A friend of the Helena Woodworker’s Guild found this (almost) vintage t-mold applicator in the back of a semi trailer she bought. It was made by Evans-Royal  in the 70s and was previously owned by a furniture-maker in Missoula, Montana. If you are a guild member and you are interested in having a link to a gallery of your woodworking on your member listing -- please send some photos of your projects to our webmastress. Greetings to all Helena Woodworkers Guild members: I have recently been trying to update our online membership directory and wanted to let you know that I am making progress.
Also, if you have not paid your dues, and you would like to be a member (having a listing in our directory) please send your dues check to Bill Pratt or give it to him at one of our meetings.
Helena Woodworkers Guild members, Tim Carney and Maureen Shaughnessy are hosting a reception and artist talks at their downtown Helena gallery on Friday night, November 29th. Our awesome host will provide a pot of something yummy (chili, soup?)  Please bring food and beverage to share. Just for a little reference for your woodworking, here is a link to Fine Woodworking’s online Tool Guides Topics page. Also bring: a friend who might be interested in joining, or who just wants to check us out! At our September meeting, we decided to go back to meeting on the first Monday of every month.
At our September guild meeting, we decided to go back to meeting on the first Monday of every month. Al says, “Handsaws and all the related stuff is one of my current interests and also cleft wood parts for any and all projects.
Location Al Flinck’s Shop at 7127 Raven Road, Helena, Mt 59602 (click on map below to go to a detailed google map. The guild has had a Facebook page since 2009, and we want you all to know it’s there.
Guild members and Montana or Helena woodworkers who have Facebook pages (though they may not all be actively using FB): Bill Pratt, Tim Carney, Bill Daigle, Lance Seaman, Dan McArdle, Al Flinck, myself (Maureen Shaughnessy), Bruce Ewals, Bill Roberts, Tom Herrin, Michael Gottleib, Al Swanson and quite a few more. Another benefit of having a facebook page for the guild is that it is another way we can communicate — build community.
The Helena Woodworkers Guild will have our annual Art of Wood Exhibit at the Placer Hotel lobby on the walking mall, November 8th from 5 to 9 pm. At our September Guild meeting, attending members voted to go ahead and plan our awesome exhibit, the Art of Wood, during the Downtown Helena Fall Art Walk. Who: all members of the Guild are encouraged to come to the show at the Placer and mingle with the public. Please Help: we ask all guild members, even if you do not have a piece in the show, to come on down and help us set up the show.
Anna Baker, one of the committee members who will be planning a guild-sponsored workshop this year. At last night’s Guild meeting, we set up a committee of 4 members whose task it will be to plan and organize a hands-on workshop that will be sponsored by the Helena Woodworkers Guild sometime this year.
Through this furniture blog, I stumbled across a really cool video that fits right into our idea of teaching each other through a workshop setting. The craftspeople working today have inherited their skills from a previous generation and we’ve got a duty to pass those skills on to the next generation.
Thanks to everyone who completed our membership survey that was emailed out several weeks ago. This is in very good to excellent condition and includes 22 blades & original Stanley card board box. A few years ago I wrote about some Woodworkers Guild of America spam mailings that had frustrated me. The spammy and deceptive mailings were the same and again started off with the Woodworkers Guild of America sending over an unsolicited DVD. Then, a few weeks later, the Guild sent over another mailing saying that I should return the DVD in a postage-paid envelope or pay up some cash for the DVD and additional video selections.
In large print, the Woodworking Guild mailings urge that I furnish payment for the DVD and continued subscription perks, or return the DVD. Only in small print somewhere, possibly with the first mailing, it says that the video was sent without request and can be consider a free gift or discarded.
I expect to receive a third mailing requesting that I either return the DVD or pay up to the amount of $12-15 or so. This is how the Woodworkers Guild of America works – they send junk mail and then use deceptive marketing tactics to force subscriptions onto woodworkers. I don’t have any woodworking magazine subscriptions, which means they must have purchased or acquired my contact information from another source. So thank you Woodcraft, for selling my personal contact information to the horribly deceptive junk-mailing useless company known as the Woodworkers Guild of America.
I hope Woodcraft received a lot of money from the Woodworkers Guild of America for my personal information, because they’re not going to see another penny from me for a long, long time. Right now, I *believe* Woodcraft could still be the company who sold my personal contact information to the Woodworkers Guild of America, or a 3rd party intermediate marketing company. It might be that Woodcraft is not the company that sold my private information to the Woodworkers Guild of America. It seems most plausible that companies are drawing up mailing lists based on printed catalog signups. I then asked: Can you affirm with absolute confidence and accuracy that Woodcraft does not supply the names and addresses of their customers and printed catalog recipients to the WWGOA, or to other 3rd party companies that might be relaying this information to the WWGOA?
And then we asked: Would you be able to clarify as to whether Woodcraft sells or supplies names and addresses to ANY 3rd party company that might in turn be selling or supplying lists to WWGOA? There was no answer, so I Nancy at Woodcraft an email, essentially asking for assurance that Woodcraft does not sell mailing lists to 3rd party companies who might in turn be supplying them to WWGOA. We occasionally make our customer list (postal mailing list only) available to carefully screened companies whose products may interest you. In other words, Woodcraft is not selling mailing lists directly to the Woodworkers Guild of America, but could be selling them to companies that compile or resell lists to the WWGOA.
I asked multiple times whether the WWGOA is getting their hands on mailing lists via Woodcraft partners multiple times, and Woodcraft has NOT given me a straight answer.
Occasionally, we make a portion of our mailing list available to respectable organizations that may interest our customers. Here on ToolGuyd, I am the one and only person that ever sees commenters or subscribers’ email addresses. I don’t mind when people use fake email addresses to leave comments, but it sometimes complicates giveaways. Sadly some bastards have caught on to that and won’t allow you to use an email address with the + anymore. These tactics are in bad practice and make no mistake, I will tell others about this as well.
A federal law was passed some time ago that mandated that recipients of unsolicited items were not obligated to return them.
I tossed away the mailing, but remembering seeing fine print in the first mailer that said there is no obligation to pay or return the unsolicited DVD and that it can be considered a gift.
I know I bought stuff from Rockler several times, and never was on any junk mail list, just to bring up someone who didint do that to me. One technique I heard about long ago to track where junk mail is coming from is to use different middle initials in your name as a code when you order online.
Woodworkers Guild reminds me of the Handyman club of some sort that would send junk mail several years ago, often with some dubious plastic item, like a screw size guage. Should have included this in my post, but I only have two brain cells… This stuff always bugs me because they rely on taking advantage of recipients being responsible.
While I’d like to say I wont buy from them again, because i do NOT condone this nonsense, they service a niche market with some truly unique items that cant be bought elsewhere.
Maybe in your Forstner sale article that you should post an FYI about your suspicions and that it may possibly happen if you order from Woodcraft? Having said that, we all need to be careful about making accusations without facts but I really do hate junk mail that requires me to waist energy on. Maybe these big discounted item offers are subsidized by third parties so the seller can better afford (not see red) to make such offers? Back in high school, I told my mother about a friend who I realized was stealing from the small bodega we visited after school on the way to the train station every day. Woodcraft is partnering with Woodworkers Guild of America for this offer, so it possible they partnered with them in other ways. Even if Woodcraft is not the one that is selling our contact information to the Woodworkers Guild of America, they are still supporting them with their current arrangement.
I am okay discussing my suspicions that Woodcraft furnished the Woodworkers Guild of America with my contact information, and it is true that I will avoid spending money there given Woodcraft’s choice to support and promote this organization.

But even though I suspect it was Woodcraft that sold or supplied my contact information to the Woodworkers Guild of America, it might not have been because of an order. I have not ordered from Woodcraft or Rockler in a while, but I did give them my new address in order to receive printed catalogs. I would do neither, there is no contract, there is no signature, there is also no proof that you ever received it.
At our August meeting, Al Flinck gave a great demonstration on making Japanese-style chopsticks by hand. Paul is one of Helena’s most talented and inspirational woodworkers, with a house full of interesting work that he has created, from furniture to elaborate carving and so much more. Paul will have some hand planes for sale as well.  The main dish will be either be roast turkey or ham!  Yum!
Use the round about and continue to go south on Colonial Drive in the direction of Montana City (the frontage road will parallel the highway). Turn left into the subdivision on Antler (you will pass a group of mail boxes on you right).
Go approximately 3 miles until you are almost at the viaduct that crosses Highway 15 going to Montana City. Turn right into the subdivision on Antler (you will pass a group of mail boxes on your right). Program: Anna will show us her new new house, which incorporates many reused and recycled materials.
Directions: Go ~3 miles south of the Lewis and Clark Library, staying left at the split of grizzly and oro fino. Fred Goughnour will host our December Guild meeting on December 1st, at his shop in Montana City. The July Guild meeting will be held Monday, July 7th at Scott Walter's shop and lumber mill in Unionville. You are invited to bring a log to the meeting if you would like to have Scott demonstrate cutting it on his lumber mill.Please do not bring a log this big, though. DIRECTIONS: Go through Unionville and his mill gate is the fourth left after the pavement ends. POTLUCK: Cort Harrington has graciously agreed to provide our main dish, Yucatan Pulled Pork. It seems like every month lately, a handful of woodworkers who are new to the Helena Woodworkers Guild, come to our meetings. Tom Dooling shared his beautiful turned bowls and lidded containers with the guild last night.
The program was inspiring: Tom Dooling and Chris Clearman showed us their absolutely beautiful wood art.
Please enjoy the photos, and click on the smaller thumbnails in the gallery at the bottom of this post to see other pics of the fun we (always) have at our guild meetings. The April 2014 meeting for the Helena Woodworkers Guild will be hosted by Dave Ashley at his shop, Helena Hardwoods.
If time allows, Dave will give an educational talk about plywoods: the different cores, surfaces and the materials in plywoods, along with benefits of using plywoods.
Thank you to Leonard and one of our new members, Andy Sever, for the fascinating talk and CNC demo. Leonard also had several of his clocks on display, which both he and Andy claim are not as intricate as they look. Tim Carney gave us an update on the planned two-day Sketch-Up workshop with Phillip Pontillo.
The March meeting for the Helena Woodworkers Guild will be hosted by Leonard Cloninger, who makes intricate contemporary wood clocks.
Our host may also have several scroll saw projects for members to view, so we can see the difference between the CNC and scroll saw results.
Update on planning of the Sketch-Up workshop that will taught by Phillip Pontillo of Whitefish, Montana.
Before the evening’s program, we have a little business to cover, but mostly our meeting will be about the usual great camaraderie, great food and useful tips on working with wood.
Please join us and as always, please bring a friend who might be interested in woodworking in any way shape or form — even if they are just thinking about getting into woodworking as a hobby or career.
Tom Dolan gave us all some useful and interesting tips last night at the February Guild meeting. Instead of using just a piece of cloth to apply Min-Wax (or any kind of wax) Tom puts a blob of wax inside a piece of cheesecloth tied with a leather strip. Tom has an old, one-of-a-kind jigsaw prototype that was designed in Montana and built in Germany. The February meeting of the Helena Woodworkers Guild will be hosted by Tom Dolan at his shop. Tom has offered to give us a demonstration of working with small wood pieces as well as some tips on using jigs.
Tom and his wife, Carol, will provide the main dish — Goulash (yummo!) Please bring a potluck side dish to share and maybe a beverage.
This Evans Royal T-Mold Applicator was made in the 70s and was previously owned by a furniture-maker in Missoula, Montana.
The guy at the Evans Royal website told them the current model is #1050 and that this one is probably model#1000. Thank you so much, to everyone who has sent me web links, photos and personal information for the membership directory!
There are still many members who have not sent me photos of their work, and I need these in order to make you a personal gallery page on the guild’s website. Blue highlighted member names are links to their gallery or an off-site website of their own.
I am happy to answer any questions you have about how to take good photos and the best format for sending digital files to me. Give your contact information to Bill Daigle and I will get all of this and be able to make you a member listing. Tim and Maureen will talk about their inspirations and media beginning at 6:30 pm, with a reception to follow the talks. If you are in town for the Thanksgiving weekend, please stop by their gallery Friday evening. Check it out and if it looks like it might be a helpful resource, bookmark the page so you can go back to it in a jiff.
You might want to consider it if you haven’t tried it out, although some of you may just rather eat a cockroach!
Last year we were snowed out (or so we thought) and cancelled the exhibit at the last minute, but it turns out the folks at the Placer cafe said many people came into the Placer looking for the Guild show and when they found out it had been cancelled, seemed very disappointed. This is a way for us to promote our membership, and tell people what the Guild is all about. There is some moving, as well as arranging, lighting, signage, bio-boards, food table, etc. This year the Helena Woodworkers Guild will sponsor a hands-on workshop on a yet-to-be-determined topic.
This is about passing our skills on to others, not holding them close to the chest, but giving our knowledge to younger generations so that the beautiful craft of woodworking stays alive.
At 4:43 the video features Graeme Douglas who, through Impact Arts has worked with 368 unemployed youth, teaching cabinet making, product and furniture design and selling products in their own Glasgow shop. I love his accent! I have ordered from all three stores, and all three have my contact information for catalog mailings. They’re also the only retailer who has my personal contact information that has a visible connection to and affiliation with the Woodworkers Guild of America. Even if Woodcraft is not selling such a list to WWGOA directly, it is possible that such a list changes hands one or more times through 3rd party buyers and marketing companies. They did point towards their privacy policy which says Woodcraft DOES provide their mailing list to 3rd parties. Back when I received my first Woodworkers Guild of America spam mail a few years ago, the envelope also required postage. Most people use their everyday or consistent throwaway email addresses, and a handful of people change it up all the time. If you start getting spammed, you click a link at the top of the email and opayq turns the email off.
This ended the common practice of dubious companies sending something out unsolicited and then demanding payment.
What they send as a first follow-up looks very much like a bill and only gives two options – return the disc or pay up for it and future mailings. I get a lot of random woodworking flyers and solicitations from companies I never heard of before.

I am assuming Woodcraft’s relationship with the Woodworkers Guild of America goes beyond this. If you order something from a specific company using a unique middle initial in your name on the mailing address, you will know where future junk mail originated. Then if that doesn’t work, they try making you feel like you will end up in trouble for not coughing up payment. Luckily my wife asked me about it before she mailed the check when she was paying the bills.
It might also be dependent on which State you live in because of local laws (or lack of) on unsolicited mailings.
If you look closely, I emphasize that, due to Woodcraft’s current visible arrangement with Woodworkers Guild of America, I *believe* it was them who furnished my personal contact information to them.
The fact that they’re now offering trial membership to the Woodworkers Guild of America with every purchase makes them somewhat culpable in my eyes.
One day a bottle of Snapple I didn’t see him pay for fell down his pants leg and shattered on the ground. I have yet not seen any visible relationship between Rockler or Lee Valley and the Woodworkers Guild of America.
He is a very humble woodworker who mostly builds for himself and his family, so a meeting a his shop is great opportunity to see what he has been up to. Chris Clearman and Tom Dooling joined us to share their talents in wood carving and wood turning. We have two talented wood artists, Chris Clearman and Tom Dooling giving a presentation on carved wood birds and turned bowls. Dave Ashley will provide our main dish: different meats to be grilled on his bbq, along with buns and condiments. Chris will share his carved birds with us (see photo above) and Tom will show us some of his exquisite turned bowls.
Leonard and member Andy Sever gave a demo of the CNC machine Leonard uses to make his clocks. But braving the snowy evening was well worth the drive out to the north Helena valley and Leonard’s shop.
These guys showed us how to use the CNC machine to cut and carve clock parts and a three-dimensional figurative carving. Leonard says his wife Carol loves to entertain and cook for folks and boy did she impress us all last night with the pulled pork and coleslaw sandwiches. He will be giving a demonstration of the CNC machine, including clock parts and delicate purple heart earrings. Leonard creates amazing contemporary clocks of wood and metals, and will be giving us a demonstration of cutting on the CNC machine, which he uses in fabrication of his clocks. After a potluck and brief conversation about a planned weekend workshop on Sketch-Up, Tom will give us a demo on using jigs, working with small wood pieces, and show us a vintage jigsaw. I can think of some yummy sides to go with the goulash … We (Maureen and Tim) are bringing a German Sweet N Sour Hot Red Cabbage Dish. Zoom out to see Helena on the map.) Written directions are at the very bottom of this post.
You can share woodworking related things that are important to you, with the 430+ people who are friends of the Guild, by sharing on the guild’s page. Included are the who, where, when and why of planning the exhibit (we need your help, all guild members) and some other news that came out of our last meeting. Four of our members have generously agreed to give of their time and creativity to plan and organize a workshop.
The Woodworkers Guild of America probably knows this, which is why they offer two options – that recipients return the DVD (with postage required) or pay for the DVD and a subscription for additional videos. I was just about to order the Forstner set but I really hate this kind of underhanded guerrilla business practices. She said something along the lines of associate with thieves and you become an accomplice by association.
Of those, Woodcraft is the only one I have seen to have a visible relationship with the company.
Parking is limited, so probably best to park in the turn around rather than up the driveway.   Springhill can be slick, four wheel drive is highly recommended!
Dave Ashley hosted the meeting and tried to smoke us all out of his shop with his brats-on-bbq-grill-inside-the-shop. We hope all you guys who came for the first time last night, decide to join the Guild and come to future meetings. The salad bowl is comprised of satin wood, maple, wenge, walnut and cherry and is so light and thin, yet very strong.
Both gentlemen use multiple species of woods to create gorgeous details and interesting patterns in their pieces. They are prepared to talk about processes, tools, woods and inspirations. We had updates on the website member directory, and one about the planned Sketch-Up workshop with Phil Pontillo the Guild is sponsoring.
OMG — before everybody got there and tracked snow and mud on the floor, you could have licked the floor, it was so clean.
But somehow I think her idea to serve beverages packed in snow in this tub was the piece de resistance of the evening potluck. He also showed us a couple of tips for using glue, wax and clamps with woodworking projects like the wooden toys he makes. The patent was actually filed, but the jigsaw was never manufactured so this one truly is the only one on Earth. Please join us for a potluck dinner, a report about the Art Walk planning, election of new officers, and our treasurer's report. Hope to see you at the Art Walk -- our exhibit is always the most popular, and we serve the best food in town that night! Our show has a reputation for having the best food on the art walk so, hey — we gotta live up to that, eh? Please check back to see what your peers in the guild think about membership and our activities. She is excited to show off her small and intentional house project, built with many recycled woods and parts. If you are new to the guild and just checking us out, please be our guest at the potluck — there is always plenty of food!
Like magic, they are coming out of the woodwork to join us and the guild is so much richer for the diversity of skills and visions they bring. Carol and Leonard, you realize that you have raised the bar for our potlucks now, don’t you? I'm sure we can all figure out ways to use the things Tom showed us, no matter what size wood projects we do.
I’m sure we can all figure out ways to use the things Tom showed us, no matter what size wood projects we do. Or, more likely, it’s the diversity of amazing woodworking the art-walkers come to see. This year, the cafe owners have promised us they will get help to move the furniture into the basement, to make room for our displays. If you subscribe to updates via email (the subscription box, right) you will be sure to get a reminder when we post the results.
She has learned a bit about patina in the process of building cabinets, trim and refinishing old doors and a workbench and is anxious to share with us.
The other boat is in the early phases, so should provide some talking points on structure and wood replacement. You have to see them in person to believe the intricacy and accuracy, but check out the photos below for a little taste. We usually post an announcement of the meeting location and program 1 week before the meeting.
Check out this bunch of photos of the Vintage Jigsaw he demonstrated, and Dolan's super organized shop. We welcome all guild members, and anyone interested in joining the guild or seeing what the guild is all about.
Anyway, if you missed the meeting and the brats, you can drool over the photos in this post. And thank you to Dave Ashley, for inviting Chris and Tom to do last night’s presentation.
You can turn the jigsaw blade instead of rotating the piece of wood, by using the foot pedal.

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