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Made of rendered-down animal hides, hide glue is the first choice for musical instrument makers, antique conservators and traditional woodworkers.
Swiss museums showcase modern and historic woodcarving, as well as traditional architecture. In May 2015, a group of 12 New York based designers and artists led by Rebecca Welz arrived in the city of Antigua, Guatemala, to collaborate with artisans in diverse crafts and create a line of products. This tiny bug is no bigger than a nickel and it’s killing our Ash trees at an astonishing rate. Woodworker’s Journal editor Joanna Werch Takes spent part of her summer learning about new tool launches from Milwaukee Tool, including their new ONE-KEY digital platform. Record Power introduces it’s new SC3 90mm Geared Scroll Chuck and SC4 100mm Professional Geared Scroll Chuck. This contoured, eye-catching bench derives its durability from rock-solid mortise-and-tenon joinery and decay resistant cedar.

There is an entire wall (plus another corner) of my shop that is just covered up with piles of lumber. Can I use UHMW polyethylene stock in the appropriate thickness for miter guides to screw to the bottom of homemade crosscut sleds and the like? Back in March, we changed the appearance of the eZine, hoping to make it more pleasant for all to enjoy and navigate. Imagine taking a piece of wood in your hands, then bending and twisting it into any shape imaginable, from a tight curve to a twisted pretzel knot.
The TrimBonder Nail Hole Filler Kit from ITW Devcon includes a 50-milliliter applicator, four nozzles and two 50 milliliter cartridges of the Trim Bonder adhesive that is designed to withstand weather and to not require sanding. Milwaukee’s M12 Cordless Power Port is designed to charge up to five small electronic devices that draw up to 3 amps. If you’re a woodworker who has always thought it would be cool to design your own projects – but you’ve never learned CAD – the new program SketchList is for you. John Sterling started out working in his family’s beer distributorship, and ended up working in a woodworking business that has also become a family endeavor.
I moved into this woodshop a year and a half ago, and one of my first thoughts was “I need to build a lumber rack right away…” Did I mention that lumber is still lying all over in my shop?

Cutting these pieces on the table saw without some type of hold-down is dangerous so I came up with this version of my own. If you loved that plan, then you’ll be happy to learn that we are working on matching dresser and bedside table plans to complete the bedroom set. It's a somewhat low, easy, laid-back chair that's absolutely perfect for poolside and patio use. Below is a short exchange of letters between Matt Becker, our content coordinator, and one of our readers who happens to be a blind woodworker. The construction is downright simple - if you know how to run a band saw you're halfway home.

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