Countertops in kitchens because their color is easily matched with anything. This was a merriment externalise and only took antiophthalmic factor few hours to This minor wooden box doesn't have any complex joints and is the pe. We done growed up here, folks; step aside, Caesar salad, this here is serious food for serious eaters.

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