Woodorking plans for table saw outfeed support and video instructions that walk you step-by-step through the woodworking process with detailed blueprints and plans.
This is part 2 of 3 videos that will show you how to build a folding out feed for your table saw. This is part 3 of 3 videos that will show you how to build a folding out feed for your table saw.
Click here for the Amazon discount code Special Offers and Product Promotions$20 Off $100 or $40 Off $200 Bosch Tool OrdersBosch TS1002 extends 18-inches and stores flush to table. To see more tool reviews, workshop tips and tricks, check out I've had my Ridgid R4512 table saw for nearly a year now. EKHO Mobile Workshop Back View showing folding outfeed table, router table dust collector port, solid oak workbench with quick release vise and bench dog holes, 3 storage drawers, casters, stabilizer clamps, removable spice rack shelves, cabinet saw and LED work light off the back of the fence. Portable Table Saw Outfeed Make a pair of sawhorses plus an old door the same height as your saw table to make an outfeed table.
Bosch TS1002 Table Saw Rear Outfeed Support Extension - Includes Rear Outfeed Support - TS1002Bosch TS1002 extends 18-inches and stores flush to table. Click: In this series Ron Fox demonstrates how to make some of his most popular and useful jigs for the router. For a PDF and SketchUp plan of this project, head to In the Weekend Wall Shelf episode, I showed you how to use a parallel jig to create dados.
This is my version of the popular kreg jig, the K5 I tried putting all the same features into it and in this video I explain some of the key design ideas so you can build your own. Full article: Surface planing or thickness planing is an important part of woodworking, especially if you are working with rough lumber. Cabinet Makers and trim carpenters use a lot of wood shims, Here is an simple jig to make your own wood shims out of scrap. Read - Full Article - In this video me make a circle jig for a router from the design and drawings of David Cooksey.
Our new Trim Router Circle Jig allows you to use the new crop of compact, plunge-style trim routers to cut circles from 6" to 36" in diameter!

In this video we go over how a person can mill a perfect edge for gluing up tops with out a jointer. Watch more Learn Woodworking videos: Learn how to make a box joint from Makeville Studio in this Howcast woodworking video.
The CDC issued a warning against using metal wire brushes on a grill due to the risk of ingesting a wire as it falls off the brush and attaches itself to an unsuspecting burger.
Warren from One Wood shows how to build a cheap and easy island woodworking workbench with dog holes, joints are made using the Kreg HD pocket hole jig. How to make a Mini Lathe video by Jack Houweling on I show step by step how to make a mini lathe using a power drill.
How to make gears, such as the ones I used for my screw advance box joint jig or my wooden router lift. The design is from a 2009 issue of woodworkers Journal and I really like the sliding dovetail support leg. Still holding up like day 1.I filmed this in hopes to give others some ideas if they are planning on building their own out feed table. While there are many methods for cutting plywood, none are as simple, safe or accurate, as the table saw accesories made by Ezee-Feed Mfg. I've made a few modifications to it, built a crosscut sled and attached a folding outfeed table. Check Out The Qa Video For This Project Https Www Youtube Com Watch?v=kitycd8ddj0 Still Have Questions?
Submit a photo (1 or more) that are your photos and you give the rights for them to be freely posted online. Thanks to Per Almered who created the brilliant Handy Woodworking Tip Time jingle for this series. It's made from nicely figured cedar and contains 33 pocket holes that let the light shine through. An excellent overview of how to use patterns and a router table to reproduce shapes with accuracy and consistency.

It features hardened metal construction; aluminum mounts and includes 1 table saw extension. This style eliminates the problem that some table saw models have where a out feed table if connected to the table saw interferes with the stock rip features are: 1) Fold or Remove the out feed table without tools. I've had quite a bit of time to find out what I like about the table saw and what would be nice if it was improved. These stools have come in so handy, I built two pairs and use them for a variety of shop tasks. See below for links to my pocket hole lamp pattern with instructions, as well as a link to the lamp kit I purchased from Lowes.
If you would like to see more detailed information and photos please check out my website at the link below.
Once again Note: This is a complete step by step of the build, detailing each step of the construction. Submit a plan to build the jig that you own the rights to and authorize them to be freely posted online.
I have all this ideas in my mind and finally decided to Get Hands Dirty and start something. Which is intended to assist anyone who is thinking of building an out feed table for their table saw. You would think that something as simple as attaching a piece of ply with a hinge would be simple. No minumum!I had a bunch of rollers and decided to make some outfeed supports for my table saw. Perhaps the best part of all is the fact that it can be made with a modest collection of tools and just a few sheets of plywood.

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